Creating an Event template in Event 3

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					Creating an Event template in Artifax Event 3.0 and 3.1
Go through the process of creating a new arrangement.

Make sure to use “.Template” as the customer name and create an
arrangement type of Event Template. The description can be called template.

(If .Template is not in the database as a customer then create the customer
.Template before creating your template.)

Next we will create an event in the normal way making sure that when we
supply the date that we use the year 1900. Artifax Event will recognise this
date as a date used for creating Event Templates.
The activity will be the name of the template. For example you may want to
create an event template to cater for Weddings or Dance Classes in which
case you would call the activity wedding or dance class. In our example we
have called the Activity “Template Test”.

Add any resources, room prices, checklist or note information that the event in
your template may need.

(Note: the template can contain several events but they must be in the year
1900 this date and the times can be changed to a real date and real times
once you start to use the template.)

Next save and close the arrangement.

The next time you create an event your new template will be available to you.
(Note: Using the year 1901 will tell Artifax Event that you are creating an
arrangement template. The arrangement template can be created in the same
way as the event template except for the year.)