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Authorised access to FINANCE AND PHOENIX:

Headteacher :-
Clerk :-

Access to the administration system is limited to known individuals via passwords. Only the above
authorised personnel have access to children’s and parents’ data apart from authorised personnel from
Social Services and Education Social Welfare departments.

Please note the Data Protection Act allows disclosure of personal information to other bodies such as the
Local Education Authority, Connexions etc. Care should be taken when disclosing personal information.

The school is registered under the current Data Protection Act.

All data for management purposes, eg PHOENIX is backed up regularly by the Clerk. Two current copies
of all management and finance data are kept in two separate secure locations. Backups are also contained
on CD.

Derbyshire Net for Learning – The Clerk is the Administrator. All staff have passwords for appropriate
levels of access.

Norton Antivirus software is installed on the administration computers and is regularly updated from the

Curriculum Network

The ICT Co-ordinator ensures that pupils save their work to the network and not to local drives or floppy
disks. Students work is backed up on a regular basis (not less than once per week) to enable recovery in
the event of the loss of data files or system failure. Back up tapes are rotated and stored either in a fire-proof
safe or in a separate building to the Server. The back up log on the server is checked regularly to ensure
that the back up has been carried out successfully. Hard copy of students work for examination purposes is

*Management hardware and the Server system network (including Ilibra, if applicable) is covered by a
maintenance contract with Derbyshire County Council Network Support Team. Therefore server operating
systems and drivers will be reinstated by them and all software and hardware will be replaced and re-loaded
in the event of failure, theft, etc. A copy of drivers and software for the server and any software running on
the server will be kept in a fire-proof safe or separate building to the server.

*If the school is not covered by such a maintenance contract one of the following statements applies:-

*A copy of Server software and drivers is kept in a fireproof safe or in a separate building to the server. An
arrangement has been made with …………… to reinstate the Server and associated hardware, operating
systems, drivers and software.

*Reciprocal arrangements have been made with a local school ……………….. who have the same network,
server and operating system, so that in the event of a disaster software and drivers may be readily obtained
to reinstate the system. (The lending school has a disaster recovery plan in place that will ensure that these
resources can be relied up to be secure and readily available.) An arrangement has been made with
…………… to reinstate the Server and associated hardware and software.
The school has Virus protection installed on all computers including the server. The virus protection is
regularly updated from the Internet and all staff are aware of the importance of allowing the updates to
proceed. If a virus is identified by a computer then this is reported immediately to the ICT Coordinator or
ICT Technician who will take action to remove the virus. The infected computer should not be used until
the virus has been removed.

The school regularly down-loads the Windows Update for the server and each computer on the network.

All staff are aware of the Internet Use and E-mail regulations and Acceptable Use Policy.

For Insurance Purposes

All computers, printers, equipment etc. are listed on the School Inventory and separately on the ICT Audit
Inventory with serial numbers and other relevant information. These inventories are maintained regularly
by the Clerk and ICT technician. Software licences are listed and maintained by the ICT Co-ordinator and
ICT technician and a hard copy is kept in either a fireproof safe or in a separate building. The insurance
company is kept informed of acquisitions of new equipment (as dictated by the policy covering the school).

The ICT Coordinator together with the Head Teacher are responsible for carrying out the disaster recovery
plan. A copy of this plan is kept in a fire-proof safe or in a separate building.

In the event of a disaster staff, pupils and support services are kept informed of the situation.

The disaster recovery plan is tested and updated regularly.

Staff are aware of the existence of the Disaster Recovery Plan.

In the Event of a major disaster:

An outline recovery plan will need to be prepared and actions prioritised. An event log will be
started and maintained and all key events will be recorded. Any follow up action will also be
recorded. The disaster recovery plan should be reviewed as a result of this log.

Important reference numbers:

School IP Range:

Server IP Address:

AVG Virus Protection Serial Numbers:

ISDN telephone number (if not using Broadband):

Telephone numbers in the event of failure, theft or other emergency:

Network Support Team Helpline: 01629 58000 ext 7777

School Admin IT Helpline: 01629 58000 ext 6789

EMBC Help Desk: 0870 6082135

Insurance Claims:

Belper School: 01773 825281

* Delete as appropriate.

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