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					FORGANDENNY PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWSLETTTER                          26 August 2008

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Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome back to all pupils and a special welcome to all new Primary 1 pupils and James in P4
who have settled in extremely well. The first full day for the new P1 pupils is on Monday 1st

Can we thank all those who collected Tesco Vouchers last term – 5,000 vouchers have been
spent on a ‘Tuff-cam’, a child friendly digital movie/still camera and the remaining 6,000
have been banked for next year. Tesco are now combining their sports and computer
vouchers to be collected during the one 15 week period.

Thank you for attending and we hope you enjoyed ‘Breaking the Chains’ event at the end of
last term. This event made a profit of £102 which will be used for further outdoor
improvements. Over £100 was made for Fair Trade at their stall.

Jump Rope for Heart donations amounted to £80 which will be sent to the British Heart

All the staff would like to thank everyone who left presents at the end of last session.
They were very much appreciated. Mrs Simon also says a big thank you for her leaving
gifts and has sent a card to children and parents. Can we also thank all the helpers who
looked after the garden during the summer holidays.

Our teaching staff from August 2008 are as follows:
        P1-3     Miss Haddow assisted by Carol McCallum, Nursery Nurse
        P4-5 Miss Cassidy/ Mrs Styles
        P6-7 Mr Donnachie/Mrs Styles
Visiting specialists throughout the session include Mrs Heggie, PE; Mrs Laing, Drama; Mr
Radley, Art and Ms McKillop, Music.

Just some reminders for the start of the session:
    A leaflet, produced by Perth & Kinross Council has already been sent out giving
       information about PE sessions (clothing required etc)
    We encourage children to drink plenty of water while in school and they should bring
       in sports type water bottles, to minimise spills. These should be named and filled at
       home and can be kept on school desks. We do keep a small supply of new bottles if
    Children should always have with them a waterproof jacket for wet playtimes.
    Please ensure that all uniform and PE kit etc is named.
    We supply labelled plastic envelopes for lunch money for each child (£1.65 per meal).
       Please could this be sent in to school on a Monday with the correct money and a note
       of which days children are taking meals (some of the younger children sometimes
       forget). Can this be kept separate from money for school trips etc as these are
       banked separately.
    The church lane should not be used by cars for dropping off children.
      School taxis/minibus – children will be dropped off and picked up at the front of
       school and be checked in and out by a member of staff but parents/carers are
       responsible for informing the taxi driver if their child is not to be picked up by the
       taxi/minibus. Please make sure your child knows if he/she is to be on the bus or not
       and if necessary note in Homework Diary as there has been some confusion in the
      Can you please ensure that both your child and After School Club know each day
       they are to attend. We have already had mix-ups. Again any changes can be noted
       in Homework Dairy.
      Please note that staff are not responsible for children arriving in the playground
       prior to 8.50 am and the playground is not supervised by a member of staff prior to
       the bell at 9.10 am.
      If your child is late for school or not attending because of illness etc could you
       telephone the school. If we have not heard anything by 9.30 am we automatically
       telephone parents/carers and then emergency contacts. A note should follow any
      Please inform the school of any changes to your child’s contact details (this includes
       changes to mobile numbers) and if we require to be informed of any medical
       matters. If your child requires medication to be taken during school hours the
       relevant form (available from the office) requires to be completed.
      In order to update the school database a separate form will be sent to each
       pupil/family and any changes concerning contact details are to be noted on this
       form. As before, where possible, newsletters will be sent by email to minimise
       paper usage. If we do not have your email address or it has changed please let us
       know by emailing to address on previous page.

Dates for your diary:

Thursday 18 September – Mini Olympics with Forteviot PS on Sports field from 12.30 pm.
Parents welcome to come along. A note will be sent out re packed lunches.
Other important dates until Christmas are in the Homework Diary. Any updates will be
sent out and if you require a copy of holiday and inset dates for the rest of the session
these are available from the school office or Perth & Kinross Website.

We are hoping to take the whole school to the pantomime in Perth Theatre towards the
end of term and will let you know when we have a definite date.

A note from Ms Little the school cook – next Wednesday 3.9.08 there is an additional
choice for lunch ‘ Chipolata Sausages in gravy, creamed potatoes & seasonal veg’.

Best wishes for the year ahead.

Moya Dawson

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