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Vision 2020 – The Right to Sight - DOC


Vision 2020 – The Right to Sight

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									                Vision 2020 – The Right to Sight

                          Annual report 2008


In late 2002 the Norwegian Society of Ophthalmology, the Association of
Vision Therapists, The Norwegian Glaucoma Association, the Norwegian
Optometric Association and the Norwegian Association Of The Blind And
Partially Sighted (NABP) cooperated as a resource group for the
Norwegian Health Authorities. The group worked with a project on
rehabilitation of blind and partially sighted adults in Norway.

In 2005 The Norwegian Optometric Association made a proposal to the
other members of the group to jointly start a national V2020 committee
as recommended by the WHA 56.26 of May 28th 2003.
The committee was approved by the Ministry of Health in a letter dated
13th September 2006. The Ministry of Health supports the committee and
sends a representative to the meetings, but the committee is not part of
the government structure.
The committee had its first formal meeting 17th October 2006.

Meeting and elections 2008

The Vision 2020 Norway had only one formal meeting in 2008. The
meeting took place on the 16th of September at the NABP premises in
Sporveisgata 10, Oslo.
On the agenda for the meeting was a proposal to restructure the
committee. Up to this meeting the committee had one main committee
and two sub committees. One in charge of national issues and one
concentrating on international issues. It was decided that at this stage
and considering the limited activities it would be better to have only one
National v2020 committee and no sub committees.
Mr. Bjørn Westerfjell who has served as chair of the committee since its
inception, requested to step down and Mr. Terje B Iversen from NABP
was elected the new Chair of V2020 Norway.
Following these two decisions the Vision 2020 Norway committee now
consists of the following members:

 Name                        Position                 Organisation
 Terje Iversen               Chair                    NABP
 Arnt Holte                  Member                   NABP
 Unn Ljøner Hagen            Member                   NABP
 Nina Holst                  Member                   Ophthalmology society
 Ruth Riise                  Member                   Ophthalmology society
 Gunvor B. Wilhelmsen        Member                   Vision Therapists association
 Mette Cyvin                 Member                   Vision Therapists association
 Bonnie Uchermann            Member                   HiBu
 Per Kaland                  Member                   Glaucoma society
 Toralf Kaland               Member                   Glaucoma society
 Bjørn Westerfjell           Member                   Optometric Association
 Kari Irene Solheim Hansen   Member from September    Ministry of Health
 Inger Lise Vestby           Member up to September   Ministry of Health.

Status national plan

A first draft for the national V2020 plan was presented at the meeting in
September. This is just a starting point and a lot of work remains to be
done. Some members expressed a wish to get the work moving faster.
Many agreed with this but also stated that this is a long term work. Some
members were given special assignments with regards to the national
plan and this will be incorporated in the draft plan and discussed in the
first meeting of 2009.
As a result of this work a revised draft was sent out to the members late
There are several areas that were identified as to need special attention
in the plan. These were among others prevalence’s among children,
elderly, people with developmental disability and minority groups.
 There is a lack of proper statistical material regarding prevalence and
demographics in the area of blindness and low vision in Norway. The
committee is also concerned that it seems that the Government has not
allocated recourses for research within the area of eye and visual

IAPB General Assembly

Two members of the committee attended this event that took place in
Buenos Aires. Dr. Ruth Riise and Terje B Iversen shared their
experience with the rest of the committee.

Request to the Norwegian Government

Early 2008 a letter was sent from the Vision 2020 Norway to the
Norwegian Minister of Health. The letter requested the Norwegian
Government to earmark some funds for the WHO prevention of
blindness work. Unfortunately there has not been any response to this
letter to date.

World sight day 9th October 2008

There were no activities organised by the V2020 committee itself but
many activities were organised by the various committee member

   A seminar was held at the eye department, Ullevaal hospital. The
    theme of the seminar was the latest developments in research and
    treatment within the area of eye health.

   A conference was held at the University of Oslo. Latest research
    results were presented. Other topics included: Some eye diseases
    that up to now lead to blindness might soon be possible to treat,
    how often do Norwegians check their sight and what can the
    consequences be if this is done too rarely. In addition there was
    some entertainment by a blind musician.
   All 65 year old Norwegians received an information leaflet entitled
    “everything about sight”. In addition most 66 to 70 years old
    received the same information leaflet. The leaflet was developed
    by The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted
    (NABP) in cooperation with the Norwegian Optometric Association,
    Ministry of Health and the Health and rehabilitation Trust. People
    with questions related to the leaflet or other issues pertaining to
    sight or eyes can call a special “hot line sight telephone”, this had
    extended opening ours 9th October and the following two weeks. A
    special web page dedicated to “eye” also opened in time for the
    world sight day.

Oslo 06.02.09.

Terje B Iversen
Chair V 2020 Norway

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