What would happen if we were all the same

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					            What would happen if we were all the same?
     It was a day like any other till Stacy found a pink hat on the floor. She put the hat on.
Suddenly her feet came off the ground, then she got higher and higher. She closed her eyes
thinking it was a dream, when she opened them she was still floating in the air. She took the hat
off and fell to the ground. There standing in front of her was a little person, it was yellow with
red spots and it said, “Hello, what is your name newcomer?”
“Um…… my name is Stacy. Where am I?”
“Well you are in the year 2121 of course.”
“Oh right. I’m from the year 2006” replied Stacy.
 All of a sudden more of the people appeared they were all exactly the same. “Why are you all
exactly the same?” asked Stacy.
 “Well if we were all different we would have to remember lots of different names.”
“So you all have the same name?” asked a puzzled Stacy.
 “So what is it?”
 “It’s Barry!”
   The Barry’s invited Stacy to their home and they sat down to a meal of beans. Beans for
starters, beans for the main course and beans for dessert! Then they went down the lake to show
her what they do for fun.They all did exactly the same thing, swimming backwards and forwards
for over an hour. The people were identical, the buildings identical even the plants and animals
looked the same!
“I don’t mean to be rude,” apologised Stacy “but this is very boring. Where I live everything is
very different. Would you like to come and stay with me for a while?”
   The Barry’s agreed so two of them squeezed into the hat with Stacey and off they all floated.
When they landed back in 2006 Stacy took them to the park, then to her school. They were
amazed at all the differences they saw. Everyone had different coloured hair, eyes, and even
different coloured skin. She then took them down the road to get something to eat. There were
sooooo many things to choose from. “So what would you like to eat?” said Stacy.
“Could we have a bit of everything?” They asked.
“Of course” said Stacey.
   So they went into each shop there was and had: pizza, pasta, chilli, curry, noodles, chips and
lots more. “Why is everyone wearing different clothes?” They asked.
Stacey explained that there were all types of different styles according to fashion, personal
preference or sometimes because of cultural differences.
“Cultural? What does that mean?” asked Barry number one.
“I am not really sure….” Stacey answered “but it’s something to do with history, religion,
countries and stuff. But because of it we have some fantastic things!”
“Like the food and the clothes?” queried Barry number two.
“Yes” said Stacy “and all the different buildings. We have beautiful mosques, temples and
churches and religion also gives us amazing festivals and celebrations like Eid, Christmas and
   The Barry’s sat down on the grass staring around them at all the things Stacy had told them
about. “Wow!” They said “So many differences!”
Stacy explained that not everything was different; she told the Barry’s that there are lots of
similarities between all the different cultures. “We may not all look the same but, we all have
similar feelings, hopes and fears.”
“But it’s the differences that make life here so interesting and exciting!” said Barry number one.
“Don’t you agree Barry number two?”
“Mmmm, just call me Brian” he answered.
                                                                 By Georgie Reynolds Class 6JS

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