Prince Edward Island Population Secretariat by Levone


									                   Population Strategy

• The Provincial Immigration Strategy was approved in April, 2006

• Strategies were included for the attraction and retention of
• the retention of youth and
• repatriation
              Background Consultation

• The PEI Population Secretariat hosted an
  Immigration/Settlement Forum on November 2, 2005
• The forum provided an opportunity for government,
  communities, academics, industry and the general public to
  collaboratively determine how best to attract, integrate and
  retain immigrants to our Province
• The participants input was used in the creation of the
  Population Strategy
           Research - Recent Settlers to
              Prince Edward Island
• A study was commissioned by the Secretariat in co-operation
  with the University of Prince Edward Island
• Qualitative and quantitative research on why people settle in
  PEI and why they stay
• Target was individuals who have recently moved to PEI
  (between 1998 and 2003) whether they were immigrants or
  Canadians from another province.
Top reasons why immigrants moved to PEI:
   –   Attractive quality of life
   –   Close to family
   –   Availability/prospects for employment
   –   Affordable housing
Why immigrants stay in PEI:
   – Attractive quality of life
   – Employment opportunities
   – Safe and welcoming communities
                    Results Continued

• Of the respondents, 35 (11.25 %) were actively planning to
  leave PEI. Reasons for their desire to leave:

   – The perceived closed mindedness of Islanders and their
     response to those who “Come From Away”
   – Limited job prospects
   – High taxes and cost of living
   – Unsuitable employment/low wages
                  Population Strategy
Strategies include:
    1. Research
    2. Employment opportunity promotion through the Jobs
    3. Youth Mentoring Program
    4. Promotion of the Provincial Nominee Program -/new
    5. Increase Focus on youth retention
    6. Adaptability training and education for Islanders
    7. Communication with communities about available
       programs and services
                  School Presentations

• Presentations are being made in early May to schools on the
  benefits of attracting immigrants to PEI and our demographics
• Presentations will be made for students and an evening
  presentation will be made to parents
• The presentations will also focus on abolishing existing
  prejudices and increase understanding and acceptance of
  different cultures- Heritage Canada
• Immigrants will fill voids in our labour market and enrich and
  diversify our culture
        Immigrant Connections Category
• The Immigrant Connections Category is unique to the PEI
  Provincial Nominee Program
• PEI Immigrants or residents “champion” an individual for
• Immigrant Champions must reside in PEI for two years after
  receiving permanent residency status, have a regular source
  of income and an unblemished personal history
• Champions make an informal written commitment to assist
  potential nominee with their integration in PEI
• Good opportunity to build immigrant communities hence
  better retention
                       Jobs Registry

• Technology PEI has a jobs database for the Information and
  Communication Technologies industry
• The database has a resource of over 1,000 resumes of
  individuals seeking employment
• The database is expanding to include aerospace, diversified
  manufacturing, bioscience and skilled trades (Sector
              Jobs Registry - Continued

• The database will continue to expand as sectors are developed
  within the Province
• The resource will be marketed in Prince Edward Island to
  employers. It is our hopes that the majority of PEI employers
  will come on-side with the registry to post jobs so that we have
  a detailed and comprehensive listing of all availabilities
• The registry will be useful for potential immigrants looking for
  nomination through the PEI Provincial Nominee Program
              Welcoming Communities
• Prince Edward Island communities have already begun to
  take independent action in the attraction and retention of

• Similar to trends across the country, Prince Edward Island is
  experiencing a migration of people from rural areas to larger
  centers. Communities are taking action to prevent out-
  migration and encourage attraction.

• One community has circulated questionnaires to immigrants
  in their community to determine what they see as the
  communities weaknesses and strengths .

       Welcoming Community - Continued

• Another community is taking steps towards being a
  welcoming community for all new settlers in the area,
  whether they be immigrants or people from another area of
• The community is implementing a “good neighbor” program
  where a family of similar demographics is paired with the new
  family and acts as a resource.
• They are also creating a manual of important information
  and increasing social engagement among the community by
  holding get to know your neighbors events..
• i
       Welcoming Community - Continued
• The Population Secretariat will hold sessions over the summer
  months with communities across the Province to get them
  thinking about what type of steps they could take to increase
  attraction and retention.
• The City of Summerside has begun a “Friends of Summerside”
  campaign, where job notification, news and developments are
  sent electronically to former residents of the city and it’s
  surrounding communities.
       Welcoming Community - Continued
• Summerside has also accessed funds from Citizenship and
  Immigration Canada. These funds are being used for ESL
  training, and presently there are 6 individuals in the program,
  with room for more.

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