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									                     Bredon Hill Middle School Horizon

Week ending: Friday 18th September 2009                    Autumn Term 2009                   Number: 2

                       SCHOOL DIARY W/B 21st September 2009 - GREEN WEEK

The Theme for next week‟s Assembly is: “Taking responsibility and a pride in my school
Monday                Whole School Assembly
Tuesday               Y7 Assembly
                      „Bredon Jazz‟ 3.30pm - 4.30pm
Wednesday             Y8 Assembly
Thursday              Y6 Assembly
Friday                Whole School Assembly

Important Letter
Your child will have received an important letter today concerning swine flu. Please ensure that you ask them
for this.
Healthy Eating
We have spent some time over the past year updating our kitchen and kitchen equipment. Mrs Craddock is
well informed about many conditions that require special diets and is always willing to accommodate medical
food requirements for any pupil which is brought to her attention. School menus are planned to achieve a
healthy content and we do not allow crisps, chocolates, sweets or fizzy drinks in the canteen. We ask
parents/carers to support the school by not putting these in lunch boxes. Please also note that chewing gum
is strictly forbidden on school premises due to environmental issues.
Mobile Phones/IPods/Personal Stereos/Expensive electrical equipment
Please be aware that mobile phones are banned in school. If a pupil needs to get a message to home
urgently this can be passed by the office or there is a pay phone for pupil use. If a pupil needs a phone for
an after school activity it must be handed into the office at the beginning of the day and must have the pupil‟s
name and form on it. It can be collected at the end of the day. If a pupil does not follow this rule and the
phone is confiscated, a parent/carer must come to school to collect it. IPods and expensive electrical
equipment are also not allowed in school.
You will appreciate that for pupils‟ safety and wellbeing, as well as a legal requirement, we must have details
of all absences on the morning when a pupil is absent. Please make a point of keeping the school informed.
We do not encourage pupils going on holidays during term time and would particularly ask that you do not
take a Year 6 pupil away on holiday during SATS week beginning Monday 10th May 2010.
English and Independent Reading
All pupils throughout the school are expected to read independently both at home and in school and,
therefore, should have either a fiction or non-fiction book with them daily.
KS2 Year 6 Independent Reading
All pupils are expected to read for 10 - 15 minutes every night. They are also expected to produce 1 - 3
reading log entries each week as well as any set English homework.
KS3 Year 7 & 8 Independent Reading
All pupils in KS3 are challenged to read a million words by the end of the year. They may read books which
are fiction and non-fiction eg. biographies of sports men and women. Each pupil at KS3 is expected to read
at least two books per half term and a book response either written or spoken should be completed each half
term. Please support and encourage your child or children with their independent reading as reading is one
of the major tools for learning in all subjects. Many thanks.
Year 7 - Booked Up!
Once again Year 7 pupils are being offered the chance of a free book from All pupils
will have been given a Booked Up magazine which contains help and advice for pupils on how to select their
free book, including a brief summary of each of the books and reviews from other 11 year olds. Pupils can
access the website where there is a dedicated space full of ideas for them to explore:
a downloadable version of the DVD to watch; tips to help them select their book; interactive games featuring
the Booked Up characters; a review section and monthly competitions to win more free books.
Please discuss your child‟s choice of book with them or even help them to make their choice. English
teachers will make a note of book choices during the next few weeks.
                                                                                        Mrs Jessop
ICT Acceptable Use Policy
All pupils will have received a letter which needs to be signed by both pupil and parent/carer to authorise the
pupil‟s use of any school ICT equipment. This is a legally required document and without the signed
agreement your child will unfortunately be unable to use any school computers in any lesson if an agreement
is not received by Tuesday 22nd September.
Garden Club
Every Thursday from 3.30pm - 4.30pm we will be continuing to help maintain our School Garden and Wildlife
Area. Throughout the year the Club grows produce for the school kitchen and cookery room and pupils gain
gardening skills and knowledge. We are also collecting Morrisons “Lets Grow” vouchers again. Last year‟s
collection provided us with some very useful tools and seeds. There are spaces for a few more enthusiastic
pupils so please see Ms Bankes for more details.
Bredon Play & Recreation Plans
We have been contacted by Malcolm Dunn, a leading organiser behind the renovation of Bredon Community
Recreation Area. They will be holding a public meeting on Monday 21st September to show the community
the proposed plans and sketched designs for the playing fields. It will be held at Bredon Village Hall and will
start at 8.00pm. The committee is very keen to stress that everyone in the village is welcome to come along
and be involved in the decision-making process to enhance the future of their playing fields.
Cookery Club
This week saw the start of the first Cookery Club. Fifty five pupils signed up to join and wait excitedly for their
block of sessions. The group made Créme Pattisiere, with a vanilla custard made from scratch, placing it into
a pastry case and topping it off with soft fruits of their choice. Yum!
                                                                                            Mrs Palser
„Electronic‟ Horizon!
Our thanks to the many parents/carers who have requested that they receive their copy of the Horizon
newsletter via e-mail. This will take some time to establish, especially for those who have children in Year 6,
but we will do our utmost to ensure that you should receive the Horizon in this format next week.

“The Edge”
Kaytie Spice, Advanced Skills Teacher from Sedgeberrow First School, has asked us to include information
about “The Edge”, a Worcestershire Youth Musical Theatre group which is holding auditions for new
members on Wednesday 7th and 14th October from 5.00pm - 6.00pm. Many of our pupils will know Kaytie
from last year‟s school production “Take That or Leave It!”. The group is now in its second year following the
amazing success of last June‟s spectacular production of “Car Wash”. Meetings are held every Wednesday
at Sedgeberrow Village Hall from 5.00pm - 6.30pm during term time. “The Edge” are looking for young
people between the ages of 6 and 15 who enjoy singing, dancing and acting. They should also be confident
and enthusiastic about performing on stage. If you are interested in going along to the auditions please
contact Kaytie Spice on (01386) 881391 or email
Contact Details
As you will appreciate it is vital that we are able to contact parents/carers for all pupils at any time and we
would ask that we be advised of any amendments to addresses, phone numbers or contacts promptly.
Year 7 - Djembe Drum Workshop
On Thursday 24th September each Year 7 form will be taking part in a djembe drum workshop in the music
room with Rod Smith to them in their study of African music this term.

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