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									    Protocol for Referrals to Torbay School Outreach Service

 The outreach service based at Torbay School has been developed to support the inclusion of
pupils, with Statements of Special Educational Needs, who have complex and severe behavioural
difficulties, aged 5 – 19 years, in all Torbay’s maintained provisions. The operational definitions of
complex and severe difficulties are based on definitions contained within the Code of Practice for
Special Educational Needs (PARA 7.60) and/or in relevant Torbay policy documents.

Torbay School will provide outreach support to mainstream schools for statemented pupils either
directly to named individuals or to the school.


1 – Individual Students

Advice for teachers, teaching assistants, on all matters relating to the child’s behaviour,
participation and achievement.

Advice for teachers (including the Headteacher) on the provision of a broad and balanced
curriculum for the child, including the National Curriculum (primarily, KS 2- 4)

Joint problem solving with the child’s class teacher and/or SENCo. This may include how best to
organize and deploy additional SEN resources (provided via the child’s Statement of SEN or other
means) and regarding what reasonable adjustments the school should make to guarantee the
child’s access to all curriculum activities enjoyed by other children.

Modelling evidence-based teaching approaches and techniques that facilitate the child’s
participation and learning. This includes how to differentiate the curriculum appropriately with the
child’s needs in mind, methods to aid the child’s retention of knowledge and his/her application of
new skills.

Modelling the engagement of the child’s peers in supporting his/her participation in school and
beyond (social inclusion).

Coaching the child’s class teacher regarding the effectiveness of verbal and non-verbal
interactions with the child, with particular attention paid to enhancing the child’s self-esteem, self
image and motivation to learn.

Advice for teachers on ICT arrangements that assist the child’s ability to learn within an inclusive
Advising and Training parents on matters that assist the child’s behaviour, participation and
achievement at school. This may include advice from the Home School Liaison Worker based at
Torbay School

Assist the class teacher/SENCo with setting personal targets, the making of Individual Education
Plans and evaluating the impact of special educational provision arrangements made for the child.

Priority will be given to students transferring from KS2 – KS3 if there is pressure on numbers
accessing this service

2 – Whole school

Awareness Raising and Training for all school staff on how best to meet the needs of children
with complex and severe behavioural difficulties.

Advising the Headteacher and SENCo on policy matters that assist the inclusion of children with
complex and severe behavioural difficulties eg restraint training, whole school behaviour
management policies

    3 – Dual placements

Flexible arrangements for students who are demonstrating significant difficulties in maintaining
their school placement. This may include part time attendance at both Torbay School and the
mainstream setting. Numbers to be agreed on a case by case basis with the Headteacher *.

4 – Access to Vocational Opportunities – KS4

Opportunities for students in KS4 with behavioural difficulties attending maintained Torbay
Secondary provisions to access appropriate vocational opportunities based at Torbay School.
These courses will be funded by the secondary school and numbers agreed by the Headteacher *

       Referrals can be made by schools using the referral form (OR3). A completed parental
        consent form (OR4) should also be included. These should be sent to Mrs Z Truman,
        Special Needs Section, Oldway, Paignton, TQ3 2TE Tel - 01803 208266. Copies of these
        documents have been circulated to all schools in Torbay and can be found on the Torbay
        website ( under the heading ‘Outreach Services’

       If a pupil is identified by the Local Authority Mrs Truman will contact the school to discuss. If
        it is considered appropriate for the Outreach Service to be involved the school will complete
        the referral process as described above

       Copies of the referral and consent form will be sent to Torbay School by the Special Needs

       Torbay School will respond to referrals within one week of receiving them by direct contact
        with the school
   An initial visit will be arranged to clarify the reasons for the referral and to meet the
    individual[s] involved

   The referring school will be expected to provide time for the referrer to meet with Torbay
    School staff for at least an hour

   If the referral is about an individual pupil a visit to them in his or her class setting will also be

   Following the visit the school can expect written feedback within 2 weeks which may include
    suggestions for intervention and follow up dates

   Torbay School will expect that the school will confirm dates and consider and implement any
    strategies suggested

   The referring school will ensure that parents are kept informed of the pupil’s progress and
    advice given by Torbay School

   In the event that the school feels unable to follow any of the recommendations they must
    contact the Outreach Co-ordinator, Mrs Z Truman, to discuss the issues

   If the service is at capacity at the time of referral the school will be informed of the waiting

   Torbay School reserves the right to decide that support may not be possible or appropriate

   Professional behaviour and the expectation of confidentiality will be upheld at all times

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