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									                      UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS
                                     COMPANY C
                                 THE BASIC SCHOOL
                                 TRAINING COMMAND
                               24164 BELLEAU AVENUE
                            QUANTICO, VIRGINIA 22134-5019
                                                                DD Mon YYYY
From:**Second Lieutenant*I.*M.*Marine*SSN/MOS*USMC
To:****Commanding Officer, The Basic School
Via:***(1)*Staff Platoon Commander, X Platoon
       (2)*Executive Officer, Company C
Ref:***(a)*Communication or document that directly relates to the subject
Encl:**(1)*Enclosed Document
1.**The purpose of this letter is to provide a sample Naval Letter template
that can be used by any student at The Basic School.
2.**The letter is typed up in Courier New, Font Size 10.
   a. Top
       i.   ½” from top of page to top of letter head (page 1 only)
      ii.   1 and ½” from top of page to subject line (all pages except page
   b. Sides -- 1”
   c. Bottom -- No less than 1”
4.**When writing your SSN on documents, ONLY include your last four digits.
5.**The letterhead contains all caps. If you are in a company other than
Mike, you will need to change the company letter to your current command.
6.**Below the letterhead and on the right hand side of the letter are the
SSIC code (1000), admin code (C474-1M), and today’s date in DD Mon YY format.
7.**The SSIC code will change depending on the purpose of the letter. Letters
regarding general military matters have a SSIC code of 1000.
8.**The last letter of the admin code C474-1M will change depending on your
company. If you are in Charlie Company then your admin code will be C474-1C.
9.**Abbreviate States properly (i.e. TX, AZ, VA) or write them out in full
(i.e. Texas, Arizona, Virginia).
10.*Don’t use informal language (i.e. “I played sports in high school—that’s
about it”). This is an official document and is meant to improve your
professional writing skills, so write like a professional.
11.*Dates should always be written as follows (except in the header): 09
March 2006
12.*Place Subj: Subject line on top of each additional page.
13.*The page numbers will (by default) come in Times New Roman. Make sure you
switch them to Courier New (starting on Page 2) with the correct size.

14.*Refer to page 49 in the Correspondence Manual for an example of Naval
Letter Format
15.*Name at the bottom of the document should start at the center of the
page. First and middle initial plus last name typed out in all caps (i.e. I.
M. MARINE). Sign above name using payroll signature. There has to be 4 spaces
between the last line of the document and your name.
                                      I.*M.*MARINE (all caps)
                                      |Center of page, lined up with S on
                                      United StateS Marine Corps in header


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