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									UbD Template Guide
Title Topics Start Date Other Designers Summary Timeframe Print Materials Needed Resources Resource Attachments Internet Links Standards A catchy title for your unit Subject areas included Month the unit will be taught Other people who helped design the unit 1-2 sentence summary of the unit Number of class periods the unit will cover Textbooks and other print materials needed for the unit. Textbooks should be used as a resource, not a unit syllabus Other resources needed for the unit (i.e. videos, equipment) If you have created a web page for this unit, put the address here Other Internet resources for this unit

Stage 1
Standards that you are actually targeting and assessing, not those you are just “touching.” Are these standards KS, local, or national? Number of the standard(s) Content area of the standard Enter the standard(s) & benchmark(s) the unit covers What do you want your students to remember about the unit in 3 years? It should be a complete sentence (try completing “The student will understand that . . . .” but do not include the “student will understand that” statement. There are two kinds of Understandings – Overarching & Unit. Overarching questions tend not to name a specific curriculum area. What questions will help students uncover your understandings? Questions should be broad. Students should not be able to answer with “Yes/No” or a list. Questions starting with “Why” or “How” tend to work well. Questions with “What” tend to not work well. Students will know: Students will be able to:

Number Area Standards text Understandings

Essential Questions

Knowledge Skills

Stage 2: Performance Task
Assessment Summary Topics Student Directions A one or two sentence summary of the performance task Topics the assessment will cover Directions that you would give to students. These need to be specific enough that students could do the task. Include the major evaluation criteria (i.e. accurate) within the text. Performance tasks are often much more powerful if evaluated by


Other Evidence

“outsiders” Validity Questions: 1. Could the task be performed poorly in spite of understanding? 2. Could the student complete the task without showing understanding? Rubric to evaluate performance task. It works best if you do this in a Word table. Great Resource - http://rubistar.4teachers.org/ Tests, quizzes, and other assessments. All of the standards you listed in the overview should be evaluated either with the Performance Task or with Other Evidence

Stage 3 Learning Activities
Activities in this section should be numbered and listed in chronological order. It should be specific enough that another teacher could use the unit. If you have web links to specific activities or student pages, put the URL with the activity. WHERE Build in opportunities to Rethink  Shift perspective  Argue/debate  Do research  Look at alternatives  Play Devil’s advocate  Use the 6 Facets
Hook the student

An attention getter to involve the students in the unit

Where is the unit going?

Expectations of what students should learn from this unit, how you will find out what they currently know and presenting the Essential Questions, performance task and evaluation rubric Teaching List teaching activities and assessments in the order they will be activities, used. These should be specific enough for someone else to use Assessments and the unit. After each activity, include student opportunities to Rethinking evaluate what they know about the essential questions.

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