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					                                                           AT HOME WE WILL…                                         
   e-Learning                                                                                                           Not decorate the computer or its case, etc,
                                                                                                                        and not allow it to be subject to graffiti
                                                              Ensure that our child understands how to
HOME SCHOOL AGREEMENT                                          care for and protect their computer
                                                              Report any loss or damage (including
To help ensure that e-learning is a big success at The         accidental loss or damage) promptly
Arnewood School, and that we get maximum value                Report any faults in hardware or software
from our joint investment in your children, we invite          promptly
you to commit to the principles outlined in this              Ensure that the computer is returned or                  We invite you and your child
agreement. As a school we are prepared to provide              purchased either at the end of Year 9 or if
all of the back-up and resources needed to make                the student leaves the school for whatever               to sign the e-learning
this work, but we also need the commitment of                  reason before then, or at any other time                 agreement overleaf and
parents and students.                                          upon the request of a member of staff
                                                              Make sure the laptop is not used for any                 return it to the school. This
As you read through this leaflet you will see a
summary of the e-learning commitment that the
                                                               illegal and/or anti-social purpose, including
                                                               access to inappropriate Internet sites and
                                                                                                                        will help ensure that we are
school is making to the students and to you as                 Chat Rooms                                               all working together to
parents. It also outlines the commitment that will be         Programs other than those provided by the
needed from the home, and from the children
                                                               school should snot be loaded without prior
                                                                                                                        achieve success.
themselves, to make this work.
                                                               permission. Programmes loaded without
When you have read these sections we invite you                permission might be removed by technical
and your child to sign the agreement and return it to          staff.
school. This will help to ensure that we are all working
together to achieve success.                               AS A LEARNER I WILL…

                                                              Look after my laptop computer very
                                                               carefully all of the time and ensure that it is
THE SCHOOL WILL…                                               charged every evening, ready for use the
                                                               next day
   Arrange for a laptop to be available for the use          Bring it to school every day, unless I have
    of your child for the length of the programme              been told not to
   Make sure that the laptop is working and that             Always carry it around in the proper bag
    repairs are dealt with as quickly and effectively         Make sure it is kept in the locker at all times
    as possible                                                when not in use at school
   Make sure that the laptop is covered by                   Take care when the laptop is transported
    insurance for use in and out of school for study           that it is as secure as possible (e.g. not visible
    purposes, providing reasonable care is taken to            in a vehicle; not left unattended on a bus)
    prevent loss or damage                                    Make sure the laptop is not subject to
   Provide secure storage for the laptop in year 7            careless or malicious damage (e.g. as a
    when it is not needed for any particular lesson            result of horseplay)
   Ensure that the laptop is protected against               Take reasonable precautions to prevent the
    computer viruses                                           introduction of computer viruses. If in any
   Give parents and learners a proper introduction            doubt whether a virus has contaminated the
    to using and caring for the computer and the               laptop, I will report the matter before
    software                                                   connecting it to the school network
Please sign this tear off slip                                                               Home School Agreement
and return it to the school             Terms and conditions                                 For e-learning Programme
as soon as possible:-                   Failure either to take such reasonable care or to
                                        abide by the other conditions listed in this
                                        document may result in the laptop being
         STUDENT’S AGREEMENT            reclaimed. The school also reserves the right to          The Arnewood School
                                        claim financial recompense in such cases.
I agree to abide by these terms in my
                                        If the laptop is used to connect with the Internet
use of the laptop
                                        from home, the school will not be responsible for
                                        the costs involved.
                                        The laptop should be re-charged at home
Class:                                  overnight, but the school cannot accept
                                        responsibility for the electricity costs.


                                                                                             Using e-learning brings learning right into
                                                                                             the 21st century. It gives learners the
I agree to my child having the use of
                                                                                             opportunity to learn at their own pace,
the laptop on these terms
                                                                                             and for learning at home to be more
                                                                                             structured and effective. We believe that
                                                                                             e-learning will give every learner the
                                                                                             opportunity to progress faster and
                                                                                             achieve more. We also believe that it will
                                                                                             help to strengthen relationships between
  HEADTEACHER’S AGREEMENT                                                                    home and school.

                                                  The Arnewood School                        We can create a very bright future
I agree on behalf of the school to                      Gore Road
provide a laptop on these terms                                                              for our children by working closely
                                                   New Milton BH25 6RS                       together to ensure that e-learning
Signed                                              Tel. 01425 625400                        is a real success.

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