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									                                                    Guide to Campus Services
         Student Need or Question                                       Department/Office
                                                    Center for Academic Success (CAS)
                                                    Library (Lower Level)                           (678) 466-4070

   Get help with study habits
   Get help with exam skills                          Peer Tutoring
   Get help with writing and reading skills           Drop-in math and writing assistance
   Get help with math skills                          Academic Success Workshops
   Get tutoring in selected areas                     Supplemental Instruction
                                                       Peer Mentoring
                                                       Study Resources
                                                       Study Behavior Assessments
                                                       Learning Support Academic Advising

                                                    Counseling and Psychological Services
                                                    Student Center 245                              (678) 466-5406
   Discuss attitude toward school with counselor
   Discuss emotional tensions with counselor       www.clayton.edu/counseling
   Discuss family problems with counselor
   Discuss dating & social life with counselor        Individual and group counseling for personal
   Get help in selecting an occupation                 and career issues
   Get help in selecting an academic program          Career exploration and testing
   Discuss advantages/disadvantages of                Workshops and seminars
    occupations                                        Online screenings
                                                       Consultation to faculty and staff
                                                       Referrals for psychiatric and community mental health

                                                    Career Services
                                                    Student Center 250                              (678) 466-5400

   Discuss the qualifications for occupations
   Discuss job market for college graduates           Internship assistance
   Discuss advantages/disadvantages of                Professional development seminars
    occupations                                        On-line postings of employment and internship
   Learn about internships                             opportunities
   Get help in finding a part-time or summer job      On-campus interviewing and recruiting
   Get help with resume or interviewing               Resume critique services
                                                       Job Fairs: Student Part-Time Job Fair, Internship Fair,
                                                        Career Opportunities, Career Expo; College-to-Career Fair
                                                       Career and employer information

                                                    Financial Aid
                                                    Student Center 102                              (678) 466-4185


   Get help in obtaining a loan                    Federal School Code: 008976
   Get help in obtaining a scholarship or grant       Hope Scholarship
   Questions about how financial aid may be           Federal grants, student loans, and work study
    affected if I have to withdraw from a course       State grants
   Questions about using my VA education              Service cancelable loans
    benefits                                           Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
                                                       Peer financial counseling

        Student Need or Question                                          Department/Office
                                                      Library (Upper Level)                          (678) 466-4325
   Find books and articles for my assignments
   Find materials not available at CSU               http://adminservices.clayton.edu/library
   Check out articles or movies on reserve for my
    classes                                              CSU Catalog or GIL Express Catalog
   Get help with starting my research                   GALILEO and JSTOR
                                                         Request items using Interlibrary Loan or GIL Express
                                                         Course Reserves are located at the Circulation Desk
                                                         Guides & tutorials available under Research Tools
                                                         Ask-a-Librarian: chat, email, call, make an appointment

                                                      Division of Student Affairs
                                                      University Center 250                           (678) 466-5444
   Get advice on general problems or issues
   Assistance when you feel like you’ve been         http://adminservices.clayton.edu/studentaffairs/default.htm
    treated unfairly
   Have questions about campus policies and             Dean of Students/Student Conduct

   Get advice and tour from experienced student      Orientation & New Student Programs
   Want to connect with other new students           Student Center 117                             (678) 466-5443
   Answer questions for parents                      http://adminservices.clayton.edu/orientation

                                                      Campus Life
                                                      Student Activities Center 223                  (678) 466-5433
   Get help in meeting new friends                   http://adminservices.clayton.edu/campuslife
   Get information about student activities and
    leadership development                               Campus Programs
   Get information about fraternities/sororities        Fraternity and Sorority Life
   Learn about/participate in community service         Multicultural Programs and Resources
    opportunities                                        Leadership Development
                                                         Service Learning
                                                         Student Organizations
                                                         Student Activities Center

                                                      Disability Resource Center
                                                      Student Center 255                             (678) 466-5445

   Help obtaining classroom, testing, or other       www.clayton.edu/drc
    disability-related accommodations
   Help in obtaining or using assistive technology      Provides services and accommodations for students with
   Referral to campus and community resources            documented disabilities
   Help to determine if you have a disability and        o Provides testing, classroom and other disability-
    what to do                                                 related accommodations
                                                          o Offers individual learning strategy & self-advocacy
                                                          o Provides referrals to campus and community
                                                         Provides disability related information and resources for
                                                          the campus community
                                                         Provides free screenings for students who suspect they
                                                          may have ADD, LD, or a mental health disability
         Student Need or Question                                       Department/Office

   General campus information                       Evening Services
   Information on academic issues (i.e.,            University Center 215                         (678) 466-4100
    withdrawal, registration, readmission, and
    probation)                                          One stop office designed to provide administrative support
   Information about tutoring and workshops             and information to the evening student population and
   Information about first-year experience              make referrals
    programs and requirements                           Available to meet student needs and answer questions
                                                         regarding all Clayton State activities

                                                     Minority Advisement Program
                                                     Library (Lower Level) 135                     (678) 466-4106
   Help with transitioning from high school to
    college                                             Individual academic counseling and referrals
   Information about SGA and other social              Seminars and workshops
    activities                                          Academic intervention programs

                                                     Academic Advising


                                                     College of Information and Mathematical Sciences - UC 315
                                                     Joseph Bowler, josephbowler@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4401
                                                     WebBSIT program: Larry Booth, larrybooth@clayton.edu
                                                         (678) 466-4407, UC 338
   Discuss curriculum requirements for your major
   Discuss the qualifications for occupations
   Get help in selecting an academic program        College of Arts & Science – Clayton Hall 103
   Discuss appropriate course load                  Monique Brown, moniquebrown@clayton.edu
   Get clarification on academic policies and           (678) 466-4847
    procedures                                       Keokuk Kight, keokukkight@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4708
   Discuss academic difficulties                    Jerryal Pettigrew, jerryalpettigrew@clayton.edu
   Discuss campus services                              (678) 466-4704
                                                     Integrative & Liberal Studies majors (A&S 110-C):
                                                           Vangela Humphries, vangelahumphries@clayton.edu
                                                          (678) 466-4707

                                                     School of Business – Clayton Hall 151
                                                     Mary Coller, marycoller@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4517
                                                     Sherwin James, sherwinjames@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4515
                                                     Michelle Terrell, michelleterrell@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4520
                                                     Ethel Callen, ethelcallen@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4601

                                                     School of Nursing - CE 321
                                                     Christy Hicks, christyhicks@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4901
                                                     Keesha White, keeshawhite@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4903
                                                     Quandra Wright, quandrawright@clayton.edu, (678) 466-4902

                                                     Center for Academic Success – Library (Lower Level)
                                                     Provisional and Learning Support students:
                                                     Erica Jackson, ericajackson@clayton.edu (678) 466-4076
        Student Need or Question                                           Department/Office
                                                       The HUB                                         (678) 466-4357


   Hardware repairs for preferred vendors             Service Counter
   Get help in selecting a laptop                     University Center 101
    Problem logging in to SWAN, DUCK or GA.               One stop shop for technical support
    View (formerly WebCT)                                 Hardware and software technical trouble shooting services
   Get assistance with course related software
   Get help with email                                Student Software Support Services
   Get help if you get a computer virus               Library (Lower Level)
                                                          Software Installations
                                                          Individual assistance with all campus supported software
                                                          Scanning, burning CD’s, network connections

                                                       University Health Services
                                                       Student Center 211                              (678) 466-4940

       Receive treatment for acute illnesses/injury   http://nursing.clayton.edu/uhs
       Receive annual physical exams
       Receive routine gyn exams                         Unlimited office visits to student with valid Laker ID
       Receive immunizations                             Medications, labs for an additional fee
       Receive laboratory testing                        Appointments suggested, but “walk-in” visits are available
       Receive allergy injections                         for acute illness.
       Receive education on variety of health            Contact us for physician, nurse practitioner, & R.N.
        issues                                             availability
       Participate in Breast/Testicular Awareness        See our web site for free services and supplies
        Fair& Annual Health Fair

                                                       Public Safety                                 (678) 466-4050
                                                       Student Center 207          Emergency Number (770) 960-5151
       Report an emergency, a crime or an
        accident                                       http://adminservices.clayton.edu/ps
       Register your vehicle
       Obtain parking permit                                  Our highest priority is the safety and security of our
       Obtain copy of parking rules and                        community - students, faculty, staff and visitors.
        regulations                                            Operates 24/7 and is a law enforcement agency
       Pay parking fines                                      Parking Services are available from 8am-5pm
       Background checks for Nursing Students                 Personal safety begins with each individual who is
       Turn in or retrieve lost and found items                part of the University community. Be vigilant by always
       Assistance with vehicle trouble: Jump                   being aware of your surroundings and use good
        starting dead batteries and unlocking doors             judgment, whether day or night.
       Courtesy escort to and from campus                     Visit the Public Safety Website and familiarize yourself
        buildings and parking lots when there are               with the safety information provided on this website.
        safety concerns.

Department/Office web sites can be found at www.clayton.edu/offices_departments.htm

To request that a department be included on this list or to submit revisions,
contact Mark Daddona at markdaddona@clayton.edu or at (678) 466-4095.

                                                                                                  Revised 9/25/09

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