Create Your Own Sumerian City-State - DOC by Levone


									                         Create Your Own Sumerian City-State

         Well, hello! This is your Mesopotamia City Designing Supervisor. I have invited you all
here to do one thing and that is to DESIGN A SUMERIAN CITY-STATE.( a city and the
countryside around it) You know, it is 3,500 B.C. and I think it is about time we all find a
location to settle down and build ourselves a little community. I am tired of hunting and
gathering and living a nomadic life style. There has to be a more efficient and prosperous way
to live our lives. One thing though, I need your help!

       Your plan must include a very detailed description with visuals of the following:
geography, occupations, farming, and government. Your report should be realistic as
you are creating your own city… be creative but “real.”

This project is worth 50 points: 25 for group work and 25 for your individual report.


         Your group consists of four designers. Each of you will have a different role (see below).
I will be expecting to see all of the following questions answered in GREAT DETAIL in your city
plans. Each person should have at least 2, 7-10 sentence paragraphs (typed or written in ink.)
In addition, I will be expecting a poster to go along with your design description so I can fully
comprehend your vision for the future!!

Group Roles and Guided Questions:

         GEOGRAPHICAL/Religious Expert-                  What is the environment like? What
         part of Mesopotamia will your city-state be located? What will the weather/climate be
         like? Can plants and animals survive there? What water sources surround you? Why
         have you chosen this area over another? Where is your ziggurat located? What gods
         are worshiped?

        JOB SPECIALIST-              What occupations will your city-state offer? Will there be a
         wide variety of occupations? Now that we will not be nomads, what other career choices
         might we have? Describe your division of labor and social hierarchy. Will women and
         men have the same choices? Does location of your city-state affect what jobs would be
         available? What are some of the inventions or products your city state uses? Why?

        FARMER-            What is the agriculture like? Is there plenty of food? Do you have
         an extra amount (surplus) of anything? How could that be beneficial to you as a city?
         Where do you get your food? Do you hunt, gather, and produce? Do you have plenty of
         water? Where do you get your water? What are all of the things you need water for?
         Does the geography and location affect you as a farmer in any way? How and why?

        GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL-                  What is the social class system like? Who will rule
         the city-state? How will you protect your city-state from invaders? What are 10 of your
         laws and punishments? Develop a money/currency system.
     Gathering information:

     1. Now that you know the task, your role, and how I will be evaluating you, you are ready to
     research. Use your book, the internet and library books to help you (use a minimum of three

     2. Before you all go much further, decide on a city name.

     3. Be sure to take notes as you do your research, write down the source so you can go back to

     4. Your must turn in a written report (or 4 individual reports) as well as one group poster!

     5. Your poster should include a map of your city with major landmarks (rivers, religious
     monuments, farms etc. located) Your map should also include the name of the city, a key and
     any other key information about your city.

                        Exemplary              Accomplished                 Developing                  Beginning            Score

                                                You did a good job       It appears as if you still    You are at the very
                         Your information
                                            gathering your information   have some information          beginning level of
                         and evidence was
  Data Gathering                               and evidence from a        and evidence to gather          gathering and
                          gathered from a
        &                                       variety of relevant        and analyze. You are        analyzing inform at
                        variety of relevant
     Analysis                                     resources. You              on your way to          on. Your completed
                       resources. You went
                                             accomplished what you       applying it to complete         project is really
                        above and beyond
    10 points                                  needed to in order to      your task, but it needs     lacking inform at on
                         what was needed.
                                               complete your task!             more work!                 and evidence!

                          Your City Plans                               You completed and
                                             Your city plans were very                          You attempted to
                        blew me out of the                             organized a fairly nice
                                               well done. They were                            organize a part of a
   Organization        water! They were so                                set of city plans,
                                              nicely put together and                             city plan, but
       &                 solid and easy to                              however, everything
                                             well thought out in most                           numerous aspects
    Sequence             follow! Fantastic                             did not flow perfectly
                                            areas. All you needed were                         were missing and/or
                         organization and                              and some was hard to
                                              a few finishing touches!                         hard to understand.
                       sequencing of ideas!                                 understand.
     5 points

      Quality                                 . The majority of spelling Grammar and spelling Spelling and grammar
                           Spelling and
         &                                   and grammar were correct.        need some            needs a lot of
                         grammar looked
 Grammar/Spelling                             You are on your way, but improvement. Be more improvement. Did not
                        superb! You are a                                                      follow directions, not
                                             need to work out just a few   careful and more
                         technical expert!                                                    typed or written in ink,
                                                       kinks!!                 creative!!
     10 points
                            Exemplary                 Accomplished             Developing           Beginning           Score

                                   5                            4                      3                   2
                                                                              It appears as if you
                                                                                                     You are at the
                                                        You did a good job       still have some
                                                                                                     very beginning
  Data Gathering                                           gathering your       information and
                          Your information and                                                     level of gathering
        &                                                 information and     evidence to gather
                      evidence was gathered from a                                                   and analyzing
     Analysis                                        evidence from a variety and analyze. You
                      variety of relevant resources.                                                  inform at on.
                                                       of relevant resources. are on your way to
                       You went above and beyond                                                    Your completed
                                                     You accomplished what        applying it to
                            what was needed.                                                        project is really
                                                      you needed to in order complete your task,
                                                                                                   lacking inform at
                                                      to complete your task!   but it needs more
                                                                                                   on and evidence!

                     You are an awesome group of You have great potential Your group skills You did not work
   Collaboration     city planners and you should for being an awesome are developing, but   very well as a
                        stick together for more   group of city planners. need more work. group. Your city
                           creative projects.                                                does not blend

  Use of class
                                                                                                       5 or more
     time.                                          1 or 2 warnings to be on 3-4 warnings to be
                     No warnings to be on task.                                                     reminders to be
                                                              task.              on task.
                                                                                                        on task.

                                                                              You completed and
                                                   Your city plans were                           You attempted to
                                                                               organized a fairly
                      Your City Plans blew me out very well done. They                            organize a part of
   Organization                                                                 nice set of city
                       of the water! They were so were nicely put together                         a city plan, but
       &                                                                        plans, however,
                        solid and easy to follow! and well thought out in                         numerous aspects
    Sequence                                                                  everything did not
                       Fantastic organization and   most areas. All you                             were missing
                                                                              flow perfectly and
                           sequencing of ideas!     needed were a few                               and/or hard to
                                                                               some was hard to
                                                    finishing touches!                               understand.
                                                                             There were a few
                                                                                  appealing       There were very
Aesthetics/Technical                                 Appealing graphic/text     graphic/text       little attempts at
                         Appealing graphic/text     elements were included.       elements.          adding a few
      Quality                                                                                           appealing
         &               elements were included        Differences in type   Differences in type
                      appropriately. Differences in   size/color were used.   size/color were         graphic/text
 Grammar/Spelling                                                                                       elements.
                     type size/color were used very The majority of spelling     somewhat        Differences in type
                       well. Spelling and grammar      and grammar were          attempted.         size/color were
                        looked superb! You are a    correct. You are on your   Grammar and        barely attempted.
                             technical expert!       way, but need to work spelling need some         Spelling and
                                                      out just a few kinks!! improvement. Be grammar needs a lot
                                                                              more careful and    of improvement.
                                                                              more creative!!

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