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					                                            ROUND DIAMOND SCHOOL

                                             NEWSLETTER – OCTOBER 2008

              STONE FARM                                                    PRAYER MEETING

Thirty nine Year 5 pupils have just returned from              On the first Tuesday of each Month at 2.30pm, a
a 5 day residential trip to Stone Farm, near                   minister from Great Ashby Church will be leading a
Dartmoor in Devon.         The children had a                  prayer meeting in the school. This will take place in
wonderful time. They walked several miles                      one of our resource rooms and we would like to invite
across Dartmoor, had an historical, experiential               parents to attend. Prayers will be said for the school
day at Moorwellham Quay, visited an Otter                      and local community. Parents, staff and children have
Sanctuary and went swimming. The children                      the opportunity to raise something that they would like
                                                               to pray for or give thanks for. Coffee and tea will be
also enjoyed a range of farm activities and
                                                               available at the meetings too and toys for the little ones.
enormous meals. They definitely did not go
                                                               There is no need to book, just turn up, 2.30pm – first
hungry! The children were a credit to the school               Tuesday each month.
and to their parents. The farmer, Mr Hatton, has               Next meeting 6th October.
telephoned to praise the children‟s behaviour and
a member of the public spoke to Mrs Mulcahy at
the Otter Sanctuary and said that the children‟s
behaviour was „ impeccable‟.
I would like to thank Mrs Goodwin, Mrs
Mulcahy, Mrs Wood and Mr Swain for giving up
their time to accompany the children. As a result
the children will have many lifelong memories of
the visit, to treasure.
A pair of green wellies has been lost, please
check to see if your child may have them by
mistake. They are named J Scarrett.

                            INFORMATION / HELP FOR PARENTS
A free website “” is available to help Hertfordshire parents to work out which schools they maybe
able to get their children into.
If you would like to apply for a Primary, Nursery or Secondary School place for your child, online, but do not have a
computer you are welcome to pop into school and use a computer in the ICT Suite.
If you would like to borrow any Sex Education books or DVD‟s to share with your child you can borrow these free
of charge from the school. Please see Mrs Temple any Monday morning at
Mrs Grange, our family worker, and Mrs Sudan our inclusion co-ordinator are available every Thursday morning at
9am for any parents who want to drop in and talk about any issues at home or school.

                                                  TYRE PARK
We have had some large tyres installed near the
playgrounds to create a tyre park for the children to
jump on. Our School Council Members came up
with a number of designs for the tyre park and then
voted on their favourite. The design that has been
used was created by Jay Bradford (year3). I am
sure the children will enjoy using the area and it
will promote their physical fitness. Please ensure
the children do not use them before or after school.
            CHILDMINDING                                                  PIANO LESSONS

If you are a registered childminder and you                  A local piano teacher has contacted the school to
collect or bring children to this school, please             say that she is available to give piano lessons. She
give your name and details to Mrs Turner in the              is called Mrs Beverley Arnold and she lives in
main office. We maintain a list of local                     Great Ashby Way. She charges £10 for a 30
childminders which we make available for                     minute individual lesson and her phone number is
parents.                                                     01438 728363.

This year we are thinking about how essential it is to have water in order to grow fruit, vegetables, cereals and
sustain life. This is the focus of our harvest thoughts this year. All the children will be participating in
workshops led by Great Ashby Community Church, about water on Tuesday 21st October. On the 23rd October
we will have our Harvest Assemblies. Renoir class will not be performing but will be joining our harvest
celebration. Years 1 and 2 will be celebrating harvest at 10.00am on the 23rd October.
Please join our celebrations. No need to book.
The Harvest Assembly for Years 3, 4, 5, and 6 will start at 11.00am. Parents and carers are welcome to join us
for either or both assemblies and also stay for a cup of coffee at 10.30am.
Instead of collecting food stuffs, we would like to accept donations towards funding a water supply for a
village in a deprived country. We will send the donations to the “Turn on the tap”, Samaritan‟s Purse

                                         A FEW REMINDERS
I would like to remind parents and carers that they should not stand at the school fences and talk or wave to
their child or any other children. My staff become anxious if they see anyone standing at the fences and the
children are also taught not to talk to anyone at the fence even if they know them.
I must also remind you that hooped earrings are not allowed in school. They are dangerous and can cause harm
to the wearer and also to other children in the school. The children should not wear any ear-rings at all, if it is
crucial that they do wear ear-rings these should be studs. They must bring tape into school to cover them if they
are unable to remove the ear-rings independently. Staff are not able to look after / take responsibility for
children‟s belongings.
Thank you for your co-operation and I hope to see you at our Harvest Assemblies.

                                         „BIG CHEF, LITTLE CHEF
Do you like cooking with your child? If so bring your child along to this parent and child workshop which is
taking place at our school on Tuesday 14th October at 6.30pm. You or your child could be the next Jamie
Oliver! Together you will make something that is tasty and healthy. Please phone North Herts Adult
Community Learning to book a place for you and your child on 01462 – 424242.
The course is in our dining room from 6.30pm until 8.30pm on the 14th October.

                                        Deborah Godbold

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