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                                     Admissions Policy

This policy is Education Leeds Policy for Leeds Community Schools.

What is the admissions policy for Leeds community schools?

All offers of a school place through the allocation process are made by our Chief Executive on
behalf of Leeds City Council, which is the Admissions Authority. Headteachers or school-
based staff are not authorised to offer a child a place.

In the unlikely event that offering a place to all children who might otherwise qualify for
admission under priority 1 would affect education or the use of resources by overcrowding the
school, we will offer places to children who meet priority 1, then children who meet priority 2
and then children who meet priority 3.

Priority 1

a Children with a statement of special educational needs which names a school or unit which
has special resources.
Other children with a statement who need a place in a school or unit which has special
If there is a choice of suitable schools, the child will be given priority at the nearest suitable
school to their home address.

b We may decide to admit any child in exceptional circumstances that would significantly
benefit the relevant child or their parents, or local children or their parents. Children likely to
fall into this category are:

       children who are in public care or fostered under an arrangement made by the local
       children with a statement of special educational needs;
       children who do not have a statement but who may have special educational needs;
       excluded children or children with a history of challenging behaviour.

Priority 2

Children who want to join brothers or sisters who will be at school at the start of the academic
year. We can only guarantee places for brothers or sisters if they are living in the same house
and we receive the request by the closing date.

Priority 3

We will consider requests as follows.

a If there are enough places for everyone who has applied, we will offer everyone a place.
b If we have more applications than there are places, we will offer places first to children
nearest to the school (measured in a straight line). We will do this in line with parents’
preferences, giving priority to:
    1 parents who show a preference for the nearest Leeds school to their home address; then
    2 parents who show a preference for a Leeds school other than the one nearest to their
home address.
c If we cannot meet parents’ preferences in this way, we will guarantee a place for their child
at their nearest community school with available places at the time of the offer.

The following advice and guidance is from Education Leeds.

Note 1

The law does not allow us to treat pupils who live outside Leeds any differently from those
who live in Leeds. We do not take account of how close they are to schools in their own local
education authority area.

If we receive more requests for a school than there are places available, we can only take
account of schools in Leeds. This particularly affects children living close to the Leeds
boundary with Kirklees, Bradford and Wakefield. It means that parents in those areas are
entitled to a place (under priority 3b1) if the school they name is the nearest Leeds school but
is not necessarily their nearest school. (They may be nearer to other schools in Kirklees,
Bradford or Wakefield, but we cannot take account of these.)

If you live in the Pudsey, Morley and Rothwell areas in particular, you must make sure that
you give the Leeds school nearest to your home as one of your preferences. This will, in most
cases, avoid your child being placed at a school outside your local community.

If this applies to you, we are more than happy to offer advice before you return your form.

Note 2

When we say the nearest school, we do not include voluntary-aided schools.

Note 3

If a school has to move to a temporary site, for example following a fire at the school, our
measurements will be based on the school’s permanent site.

Note 4

For admission purposes, the home address is where a child usually lives with their parent or
carer. You must not give the address of a childminder or relative. We may investigate any
issues concerning addresses and change the school we offer you depending on what we find.
When we make an offer, we assume your address will be the same in the following
September. If you move after the deadline of 21 October 2005, you must tell us your new
address as we may have to change your child’s school.

Note 5

We normally allow children to start school only at the appropriate age.

Note 6

Brothers and sisters are defined as ‘brothers and sisters who are living at the same address’.
Children living with the same family (for example, foster children and stepchildren) are also
included. The definition does not include cousins or families sharing a house.

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