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					Hope For Summer Tourists Whose Fear of Flying Keeps Them Grounded
Local Hypnotist Offers Relief In As Little As 15 Minutes

Richard Cole, a Belleville hypnotist, uses the latest tools in hypnosis and other
behaviour change techniques to help people in his community get off the ground and
travel to their dream destinations like Italy and Hawaii. And he can do it in as little as 15

“I‟m always excited to help people reduce their fear of flying, because I know this can
open such wonderful doors and opportunities in their life, doors that may have been
holding them back.” says Cole, a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of
Hypnotists, the world‟s largest and most accredited body on the subject. “When I see
the tears of joy my clients have when they realize this heavy burden has been lifted,
whether it‟s a fear of flying, or a fear of snakes, or spiders, or even driving, I realize I‟m
changing lives, and that‟s a powerful feeling.”

Although a typical session for relief from fears involves only one 90 minute consultation
with Richard, he has helped clients in as little as 15 minutes. “We usually cover a lot of
ground in one session, from the first time the person experienced the fear, to what they
will do when that fear is eliminated, but in one instance, the fear was eliminated VERY
rapidly.” remembers Cole about working with a client wishing to see family in Italy. “At
first, she was so anxious about even the thought of an airplane, she couldn‟t sit still, but
once she was thinking about her old family home in Italy, her body was calm and
relaxed, and she was ready to go, to fly out that day. It really was that quick!” I told her
she could thank me by sending a postcard from Italy, that read „Thank You Thank You
Thank You!‟ in Italian.“

That‟s not the only postcard Richard has received. His collection also includes one from
Hawaii. “My previous flight was a flight from Hell” says Minnie Verburg, a former client.
“After I saw Richard, he changed my way of thinking and looking at flying. I had a great
flight and it only took one session.”


About Richard Cole

Richard is a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists and operates an
office in Belleville Ontario where he assists clients quit smoking, lose weight, reduce
stress, improve memory, and eliminate fears. He works with individuals and corporate
groups. Richard also performs a family friendly comedy hypnosis show throughout

For More Information:

Richard Cole:613-966-2442 or

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