Test Case Template - Download as DOC by gigi12

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									                                                                     Test Case Template
Number                                                   Date Created                                          Created by
{Test Case Number}                                       {Date Test Case was created}                          {Name or initial of Test Case Creator}
{Object Name}
{Object Description}

Step          Type                Description                      Expected                    Actual, if different from              P/F        Date        By
{Test         {Test Step          {Description/Instruction on      {The expected result        {The actual result after the Test      {Pass/     {Date       {Tester
Case Step     Type:               what to do in this Test Step}    from executing the Test     Step was executed. If different        Failed}    Test Step   Initial}
Number -      Setup/ Process/                                      Step}                       from the Test Step}                               was
i.e. 1}       Audit/                                                                                                                             executed}

Note: The Test Step may call for Data for the Tester to input into data field or process. The Data table is listed below.
Item          Data Input                            Test Type                           Expected Result                             P/F         Date         By
{Data set     {Data for input. If there are ten     {What kind of Test this is}         {The expected result from the test          {Pass/      {Date Test   {Tester
number -      data fields, then all the ten input                                       using the input data - i.e. Invalid User}   Failed}     Data was     Initial}
i.e. 1}       will be listed in this cell}                                                                                                      used}

Executed                                                 Executed By                                           Passed/Failed
{Date the Test was executed}                             {Name of Tester}                                      {Tester’s verdict}
Failed Reason
{If the verdict is “Failed”, what were the reasons?}

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