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        JUNE 2005

       Mrs E Zapiec
Dear Parents,

                                  Friends of Grange.
We will be holding our Summer Fete on Saturday 25 June, from 12 noon until
about 3.30pm. We look forward to seeing many of you there on what is usually
a very good event. We would be very grateful for any offers of help on this day.

Thanks to all who have offered so far.

Donations of plants, cakes, books, toys, games etc are still welcome.

                          Parents Evening and School Reports
Parents evening is scheduled for Tuesday July 12 . Information on appointments
will be sent out closer to the time. You will be receiving your child’s school report
on July 7 . We will also be seeking your views on home/school communication
through a questionnaire which you will able to fill in there and then. Any parent not
coming to parents evening will be asked to fill in a questionnaire via ‘pupil post’.

                                       Kids Out

Thank you to the Rotary Clubs of Kimbolton Castle, Bedford and Kempston for
funding a visit by a group of students to Wicksteed Park last week. The weather
was very kind to us and the children all had a lovely time.

                                     Sports Day

Sports Day this year will be held on Monday 18 July.

Parents are invited to come along to support their child.

                                 Summer Term Trips
On Wednesday 6 July the Primary pupils will be going to Woburn Safari Park
for the day.
On Monday 11 July the Secondary pupils will be going to Hunstanton for the day.

Thank you to Happy Days Children’s Charity for funding these trips.
More details to follow.

                                  Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden has now been planted and the new play equipment has
been installed, much to the delight of the children.
We will officially open the garden on Thursday 14 July when our many sponsors
will be invited to attend.

A big thank you to the Antony Weston Memorial Charity for their hard work in
raising over £40,000 for this project.

                            Heart of the East Youth Games

Thank you to Mr Lawson and Mrs Bean who took a group of students to Luton on
Sunday 19 June to represent Bedfordshire in the youth games. Well done to the
boys for coming second and to the girls who came fourth.
                              Water in School

We are keen to promote good health in school. Especially during hot weather,
please encourage your son/daughter to drink water.

Perhaps you can send a water bottle into school.

Hats are also useful to protect heads and faces from sunburn.

Many of our classrooms now have air-conditioning so we are able to keep rooms
pleasantly cool.

If your son/daughter is particularly sensitive to the sunshine encourage them to
stay inside at lunchtime and take part in a lunchtime club/activity.

                              Year 11 Leavers
We said goodbye to our Year 11 students on May 27 .

They have since returned to sit GCSE exams.

We look forward to learning about their success in August.

                Telephone Numbers and Medical Conditions

Have you changed any of your contact telephone numbers?
If so please let the school office know.

Has your child developed a medical condition that you have not informed us of,
or perhaps changed medication? This information is so important in the case of
an emergency.

                              Penalty Notices

Families who take pupils out of school for family holidays must seek authority
from school. If not parents may face financial penalties. We will not authorise
term-time holidays for students in Years 10 & 11 who are completing externally
examined courses throughout the two years of the course.

                          Sickness and Diarrhoea

If your child has vomited or had diarrhoea, please do NOT send them into school
until they have been well for at least 24 hours.

This sickness bug passes round very quickly, and the only way to stop it is to
keep sick children at home.

                           School Holiday Dates

Summer Holiday
                                             th                 th
The summer holiday will be from Monday 25 July to Monday 5 September inclusive.
Return to school on Tuesday 6 September.

Half Term Holiday
           th                     th
Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October 2005 inclusive.
Training Day – Monday 31 October 2005.
Return to school on Tuesday 1 November.

Christmas Holiday
The Christmas Holiday will be from Wednesday 21 December 2005 to
Wednesday 4 January 2006 inclusive.
                          Grange School Kitchen

School meals cost £1.55 per day, £7.75 per week.

This must be paid in advance on the Monday.

The kitchen manager is Mrs C Gooch and the telephone number is 01234 407995.

                               Nut Allergies

We would respectfully like to remind you that we ask all pupils not to bring nuts
or nut products to school in lunch boxes or for snacks – this includes items
such as ‘Snickers’ bars and peanut butter sandwiches as well as whole nuts.

We have children in school who could suffer an extreme allergic reaction
should they come in to contact with nut products.

                                 GRANGE SCHOOL
                                  HALSEY ROAD
                                     MK42 8AU
                                 TEL: 01234 407100

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