Educational Loan and Scholarship Programs by Levone


									N o O r d i n a r y I n s u r a n c e C o m p an y                             V.M.C.

                                                         61 Batterymarch Street • Boston, MA • 02110

                                                              1-888-272-2686 * 1-888-ARCANUM
Royal Arcanum is a fraternal benefit society.
Unique from commercial insurance companies,
we exist to improve the lives of our members                                                                   Loan
and their beneficiaries.
                                                                   Opportunity                                  and
Founded on values of virtue, mercy and charity,
the Society continues to be guided by these prin-
ciples. Members share a love for family and a
sense of family responsibility.
All members receive a full-color quarterly maga-
zine and have opportunities for local participation
and community volunteerism. Royal Arcanum
offers strong educational programs that include
scholarships and grants, as well as assistance with
college/career searches.

Since 1877, Royal Arcanum has built a solid repu-
tation of financial strength. Its modern portfolio
of competitive insurance and annuity products
continues that responsible tradition.

Quality products and outstanding fraternal pro-
grams make membership in Royal Arcanum a
remarkable value.

                                                      W W W . R O YA L A R C A N U M . C O M


                                                       Members must be in good standing to participate in
                                                                      these programs.
   Educational Loan Programs                                                          V.M.C.                         Educational Loan Programs
                                                                    1-888-272-2686 * 1-888-ARCANUM

Parent Plan With Child Education Benefits
With a minimum of $40.00 monthly premium on a
permanent life plan, a parent can designate an education
                                                                 Scholarships & Grants
loan for up to $10,000 to a child who is a member or is       Competitive Scholarships for Graduating High
approved for membership at the same time as the parent.       School Seniors under age 20 awarded annually.
All eligible children must be 0-14 years 11 months at         Two $8,000 Scholarships
the time of the application to be eligible for the designa-   Two $6,000 Scholarships
tion of a Loan. Additional loans can be designated with       Two $4,000 Scholarships
a higher monthly premium.
                                                              Ten $1,000 Scholarships
Program Explanation                                                                                               Guaranteed Educational Loans for Juniors:
                                                              College Grants:                                     Newly enrolled Junior members with a $50,000 - 20 Pay
- Up to 3 children can be eligible for a college loan when
                                                              Four $500 Grants each for graduating High           Life Plan, Single Premium Life Plan or *Life Paid-Up at 65
the parent purchases a Royal Arcanum permanent life
                                                              School Seniors.                                     Plan are eligible for an educational loan at 4% interest at
insurance policy.                                                                                                 amounts listed below:
- For monthly premium of:                                     Ten $250 Grants each for College Sophomores,
                                                                                                                       Age 0-4 years           $10,000 loan
     $40 - one child is eligible                              Juniors and Seniors. Winners drawn by lottery
                                                                                                                       Age 5-9 years           $6,000 loan
     $70 - two children are eligible                          from applications submitted by members in good           Age 10-14 years         $4,000 loan
     $100 - three children are eligible                       standing who have not won a Royal Arcanum           *Does not apply to children 10-14 years of age
- Loan amount is dependent on the age of the child at the     Scholarship.
time the policy is purchased:                                                                                     Graduate College Educational Loans of up to $4,000
                                                              Continuing Education Grants:                        at 4% interest. Requirement: $50,000 permanent insur-
     Age 0-4 qualifies for $10,000 loan                                                                           ance and in force for 6 years.
     Age 5-9 qualifies for $6,000 loan                        Four $750 Grants awarded on a competitive
     Age 10-14 qualifies for $4,000 loan                      basis to students enrolled in undergraduate pro-    All Fraternal Benefits are administered by the Executive
- Interest rate 4%                                            grams, who have completed at least one year in      Committee, which reserves the right to amend, alter or
- The child or children must also be enrolled for a mini-     an accredited college.                              discontinue any program.
mum of $5,000 Permanent Insurance or $25,000 Term                                                                 Note: The maximum amount one child can receive from
Insurance.                                                    Career Training Award:                              the Royal Arcanum loan programs is $20,000.
                                                              Four Awards of $500 each selected by random
                                                              - Must be enrolled in an Occupational/ Votech
                                                              training course or program.
                                                              - Brief letter stating future goals by completing
                                                              accredited program.
                                                              - Proof of enrollment required.
                                                              - Can be used for course fees, books or other
                                                              required tools or uniforms.

                                                              Orphan Scholarships:
                                                              Up to $20,000.
                             V.M.C.                                                                                                             V.M.C.

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