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Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club

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									                                  Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club

                                         Show points explanation

Points are awarded when your cat attains a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the Open class of a Championship
Show. The cats with the most points in different categories (e.g Seal Point Male Kitten or Blue
Point Female Neuter) are awarded a cup at the AGM following the end of the club show season (1st
January – 31st December). Cups awarded are held for a period of one year, when they will be

Points are awarded as follows:

Class                 Best Of         1st & award   1st, no award   2nd    3rd           4th

UK Grand
(Supreme)                +6               12             7          6       5             4
(Supreme)                +6               8              6          5       4             3
Pre Ch/Pr
(Supreme)                +6               5              4          3       2             1
Adult/Neuter             +1               5              4          3       2             1
Grand/                                Grand 8
Reserve              See below        Reserve 6          4          3
Imperial/                             Imperial 10
Reserve                                Reserve 8
Kitten (inc
Supreme)                 +1                              4          3       2             1
Show                                                     8          6       4             2
Exemption                +1                              4          3       2             1

If an exhibit is only entered in the Grand Class, it automatically becomes eligible for Best of
Breed, and if successful, receives an extra 6 points.

Only at the Supreme Show are 6 extra points awarded for Adult and Neuter Best of Breed.

Best in Show winners at Championship Shows will be awarded one extra point and a further
point if judged to be Best Exhibit in Show.

Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club Show - Double Points are awarded for
placings in all Open Classes (see above). Best in Show winners will be awarded
4 points & Overall Best In Show will be awarded an additional 4 points.
Show Points Explanation – July 2005

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