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					                            NORTH EALING PRIMARY SCHOOL
                                  Health & Safety Policy

Reviewed by:                         J. Anderson
Presented to SMT:                    Spring 2005
Presented to Staff:                  Spring 2005
Presented to Governors:              Spring 2005
Review date:                         Autumn 2009

This policy is written in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and its subsequent
Regulations. It is to be read in conjunction with the Safety Policy of the London Borough of Ealing. The
general aims of these policy statements are accepted and the arrangements set out below are designed to
implement the general aims of North Ealing Primary School.
This policy will be reviewed, added to, and modified as required (e.g. new legislation) and is supplemented
in appropriate cases by further statements related to the work of the school. Copies and subsequent
amendments will be made available to all school employees.
Definition of ‘Employee’
The term ‘employee’ includes all paid staff whatever their function in the school. ‘Employee’ does not
include contractor’s staff, for whom the contractor is the employer for purposes of Health and Safety. For
practical purposes volunteers, parents, governors and other members of the public are regarded as
employees in relation to health and safety if they carry out unpaid work for the school, such as assisting
teachers, accompanying children on school trips, or carrying out any maintenance or decoration, or DIY
work, etc.
The success of this policy depends on the active support of all employees to achieve its objectives.
North Ealing Primary School is committed to ensuring a high standard of health, safety and welfare for all
staff, pupils, visitors and contractors by ensuring the following
        a healthy and safe environment throughout the school
        safe working practices for employees and pupils
        arrangements to ensure that no person is adversely affected by any article, substance or machines
         used in school
        provision and dissemination of health and safety information which is received from the LEA and
         other sources
        access to health and safety training
        safe means of access and egress
        welfare facilities for all employees
        procedures for emergencies such as fire, first aid and intruders
        monitoring of health and safety standards in the school, together with a review of accident/near
         miss statistics
        access to specialist help with reference to health and safety matters
        encouragement for employees to participate in the promotion of health and safety standards in the


The Governing Body of the school will
        ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, that all activities under its control are carried out
            in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 and any other health and
            safety legislation and codes of practices which are relevant to the work of the school and pay
            due regard to advice and information provided by the advisors of the London Borough of
        ensure that there is an effective and enforceable policy for the provision of health and safety
            throughout the school
        assess the effectiveness of this policy in line with our review cycle and ensure that any
            necessary changes are made
        identify and evaluate all risks relating to accidents/health/school sponsored activities
            (including work experience)
        identify and evaluate risk control measures in order to select the most appropriate means of
            minimising risk to staff, pupils and others
        create and monitor the management structure

    and in particular the Governing Body undertakes to provide
         a safe place for staff and pupils to work including safe means of entry and exit
         plant, equipment and systems of work which are safe
         safe arrangements for the handling, storage and transport of articles and substances
         safe and healthy working conditions which take account of all appropriate 1) statutory
             requirements, 2) codes of practice whether statutory or advisory and 3) guidance whether
             statutory or advisory
         supervision, training and instruction so that all staff and pupils can perform their school
             related activities in a healthy and safe manner
         necessary safety and protective equipment and clothing together with any necessary guidance,
             instruction and supervision
         adequate welfare facilities

The Headteacher will (with the support of the Deputy and S.M.T.)
        be aware of the basic requirements of the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 and any
         other health and safety legislation and codes of practices relevant to the work of the school and
         liaise with the school’s governing body in matters where its responsibilities relate to the Health
         and Safety at Work Act 1974
        be responsible as site manager to the Director of Education for the implementation, management
         and monitoring of the relevant policies and procedures.
        accept responsibility as site manager, as far as is reasonably practicable, to provide a safe and
         healthy workplace and working environment for all employees, pupils, visitors and others who
         may be affected by the work of the school
        ensure safe working practices and procedures throughout the school including those relating to the
         provision and use of machinery and other apparatus, so that each task is carried out to the required
         standards and so that all risks are controlled
        will pay due regard to relevant regulations, codes of practice, site permits to work and hazard
         identification sheets for contractors, guidance notes and professional advice agreed by the London
         Borough of Ealing Principal Safety Officer and the Director of Education
        arrange systems of risk assessment to allow the prompt identification of potential hazards
        carry out regular reviews and safety audits on the findings of the risk assessment
        identify the training needs of staff and pupils and ensure, within the financial resources available,
         that those identified as having training needs receive adequate and appropriate training and
         instruction in health and safety matters
        encourage staff, pupils and others to promote health and safety

        ensure that any defects in the premises, its plant, equipment or facilities which relate to or may
         affect health and safety of staff, pupils and others are made safe without delay
        cooperate with and maintain appropriate levels of communication with the After School Club (and
         any future Before School Club) and all regular and occasional lettings as set out in the Governing
         Body’s Letting Policy
        approve and monitor any arrangements made by school line managers to discharge their
         responsibilities as well as monitoring the outcome of any arrangements made
        monitor first aid and welfare provision
        monitor the management structure, along with the governors

Line Managers, i.e. those with management responsibilities over other employees, will
        take all reasonable measures to assist the headteacher in implementing the school’s health and
           safety policy
        ensure, so far as it is reasonably practicable, that those for whom they have management
           responsibility fulfil their responsibilities and that the areas in which they work are safe

Employees have the duty to
        take reasonable care for their own health and safety and that of others who may be affected by
            their actions and/or omissions
        cooperate with the London Borough of Ealing, the headteacher and line managers to enable
            them to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Disregard or failure to comply with safety
            instructions shall be a breach of disciplinary rules and dealt with accordingly

Pupils will, within their expertise and ability,
         exercise personal responsibility for the safety of themselves and their fellow pupils
         observe standards of dress consistent with safety and/or hygiene
         observe all the safety rules of the school and in particular the instructions of the teaching staff
              in the event of an emergency
         use and not wilfully misuse, neglect or interfere with things provided for safety purposes


School procedures for Health and Safety are contained in appendices to the Health and Safety Policy and
should be kept with this document

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Name printed ………………………………                                      Headteacher

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                                                                (authorised by the)

1.  Health and Safety – general overview
2.  Emergency procedure
3.  Playground procedure
4.  Procedure in the event of illness or accident
5.  Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)
6.  Science safety
7.  Physical Education – health and safety
8.  Lunch time supervisors (SMSAs)
9.  Advice on playground supervision
10. A School Day Visit
11. A school Day Trip – briefing for parents and other adults
12. Checklist of the main precautions for school visits to farms
13. a)Coach and minibus arrangements b)Use of staff/parents’ cars for transporting children (other
    than their own) on school business
14. a)Residential school journey – procedures and practices b)Code of Practice for Medical matters
    on residential visits
15. Information for parent helpers
16. Electrical checks
17. Manual handling
18. Site Instructions for Contractors
19. Form SV.. (applications for day visits and school journeys in the United Kingdom & abroad)
20. Minor accidents (pro-forma letter)
21. Plan of school grounds


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