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					                                                         The Manchester College

                                                                  Job Description

Job title:                                  Key Stage 3,4 teacher of Design and Technology
Reference:                                  XSX55-09
Report to:                                  Education Manager
Main Contacts:                              Trainees, Rebound staff, other teachers, support staff, external

Main purpose of the job:
To assist in the organisation and delivery of Design and Technology programmes leading to
Nationally accredited awards with trainees aged between 12 and 18. To undertake appropriate
administration responsibilities in relation to trainees progress.

Main tasks:

1.            To help develop and deliver high quality learning programmes in Design and

2.            To keep appropriate administrative records and ensure the provision of accurate and
              timely information in relation to the department’s agreed procedures.

3.            To be responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of standards to a
              professional level.

4.            To actively contribute to curriculum change and development, in order to maximise
              funding opportunities and meet the needs of trainees.

5.            To take day-to-day responsibility for Design and Technology assessing, and advising
              trainees of academic progress as follows:

              teacher responsibilities will include:
                           assisting trainees in developing individual action plans;
                           enabling trainees to keep records of achievement;
                           assessing trainees’ work;
                           advising trainees of their academic progress;
                           keeping appropriate up-to-date records;
                           identifying trainees’ learning support needs and helping to meet them.
                           implementing internal and external assessment and verification
                           attending team meetings and following up action points;
                           co-ordinating the management of resources and making
                            recommendations for purchases;
                           ensuring the production of schemes of work and programme
                            documentation to the required standard.

6.            To promote all aspects of equal opportunities, ensure its delivery throughout the
              curriculum and carry out all duties related to the post with full regard to the College’s
              Equal Opportunities Policy.

7.            To attend course and College meetings and staff development events when required.

8.            To work in accordance with all College policies including the Health and Safety Policy
              and Smoking Policy.

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9.            Additional duties may be negotiated in accordance with the current job description in
              line with the Corporation’s needs and development.

10.           This job description is subject to annual review in accordance with the changing
              nature of student and institutional need.

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                                                         The Manchester College
                                                           Person Specification

Job title:                                  Key Stage 3,4 teacher of Design and Technology.
Panel:                                      Tom Durnin; Fiona Williams; Val Thomas
Ref No:                                     XSX55-09
Date prepared:                              November 2009

Minimum essential requirements                                                                  Method of assessment

1.      Able to deliver the Design and Technology curriculum to a variety of                    Application/interview
2.      Knowledge of curriculum development and developments at appropriate                     Application/interview
        levels in Design and Technology.
3.      Ability to develop materials appropriate for and to match learners needs in             Application/interview
        the delivery of Design and Technology
4.      Ability to work as a member of a team.                                                  Application/interview
5.      Ability to recognise and respond effectivley to the specific needs of ethnic            Application/interview
        minority students.
6.      Ability to monitor and record trainees progress through continuous                      Application/interview
7.      Ability to actively promote equal opportunities at work.                                Application/interview
8.      Ability to monitor and evaluate curriculum delivery.                                    Application/interview
9.      To teach Design and Technology at appropriate levels.                                   Application/interview
1.       Hold a level 4 qualification and teaching qualification e.g. degree and                Application/interview
         PGCE , B Ed, Cert Ed.
2.       To have Qualified Teacher Status.                                                      Application/interview
3.       Recent experience of delivering the Design and Technology curriculum at                Application/interview
        a variety of levels.
4.      Experience of writing differentiated learner centred materials.                         Application/interview

Work related circumstances
1.     Willingness to work across sites.                                                        Interview
2.     Willingness to participate in staff development activities including                     Interview
3.     Willingness to attend a wide range of meetings.                                          Interview
4.     Willingness to implement health and safety policy including the smoking                  Interview
5.     Willingness to implement the equal opportunieis policy.                                  Interview

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