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    The Systems Practice and Managing Complexity                            support works in a silo and fails to communicate others. Suggestions
                                                                            have been made that “the data protection act” is often used as a cover
                      Network                                               to prevent an exchange of information between the different arms of
                                  and                                       what makes up the services as a whole.
     The Complexity and Change Network1 at CEIS,                            Social Care
                                                                            'Social care' covers a wide range of public and private sector services
               Northumbria University                                       – from help with getting out of bed and washing to residential homes
                       Would like to invite you to                          and drop-in centres. It also includes care in your own home, meals and
               A workshop for Managers, Practitioners                       day services as well as support for carers.
                     and all those concerned in                             People who use social care include those with: a sensory impairment; a
                                                                            physical or learning disability; a terminal illness; a mental illness;
          Handling Complexity in Large Organisations                        problems associated with ageing; alcohol dependency and drug
                 The Case of Social Services                                dependency.
                                                                            The number of over 65s currently stands at almost 10 million, of which
          Northumbria University, Ellison Building D112,
                                                                            just over one and a quarter million are over 85. But Government
               9th July 2008, 10:00 am – 16:30 pm                           figures predict the number of over 85s will double in the next 20
        16:30 – 18:00 wine and light refreshments, informal                 years and treble in the next 40 to just under four million.
                           conversations                                    The health think tank, the Kings Fund, commissioned Sir Derek
The workshop will use a case study related to the NHS, Social               Wanless to lead a review looking at social care. Published in 2006
Services and Social Care in particular. However, the discussion             'Securing Good Care for Older People: Taking a long-term view'
tools are applicable to any situation that raises complex issues.           concluded that sharp increases in funding were needed to meet the
                                                                            demand for high-quality care. The review found very serious
Like the NHS Social Services occupies a special place in the British        shortcomings in social care provision and funding. This prompts
psyche. It is seen as the means whereby vulnerable citizens are cared       questions:
for. The concept is one of which we are justly proud. But as the UK         Is there determination and the ability to pursue every avenue is it
becomes more cost conscious and where the “bottom line” plays and           possible that every deserving case receives the help to which they are
increasing role in our lives, how far does Social Services fulfil what      entitled?
most citizens expect?                                                       Are the most vulnerable members of our society able to represent
There are anecdotal accounts which suggest that finding out what an         themselves?
individual is entitled to and then applying for it is sometimes traumatic   Despite the performance indicators which suggest improving services,
and intimidating. Moreover, there is evidence that each area of             are these appropriate and do they really represent a true reflection
                                                                            of the service provided?
    sponsored by HEIF3
                                                                                             Geoff Watson is health information analyst, North East public health observatory and
Programme of the Day                                                                         member of the organising committee of the SPMC team North East. His interests are in
                                                                                             learning and success factors in IS development.
10am-10:15         Registration and Coffee
10:15              Welcome and “domestics” – Petia Sice                                      Peter Bednar is a Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at the School of Computing at
10:25              Frank Stowell-Welcome to SPMC and an overview of                          the University of Portsmouth, England. He is also affiliated with the Department of
                   the day. A brief discussion on managing organisational                    Informatics at Lund University, Sweden. His research interests are in Information Systems,
                                                                                             Systems Analysis, and Contextual Inquiry.
10:40              Complexity in Large Organisations                                         Carol Bennett, administrator UK Systems Society North and the Complexity and Change
11:10              Prof Frank Stowell: An overview of the Appreciative                       Network North
                    Inquiry Method
                                                                                             Petia Sice, PhD, is convenor of the Northern Regional Centre of the UK Systems Society,
                                                                                             and a lecturer in Systems and Information Systems in the School of Computing,
12:00               Lunch
                                                                                             Engineering and Information Sciences at Northumbria University.
12:45               Case study (reading time)
13:00               Workshop group activities using a simple systems tool                    Spaces are limited to 30 only, if you would like to attend please register with
                    “AIM” as a means of focusing upon aspects of
                    complexity. Groups of 5/6 in separate breakout rooms.                    Carol Bennett
14:30               Plenary and feedback of ideas.                                           Carol.
15:00               Tea                                                                      School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences
                                                                                             Ellison Building, D006
15:15               Reflections from Practitioners
                                                                                             Tel: 0191 227 3603, Email:
16:00               Discussion: Future Work                                                  For more information please contact Dr Petia Sice at the UK Systems Society Northern
16:30               Wine and biscuits, coffee.                                               region:

                                   Workshop team                                             The workshop is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) accredited. If you are
Frank Stowell is Professor of Systems and Information Systems at University of               interested to attend this workshop or any other workshops as part of your professional
Portsmouth, immediate past President of the UKSS, past President of the UKAIS and co         development and are seeking to obtain University credits please contact: Dr Petia Sice, tel:
chair of SPMC, Chair of the Council of Information Systems Professors (CISP)                 0191 243 7632;, work-based continuous professional development,
                                                                                             CEIS, Northumbria University, Convenor of UK Systems Society North East Regional
Alison Stowell is a doctoral researcher at the University of Lancaster where she is          Centre.
researching the environmental impact of electrical and electronic waste. Prior to going to   cost of the workshop is £25 (£15 for members of the UK Systems Society).
Lancaster she worked for IBM. She is a member of the UK Systems Society and has              Please make Looking forward to meeting you!
presented at the UKSS conference at St Anne’s College Oxford.

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