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									Title: Cebu City Jobs

Description: There are various kinds of Cebu City jobs. One can find jobs in the field of
engineering, marketing, sales, accounting and human resource. There are major job
openings in the IT sector of Cebu. Besides, one can also find a suitable job in the tourism
industry of the city.

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H1 Page Title: Cebu City Jobs

Cebu City jobs are provided by the various domestic and international companies
located within the city. Two most important centers of trade and industry in Cebu are
Asiatown Information Technology (IT) Park and Cebu Business Park. IT Jobs in Cebu
City centers around web developing, software engineering, content writing, Java
programming, IT instructors, C and PHP programming and network and systems

Applicants for jobs in Cebu have to prepare a resume giving all the necessary details.
They have to either post it or carry it personally, whichever is asked by the organization.
The news of job vacancies is either published in the newspaper or on the internet. Apart
from the IT sector jobs, there are various other kinds of jobs in the city of Cebu. Some of
them are:

      Project Manager
      Account Manager
      Human Resource
      Marketing Executives
      Auditor
      Front Desk
      Supervisors
      Account Analyst
      Sales Representatives
      Finance Specialist

Call centers in Cebu have major job openings. These are in the field of customer support,
telemarketing, data conversion, medical transcription, technical support, integrated
communications and form processing services. One can also look out for jobs in the
tourism sector that supports the economy of Cebu to a great extent.


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