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 • In the course of just a few decades, Oulu has become the
   most successful city in northern Europe. In 2015, Oulu
   wants to be the most highly developed city in Finland and
   all of northern Europe. The city of technology will evolve
   into a centre of innovation.
 • In its new strategy, the city states its intention to continue
   on its present path of strong growth, to multiply its efforts to
   attract companies based on high competence in
   different fields to the city, and to promote
   internationalisation by a significant increase in the number
   of foreign employees. Oulu intends to gain a clear head
   start compared to other cities by being number one in
   terms of service provision and top-level education.
• Oulu is setting itself demanding challenges and tasks, with
  the aid of which the top position can be secured. Oulu is
  also the first city to define creativity and courage as being
  the most important among the values that guide its
  operation. Besides creativity and courage, a sense of
  community and tolerance are emphasised.
Key elements of Oulu's strategy
  • The key objective of the city strategy is to create a good,
    attractive and enjoyable living environment for residents
    and to provide the most highly developed services in
    Finland, combined with a well-balanced economy.

  • The basis of the strategy is a creative, enjoyable urban
    environment, consisting of a whole made up of several
    elements: competence and capability, technology and
    creativity as well as a tolerant, multi-value urban
• The aim is to create an innovation environment of the highest
  international standard for companies, based on the integration
  of education, research and product development into a network
  which is actively built and maintained by the city.

• This gives firms already operating in the Oulu region power to
  develop, creates growth potential for new companies and
  attracts foreign experts and firms to the region. In addition, it
  provides room for diversification and expansion for different
  branches of business.

• The goals of the strategy are long-term development
  targets. Their fulfilment calls for regional networking
  as well as for more extensive networking on
  an international level.
Oulu's vision
Oulu – the city of Innovation
Oulu is the most viable urban community in
northern Europe, with the most high-standard services
in Finland based on residents’ needs, and
a well-balanced economy.

Oulu is a city of people and firms with global
network contacts, providing an innovation
environment based on top-level competence
for a variety of actors.

Oulu is an international, multicultural, tolerant city
with a pleasant living environment and
   ecologically sustainable operational principles.
The city of Oulu values
  1. Creativity and courage
    Success in a changing operating environment calls for innovation, controlled risk-
    taking, new ways of thinking and the courage to give up old ways of doing things.
    We encourage creativity and see the future as a positive challenge.

  2. Community spirit
    We operate so that residents can feel that Oulu is a safe place to live,
    enjoy life and work in; decisions made by the city promote community
    spirit and a human touch. We are aware of people’s needs and promote
    interaction, and our decision-making is guided by these needs. The goal of
    our operation is a humane work community characterised by well-being.
    This way, we also promote sustainable development.
  3. Tolerance
    We respect our clients and each other, and appreciate a multicultural
    environment. We encourage tolerance as part of the work community
    and city culture. We follow mutual rules of play and treat our clients and
    personnel fairly in all situations.
Oulu's strategic goals
  1. Oulu is a safe city with the best reputation in Finland.
  2. Oulu has a good, pleasant, ecologically balanced urban
     environment which considers environmental viewpoints.
  3. Municipalities in the Oulu region evolve towards a more
     uniform municipality structure
  4. The Oulu region has a joint service network that is based
     on client’s needs and promotes well-being, making use of
     the latest technology.
  5. Oulu is an international, tolerant, multi-value city of
     culture attracting people with top-level competence,
     with an increasing proportion of residents
     and workers moving from abroad.
6. Oulu has high-quality education, research and product
   development and an innovation environment
   representing the highest international standards.
7. Branches of business will diversify and become more
   international, entrepreneurship will increase significantly
   and the job situation will improve.
8. Land use meets the needs of residents and the business
9. Oulu is the logistics centre of northern Europe.
10. The structure, capacity and results of the city organisation
   correspond to strategic goals.
Challenges of the city strategy
  1. Increased labour force mobility and changing values
       – the city’s attraction power is an increasingly important
          strategic factor for firms and residents
       – attracting people with top-level competence from Finland
          and abroad
       – elements used in competition: stable social order, safety,
          infrastructure, the environment and services
       – urban culture and cultural service provision are an integral
          part of the city’s attraction power and image

  2. Globalisation is an everyday phenomenon
      – increased international competition between regions and
      – firms and people are increasingly mobile
      – ways of operation are changed by information streams
3. University- and polytechnic-level education and research must
    maintain a consistently high standard
     – developing education systems so that they reach top
       international level
     – technological competence and innovations are important –
       increasing emphasis on business operation competence
     – important to take into account basic industry and services

4. A tolerant urban culture
     – A new phase of the Oulu spirit: cooperation, tolerance
        towards all people, internationalisation
     – different ethnic backgrounds and a wide variety of
        nationalities enrich the city, giving rise to new competence
        and creating an innovative environment
5. Making the service structure more diverse and effective
    – regionality as a resource
    – the commissioner-provider model
Critical success factors
  Critical success factors and strategic goals of the city strategy

                         Social impact and
                           service ability

  Financial            Strategic objectives       Operational processes and
                             Values                       structures

                        Human Resources and

       Four perspectives
               - Social impact and service ability
               - Financial
               - Operational processes and structures
               - Human Resources and competence
Social impact and service ability
        Critical success factor                         Strategic objective
Healthy and independent life on the part of   • Oulu has the healthiest population in the
residents                                     country with the highest degree of wellness
                                              • The elderly are able to cope at home as
                                              long as possible
A safe urban environment                      • Increased sense of security among
                                              residents (residents’ survey)
                                              • The volume of disturbing behaviour
                                              diminishes (crime and calls for police
                                              intervention due to domestic violence)
Client-oriented services                      • Highest degree of client satisfaction in
                                              • The provision of land for single-home
                                              construction and complementary
                                              construction projects is increased in a
                                              carefully planned and controlled manner
                                              • Development of services aimed at
                                              assisting the integration of new residents
                                              moving from abroad
                                              •Oulu prepares for the demographic change
                                              in a systematic way.
Social impact and service ability

         Critical success factor                      Strategic objective
 A multifaceted, multi-value urban culture   • Extensive and varied provision of
                                             cultural services
                                             • Oulu strengthens its role as an enabler
                                             in all cultural sectors.
 A multifaceted, high-quality natural        • Air and water quality will improve, as
 environment                                 shown by studies
                                             • Versatile natural environment in the
 Successful business and employment          •The number of international firms will
 policy                                      increase
                                             • The number of entrepreneurs and jobs
                                             will increase in most fields and in social
                                             • Active marketing of competitive
                                             location alternatives aimed at businesses
                                             •Unemployment, especially youth
                                             unemployment decreases.
 Top-level education                         •In comparisons, shown to be best in
                                             Finland, on a good European level
Social impact and service ability

        Critical success factor                   Strategic objective
Oulu is the centre of people and goods   • The service level of the Oulu region
streams in northern Europe               railway and road network and the port of
                                         Oulu meets the needs of the business
                                         sector (areas of emphasis: main roads 4
                                         and 20, main railway line, port)
                                         •Utilizing the logistic and geographic
                                         position of Oulu and Bothnian Arc in
                                         relation to the service demand and
                                         stream of goods in the northwest Russia
                                         and Karelia.
                                         • International flight connections will
                                         increase in number
A viable city centre                     •Increasing the number of service-
                                         provision firms in the downtown area
                                         • Well-functioning parking and public
                                         transport solutions for the centre of Oulu
                                         by the year 2010
                                         • Increasing year-round use of the city
Social impact and service ability

        Critical success factor               Strategic objective
Active citizenship                  • Local residents are actively involved in
                                    the city’s development; the majority of
                                    residents are reached by neighbourhood
                                    democracy measures
        Critical success factor                   Strategic objective
Financial management                    • Continuous efforts at improving
                                        productivity and economy
                                        • Income financing percentage of
                                        investments ³ 100% in the long term
                                        • Net growth of operational financing <
                                        increase in financing income
                                        • Operation is guided efficiently by the
                                        economy and action plan
Efficient, effective ownership policy   • More effective guidance of public
                                        utilities, joint municipal authorities and
                                        • More effective utilisation of capital and
Operational processes and structures
         Critical success factor                          Strategic objective
An internationally operating, result-oriented   • Regional education, research and
innovative environment supporting strategic     business combined into a high-quality
goals                                           innovation environment
                                                • R&D conducted in the Oulu region
                                                increases as a proportion of total
                                                investments in the country
The city’s marketing is efficient and           •Oulu has a reputation as the best city in
internationally oriented                        Finland, and it is internationally well known
Multifaceted regional service structure         • Municipal services organised in a regional
based on clients’ needs                         manner - > joint service network
                                                • Regional functionality of the public
                                                transport system is an important part of a
                                                multiform service structure
                                                • Reform of municipal structure
Operational processes and structures
        Critical success factor                     Strategic objective
Implementation of the commissioner-       • The model will be in optimal use in 2008
provider model within the organisation    • More versatile service provision structure
                                          • Increasing entrepreneurship

Impacts on services, economics, climate   • When deciding on projects the city counsil
and environment are evaluated in major    estimates their impact to city economics,
urban development projects                change in functional environment and
                                          ecologically balanced development of the
Human Resources and competence
       Critical success factor                 Strategic objective
A clear, efficient management system   • The entire organisation is managed
                                       based on the strategy
                                       • Improved work supervision and job
                                       satisfaction among staff

Competent, sufficient staff making     • Number of staff corresponding to
efficient use of resources             changes in service structure
                                       • Increased cost efficiency and
                                       economic competence within the
                                       entire organisation
                                       • The number of foreign workers is
                                       increased within the city’s

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