CITY OF MEMPHIS JOB OPPORTUNTY

                Job Title      Traffic Crash Investigator
     Organization Name         Police/Traffic
 Department Description
                               Annual Salary: $35,360.00

                                  Bi-weekly:      $1,360.00
Brief Posting Description
                               MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High School
                               graduate or equivalent. Must be at least twenty-one
                               (21) years of age at time of application. Must possess
                               a valid driver’s license. Must complete tests as
                               deemed appropriate by Human Resources to evaluate
                               job-related skills.     College education preferred.
                               Experience in a law enforcement-related field
                               preferred.      (PROOF OF DRIVER’S LICENSE
    Detailed Description
                               ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: Works under
                               the general supervision of an assigned supervisor to
                               investigate minor traffic crashes, provide assistance to
                               Police Officers in investigating major traffic crashes or
                               critical incidents, direct and control traffic as assigned,
                               and issue non-moving municipal traffic citations.
                               Investigates minor traffic crashes including assessing
                               the extent of personal injuries and notifying emergency
                               medical services when necessary, analyzing factors in
                               cause and effect of crash, receiving and analyzing
                               verbal information, determining appropriate charges,
                               issuing crash related moving municipal traffic citations
                               as it relates to the traffic crash, and conducting follow
                               up investigations as needed. Observes vehicles’
                               physical condition; confirms the motor vehicle license
                               status in both crash and non-crash cases; and
                               determines applicability of various related traffic laws.
                               Testifies in court as needed. Directs and controls
                               traffic through effectively communicating directions to
                               motorists including analyzing impediments to safe
                               traffic flow and determining most efficient, safe traffic
                               flow patterns. Performs miscellaneous administrative
                               support tasks including organizing data, compiling
                               reports, and distributing information between
                               geographic points as needed. Reports and processes
                               documentation regarding abandoned vehicles and
                               provides assistance in the location, identification, and
                               recovery of stolen vehicles. Conducts training in
                     traffic crash investigation as assigned.          Reports
                     suspicious/criminal behavior observed.           Provides
                     general assistance to the public as appropriate.

                     OTHER FUNCTIONS:
                     1. Performs additional functions (essential or
                     otherwise) which may be assigned.
Job Requirements
                     TYPICAL PHYSICAL DEMANDS:                       Must be
                     able to communicate clearly both verbally and in
                     writing with the general public. Must be able to
                     visually inspect traffic crash scenes, prepare necessary
                     documentation, and give traffic signals. Requires
                     continual operation of an automobile to travel to traffic
                     crash scenes across the City.

                     TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Work
                     is performed primarily outdoors across the City
                     exposed to all types of weather and potential traffic
Additional Details

   How To Apply
                     Applications will be accepted from 8:00
                     a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday in
                     the Employment Office, Rm 1B-33, City
                     Hall, 125 N Main or visit our satellite
                     office at 4225 Riverdale from 8:30 a.m.
                     – 5:00 p.m. or apply on-line at

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