Rubric Template - DOC by gigi12


									       Endangered Species Project Rubric
   To evaluate the Endangered/Threatened species project - See ‘Criteria Page’ for
            requirements for the Endangered/Threatened species project.

                   Beginning         Developing Accomplished              Exemplary        Score

                   (10 points for    (15 Points for      (20 Points for   (25 points for
                       each)             each)               each)            each)

   Required                            Includes
                   Includes few                         Includes most     Includes all
   elements                          some of the
                     required                           of the required     required
                     elements                              elements        elements

Appropriateness   Contains     Contains
                                           Contains few   Contains no
  of Content    many obvious some obvious
                                          obvious errors obvious errors
                  errors in    errors in
                                            in content     in content
                  content      content

                  Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates Demonstrates
     Oral              little       some          much       exceptional
 Presentation     understanding understanding understanding understanding
                   of research   of research   of research   of research
                   information   information   information   information

                                                                   Visual aid is
                   Visual aid is   Visual aid is    Visual aid is
                                                                     very well
                      of poor       somewhat      fairly well done
   Visual Aid                                                        done and
                   quality and well done but and includes
                                                                    includes a
                  includes little includes little       some
                                                                   great deal of
                   information     information      information
                    about the       about the        about the
                                                                    about the
                     species         species           species

                          Written by Stella Neri. Last updated 3/24/02.

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