IBM Global Solutions Directory (GSD) Template by gigi12


									             IBM Global Solutions Directory (GSD) Template
Required sections to be completed indicated by **

Solution Name (Text Limit = 200 characters) **

Short Description (Text Limit = 325 Characters) **

Solution description (Text Limit = 1500 Characters)

Marketing Telephone Number **

Marketing email Address **

Contact Name **

Solution (preferred) or Company URL **

Solution or Company Logo

List the Solutions Functions (Text Limit = 700 Characters) **

Discuss the business Opportunities presented by this solution (Text Limit = 1650 Characters)

Describe the business Problem that this solution solves (Text Limit = 450 Characters)

Describe this solution’s competitive Advantage (Text Limit = 900 Characters)

Describe the Return On Investment This Solution provides

Please Select One of the Categories Below that best describes your solution ** **

   Software and Related Services
   Hardware and Related Services
   Microelectronics technology and related services
   Services offered in support of IBM Products (including resellers, consultants and integrators

Business Information ** – Select from drop down menu online: Industry and Solution areas
given below as an example only

Industry - Select all that Apply **
 Apparel manufacturing
 Department stores
 Direct Marketing
 Food
 Food Services
 Hard Goods
 Mass Merchants
 Pharmacy / Drugs
 Speciality

Solution Area – Select All that Apply **
 Customer Service
 Logistics
   Merchandising
   Retail sell thru bundles
   Merchant Reach
   Sales Management
   Self Service Solutions
   Kiosk’s / ATM’s
   Point of Sale
   Store Operations
   Other: _______________

Countries in which this Solution is distributed – Select from drop down menu online

Languages in which solution is distributed – – Select from drop down menu online

Customer Size - Indicate with an X in table below
Each option must have a target. At least one must be a primary target. It is possible to select up to two
primary targets. The rest may be indicated as secondary or no target

Primary    Secondary      No Target
Target     target
                                        Very Small Business (Less than 50 employees)
                                        Small Business (50 – 99 Employees)
                                        Midmarket Business (100 – 499 employees)
                                        Midmarket Business (500 – 1000 employees)
                                        Large Business (Greater than 1000 employees)

Ready for the Euro? **
IBM considers an IBM product to be EuroReady if the product, when used in accordance with its
associated documentation, is capable of correctly processing monetary data in the euro denomination
and of respecting the euro currency formatting conventions including the euro sign
Not Applicable

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