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									                        HEADLANDS COMMUNITY PRIMARY SCHOOL
                            Oak Tree Lane, Haxby, York Y032 2YH

 The school is situated on a pleasant site in the Town of Haxby which lies four miles north of the City
 of York. Haxby is well served by a wide range of local facilities including shops, banks and schools
 and it is also ideally placed for access to York, the out of town shopping centres at Clifton Moor and
 Monks Cross and to the varied attractions of North Yorkshire. Access to the A1237 York By-pass
 provides easy access to all local road networks.

One of three primary schools in the area, Headlands was opened in 1978 and over the years it has
gradually been extended to its present size. Pupils are drawn mainly from the residential area
surrounding the school and there are currently 234 pupils on roll. From September the school will be
operating with eight classes; a Reception class, a Year 1 class, a Year 2 class, a Year 3 class, 2 x Year 4
classes and 2 x Year 5/6 classes.

Our highly skilled staff includes a City of York Leading Maths Teacher, 2 Advanced Skills Teachers
for Music and Learning Centres and Summer Schools, and a Learning Support Teacher (part-time). As
well as teaching staff the school has a number of support-staff working with pupils, a full time Senior
Administrative Officer and a part-time Clerical Assistant.

On site there is an active After School Club which has recently extended its provision by offering a
Breakfast Club for children of working parents.

In July 2001 the school was awarded Beacon Status by DFES, effective from September 2001, for good
practice in Literacy and Numeracy, use of ICT, Modern Foreign Languages in a Primary School, Pupil
Tracking and Monitoring, Tackling Underachievement, Behaviour Management, Key Stage 3
Transition, School Leadership and Management and Continuing Professional Development.

Since then the school has continued to develop its use of ICT to support teaching and learning across
the curriculum through the use of Interactive Whiteboards receiving both local and national recognition
for this. All classes now have interactive whiteboards across the school. The installation of these have
helped engage our children further in their learning and has opened new opportunities to promote
effective strategies for teaching and learning.
The school has also been at the forefront of the development of Primary Modern Foreign languages
within the City. This is an intergral part of the year 5/6 curriculumn, taught and supported by the
classteachers. Recently our MFL subject leader has left to join CILT, a national organisation who are
instrumental in developing good practice in language teaching as a Primary Teaching advisor.

Over the past 2 years the Head has worked on the National Interactive Whiteboard pilot for years 5/6 as
an Associate Consultant, this in turn has resulted in running workshops and conferences for both the
authority and nationally. He has also worked extensively on the development of the new Leadership
Team toolkit, and appears as one of the heads interviewed describing how ICT plays such an intergral
part in the teaching and learning across the school. He is currently supporting two network learning
communities in the development of ICT to support teaching and learning and is used by both the LEA
and the DfES to deliver training to teachers and consultants across the country. He has recently been
asked to join the steering group that supports the National College for School Leadership in its ICT
development programme.

The school is forward - thinking in its approach, looking at ways for embedding literacy and numeracy
across the curriculum to ensure core skills are embedded in their practice. The school has spent time
looking at ways of engaging children, developing their reasoning and explanation skills through all
subjects by taking part in the City Of York’s oracy project. As we move forward this year we are
developing a new school library area, trying to provide a stimulating environment that is pleasant to be
in rather than just a storage area for books.

We are currently involved in the Primary Leadership Programme, this opportunity will enable the new
deputy to support and strengthen the collaborative leadership and responsibility for learning and
teaching within the school and will provide time for the leadership team of a school, with the support of
a local experienced headteacher, to review its curriculum, its staffing and the individual needs of its
children; to prioritise where improvements should be made and what steps should be taken to bring
these about; and to evaluate the impact of this work.

Following on from our Beacon work we are also involved in a Network Learning Community. The
focus of our work is on handling data, solving real problems, linked to an enterprise initiative that the
children will need to plan and develop.

The school has a very hard working and highly successful PTA which supports the school through
fundraising activities. In recent years it has focussed on the improvement of the school site by
developing a wildlife area and pond and providing outdoor play equipment, developing an ICT suite
and recently supporting the school in the development of a new school library.

The school premises is about to undergo redevelopment, with the school council finalising plans for a
more interactive playground, designed with keeping active and healthy in mind. Also the school front
entrance is to be extended and modernised providing an accessible, light and welcoming entrance to

I hope that you find this information useful – if you should require any further information please do
not hesitate to contact me


Mike Schofield

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