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					                      RESOURCES FOR FINDING SUMMER JOBS
                                        RESOURCES AT REED

The Career Services website is full of helpful information, including sample resumes and cover
letters, tips on interviewing, and several databases to assist in your job search:

    NIC InternTrak, (See student page, under “gaining experience”)
   Reed is a part of a consortium of liberal arts schools that post to this listing. You can access over
   10,000 internships that are searchable by field and location.

    Career Services Job Postings, (See student page, under “gaining
   Career Services maintains a searchable listing of job openings that are geared towards Reed
   Students. This site also has lots of great job searching resources.

    Alumni Network (See student page)
   Access alumni volunteers through the Alumni Network on the Career Services web site. Set up an
   appointment with a career counselor in Career Services to generate an additional list of Reed
   alumni that work in your desired field; a great resource for finding out more about the field and

On-Campus Jobs
View an updated list of on campus job opportunities. Don’t see anything that fits your needs? Check
with on-campus offices and departments to express interest and learn if they plan to hire for the

Camp Jobs Binder
If you are interested in working at a camp this summer, Career Services keeps a binder filled with
camps throughout the country that are seeking employees for a variety of positions.

Multiple Books with Summer Jobs
Come check out the Career Services library. We have many books that focus on areas such as
environmental positions, adventure jobs, and international work.

Job Posting Print Publications
The Job Seeker and SW Research Institute chronicle current jobs in the environment. Art Search
highlights openings in the arts. We also subscribe to Current Jobs for Graduates in the following sub-
categories: international, writing/communication/journalism, and liberal arts. These publications are
kept in the Career Services office, and can be photocopied.

                                   GENERAL JOB SEARCH LINKS

Oregon Live,
Provides an on-line version of the classified job listings pulled from a variety of local papers including
the Oregonian.

Another helpful job listing site with over 30,000 listings for jobs in Oregon and Washington.

Cool Works,
A national listing of jobs at national parks, resorts, camps, ranches, and amusement parks.,
This site has a comprehensive listing of job search resources by state.
Career builders,
More job postings.

Craigslist, (Other cities available as well).
A great network of job postings, apartment rentals, and other useful information.

                                          NON-PROFIT JOBS,
Great site for finding national/international work, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

Environmental and academic job site organized by state.

AEE Jobs Clearinghouse,
Nationwide guide to jobs incorporating experiential and outdoor education, or service work.

Backdoor Jobs,
Focuses on adventure, outdoor, and seasonal positions.

Opportunity Knocks,
Most developed in the Bay area, with over 300 listings of non-profit job openings.

                           AWARDS, INTERNSHIPS, AND FELLOWSHIPS

McGill-Lawrence and REAF Internship Awards (Deadline: 2/27/2006)
Administered through Career Services/SEEDS, this summer internship award provides funding for
students to contribute to the community; details on the Career Services web site.

Ducey and Fautz-Ducey (Deadline:3/6/2006)
Internship awards offered through the Political Science Department at Reed. Provide funding for
summer internships in public policy. Contact Lois Hobbs (x7771) for more details.

Everett Internship Program,
Organizes public service internships. They provide a stipend to intern with selected non-profit
organizations mostly located in New York and Washington D.C.

                                       GOVERNMENT LISTINGS

See your local state, county, and city websites for information on government employment.
Usually take these forms:
    www.state.[state abbr.].us[county name].[state abbr.].us[city name].[state abbr.].us

Also try:
 Oregon State Employment Division,
     (see blue section of white pages in phone book)
        - Downtown Portland Office, 6th & Clay, 503/731-4139 x2
        - Gresham 19421 SE Stark, 503/669-7112
 Multnomah County Employment,
        - 1120 SW 5th Room 1430, Job hotline 503/988-5035
 For all U.S. government jobs including Forestry Service, Military, and EPA, go to

                                      TEMPORARY AGENCIES

If you are not interested in seasonal employment that involves customer services, childcare or
working in the outdoors, then perhaps temporary work is right for you. Registering with multiple temp
agencies will increase your chances of being called for a job. Temporary jobs, usually either light
industrial or office work, can last from a few days to a few weeks or months, making them perfect for
students who need work now, but must return to school in the fall. Start with the following agencies,
and also check your local yellow pages. Many agencies now allow you to register/upload your resume
on line, and also offer typing and computer software tests for free.

   -   First Page Personnel, 1201 SW 12th, 503/223-4567
   -   Office Team, 222 SW Columbia, Ste 800, 503/223-2606 or visit
             to register online/download resume.
   -   Northwest Staffing Resources, 333 SW 5th Ste 100, 503/242-0611


 Hotels often hire receptionists, front desk clerks, housekeepers, catering etc. Check hotel listings in
 yellow pages, and try:
        Marriott Hotel, 1401 Naito Parkway, HR: 503/499-6334. Call late April or after.
          Housekeeping/Restaurant Work. Also look at
        Hilton Hotel, 921 SW 6th, 503/226-1611. Job hotline: 503/220-2560.

 Hospitals may also hire various types of workers for the summer. Check the yellow pages for a
 compete listing.
      Many hospitals list job openings on line. Try
         and to start.
      OHSU Personnel Office, 2525 SW 3rd, Suite 110; Job Recording 503/494-6478; Student
         Employment 503/494-8063; visit or and
         do a search by "employment"; you can also download an application here.

 Parks & Recreation is a very busy industry during summer months! Try checking out these
 websites on a regular basis:
       Metro Washington Park Zoo, 4001 SW Canyon Road, Portland, OR 97221
           Seasonal Jobs hotline: 503/226-1561 x581,
       Portland Parks and Recreation Department, 1120 SW 5th Ave., Suite 1302
           Portland, OR 97204,
       Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, 21905 64th Ave. W., Mountlake Terrace, WA
          98043, 425/775-9702,

 Camps & Children's Programs
     Check the "Camp Jobs" binder in career services; also visit
     Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), 1945 SE Water Ave., Portland, OR
        97214, Job hotline 503/797-4665
     Church groups, youth organizations (YMCA, Camp Fire, etc.) and other agencies often
        need summer workers

       Set-up a one-on-one appointment with Career Services for more personalized help.
                                   Call x7550 to schedule.

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