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					                             Shelby High School
                          Scholarship Opportunities
      Provider           Deadline                                   Description
                                      The Albert Lee Wright, Jr. Memorial Scholarship honors a migrant
                                      farmworker student – preferably interested in pursuing a career in
                                      journalism, the teaching g of journalism, or in political science. NASDME
Albert Lee Wright, Jr.                intends this scholarship to go to a mobile student or students who have
Memorial Migrant         03/16/2009   attended more than one school in a year and/or who have traveled on
Scholarship                           their own or with a parent or guardian in pursuit of qualifying agricultural
                                      or agricultural-related work in the summer or regular school term.
                                      Students who haze not moved will not be considered for this scholarship.
                                      See Mrs. Michael for an application.
                                      The American Chemical Society (ACS) Scholars Program is now
                                      accepting applications for the 2009-2010 academic year. This program is
                                      targeted at minority groups considered to be under-represented in the
                                      sciences- African American, American Indian and Hispanic or Latino
                                      students. Award amounts are based on financial need and can be up to
                                      $2500 per academic year for college freshmen, up to $3000 per year for
                                      college sophomores, and up to $5000 per year for college juniors and
The American Chemical                 seniors. This scholarship is also available to students in two-year
Society (ACS) Scholars 03/01/2009     chemical technology programs. Graduating high school seniors, college
Program                               freshmen, sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. The number and
                                      amount of awards are subject to available funding. Students in pre-med,
                                      pharmacy, nursing, dentistry, and veterinary medicine programs are not
                                      eligible for this scholarship. For more information or to apply online, go to
                                      scholars.html. American Chemical Society 1155 16th Street, NW,
                                      Washington, DC 20036 Phone 202-872-6250 Toll-free 1-800-227-5558
                                      Daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters or step-of the
                                      aforementioned of any honorably discharged or deceased men/women
                                      veterans of Congress recognized wars, hostilities, or conflicts. Applicant
American Legion
                         03/15/2009   must be in her senior year of high school, or freshman/sophomore year
Auxiliary, Dept. of MI
                                      of college, but not over 21 years of age. The $500 grant is for one year,
                                      but winners may reapply for one additional year. Applications can be
                                      downloaded at
                                      The AXA Achievement Scholarship awards $10,000 to students who set
                                      and reach ambitious goals, demonstrate drive, determination and ability
AXA Foundation           12/15/2008   to succeed in college and who have respect for self, family and
                                      community. To learn more and download your application, go to
                                      The Best Buy Scholarship Program rewards students for their volunteer
                                      efforts and work experience in addition to academic achievements.
Best Buy Scholarship     2009         Applications are available online at
                                      Applications for the next round of scholarships will be available in
                                      January 2009.
                                      The Gates Millennium Scholars Program awards renewable funding for 5
                                      years of undergraduate (& some graduate) programs to students who
                                      demonstrate significant financial need and are African-American,
Bill and Melinda Gates
                         01/12/2009   American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, or
                                      Hispanic American. A GPA of 3.3/4.0 is necessary. It is strongly
                                      recommended that scholarship applications be submitted online at
                                        Every year, the BURGER KING® Scholars Program helps graduating
                                        high school seniors build brighter futures. The awards ($1,000 each) are
                                        sponsored annually by the fundraising efforts of Burger King Corporation,
Burger King                             BURGER KING® franchisees, and our restaurant guests in the United
Scholarship $1000                       States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Awards must be used for educational
                                        expenses, such as tuition or required fees and books, and must be used
                                        during the first year of college or post-secondary vocational/technical
                                        school. Applications are available online at
                                        Students who intend to go to CMU as freshmen and are high academic
                                        achievers (3.5 GPA or better) need to participate in the Centralis
                                        Scholarship Competition. This half-day program includes an hour to write
Central MI University      11/01/2008   an essay as part of the competition. You must reserve your space at the
                                        competition by October 25, 2008. Applications for admission to CMU
                                        must be completed by December 8th for consideration of monetary
                                        The Leader Advancement Scholarship is open to seniors with a minimum
                                        GPA of 3.0, admitted to CMU, and who distinguish themselves through
Central MI University      01/30/2009
                                        their records of leadership and service. Worth $8,000/ $2.000 per year.
                                        Online application can be found at
                                        Scholars are selected based upon academic achievement, capacity to
                                        lead, and hours of dedicated community service. 250 awards of amounts
Coca-Cola Scholars
                           10/31/2008   of $10,000 and $20,000 will be made. Access the on-line application at
                               and click on: Coca-Cola Four Year Award
                                        for Seniors.
                                        **Hagar-Lacey Scholarship
                                        **Ruth & Frans Feuerstein Scholarship
                                        **Helen Hutt Scholarship
Community Foundation
                                        **Bert Stevens Scholarship
for Oceana County          03/01/2009
                                        **Robert & Joyce Veltman Scholarship
                                        **Hart Lions Scholarship
                                        **Shelby Area Chamber of Commerce
                                        Apply online at
Current Surfaces Track
                           April 2009   TBA
Athlete Scholarship
                                        The Natural Talent Scholarship Styling Contest is open to any senior who
Douglas J. Aveda                        believes he or she is a natural at styling hair and applying makeup. Five
Institute                               scholarships will be awarded, with the top prize being a full scholarship to
                                        a Douglas J. Aveda Institute. Go to for more details.
                                        The EMU Alumni Association Scholarship is available to children or
                                        grandchildren of EMU alumni enrolling for the fall 2009 semester. This
Eastern Michigan                        $1,250-scholarship is renewable for 4 consecutive years ($5,000) as long
University                              as the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and is enrolled full-
                                        time. Minimal volunteerism is a requirement. More info. Is available
                                        online at
                                        Family Financial Credit Union is offering an educational scholarship. One
                                        scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $500.00 to an accredited
                                        college/university in Michigan. Applicants must meet ALL of the following
Family Financial Credit                 criteria: be an active member of FFCU and have a savings account
Union                                   where the student is the primary account holder, must be a graduating
                                        high school senior within our field of membership, must be accepted to a
                                        Michigan college/university, must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
                                        Applications and rules are available in the guidance office.
Ferry Elementary
                           May 2009     TBA
School Scholarship
                                        The Gerber Foundation Merit Scholarship, worth $2,000, is available to
                                        students for their freshman year of a vocational/technical program,
The Gerber Foundation      02/28/2009   associate program or a university program. GPA must not be higher than
                                        3.7. Students apply on-line or download a paper application at
  Last updated 2/23/2010
GRCC Foundation
                           March 2009   Applications available at
                                        Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000-students must be of Hispanic
                                        heritage, a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, a min. cumulative
Hispanic Scholarship                    GPA of 3.0, full-time enrollment in 2 or 4 year program during the 2009-
Fund                                    2010 academic year, and must apply for federal financial aid by
                                        completing the FAFSA. Students and parents need to check out the
                                        other HSF scholarships available by going to
Hope College Awards        Feb. 2009    Applications available at
Jostens – CollegSTEPS
Program & Scholarship                   Applications available at
Sweepstakes $1000
                                        The 2008 KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program is offering $20,000 award
                                        ($5,000 per yr.) to a graduating senior who has maintained a 2.75 or
KFC the Colonel’s                       higher GPA, is enrolled in a public, in-state college or university, is a U.S.
Scholars Program                        citizen, and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Go to
                                        to     complete     the     on-line     application     and     for      more
Mary Genevieve
Russell W.H.O.             March 2009   TBA
                                        The McKelvey Foundation Entrepreneurial Scholarship awards to
                                        $10,000 per academic year for 4 years to any Us college. To qualify, a
                                        student must graduate in the spring of 2009, attend a 4-year college, own
                                        and operate a genuine business (nonprofits are eligible) for at least one
McKelvey Foundation        01/25/2009
                                        year, have at least one paid employee, and complete the online
                                        application at and click on the
                                        Entrepreneurial scholarship section. Awards are based solely on
                                        demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit.
                                        The MEA Scholarship awards money to only public high school students
                                        who will attend a public state institution of higher learning or a few private
                                        institutions listed on the application. Criteria of selection include
Michigan Education
                           02/18/2009   academic achievement, school/community service, extracurricular
                                        activities, and first consideration given to children of MEA members and
                                        students from lower income households. You may can download the
                                        application at
Michigan Competitive
                                        This $500.00 scholarship can be used at any MI 2-yr or 4-yr. college by
Michigan Oil & Gas
                                        students who have a min. GPA of 3.0, can demonstrate financial need,
Producers Education        04/01/2009
                                        and will be pursuing a degree in an energy-related field of study.
                                        Applications are available online at
Michigan Promise
                           MME test
                                        The MSPE Scholarship is valued up to $3,000 annually. Interested
Michigan Society of                     students must have a min. GPA of 3.0 and a min. of 26 composite on the
Professional Engineers                  ACT. Extracurricular activities will be a consideration as well.
                                        Applications are available online at
Michigan State Troops
                           March 2009   TBA
Assistance Fund $1000
                                        The College of Education Alumni Assoc. of MSU is offering $1,000
Michigan State                          awards to incoming MSU freshmen who is admitted and intends to
University                              pursue a career in K-12 education. Apply online at
                                        Questions? Call 517355-1787.
Monsanto Commitment
                           02/17/2009   Application available at
to Agriculture
  Last updated 2/23/2010
Scholarship Program
Muskegon Community
                           April 2009     Applications available at MCC Admissions Office 777-0230
College Scholarships
                                          The NALS of Michigan Scholarship Award if offering its annual $1,000
NALS of Michigan                          award to individuals who are planning to enroll in the fall of 2009 (or are
Scholarship – Legal        01/15/2009     enrolled) in a school of advanced education pursuing a degree in the
Field                                     legal field. To apply, students must have at least a B average (not below
                                          90%). Applications and rules are available in guidance.
National Merit
                                          The 2008-2009 Young Entrepreneur Award recognizes students who
                                          demonstrate entrepreneur spirit with monies valuing $1,000-$10,000.
NFIB Young                                Financial need is not a factor. Open only to high school seniors who will
                           Oct. 15 and
Entrepreneur                              be attending a 2 or 4 year college or career/vocational program. Student
                           Dec 15, 2008
Foundation                                must have started a small business, participate in DECA or FFA, and
                                          work part-time in a family-owned or other small business. To learn more
                                          go to for an application.
                                          The NMU Presidential Scholars Competition is held for incoming
                           Nov. 9-10,     freshmen with an ACT composite of 24 or higher AND a recomputed
Northern MI University     2008 or Nov.   (9th-11th grades) high school GPA of 3.5 or higher. 1 of 4 students will
                           16-17, 2008    receive a scholarship, ranging from a full-ride to $1,000 for the freshman
                                          year. Go to their website:
                                          Northwood’s Academic Merit Scholarships include the Presidential (28
                                          ACT/3.8 GPA) for $36,000; the Freedom (25 ACT/3.0 GPA or 23
                                          ACT/3.7 GPA) for $30,000; and the Free-Enterprise Award of $20,000
                                          (20 ACT/2.7 GPA or 19 ACT/3.2 GPA). There are also DECA
Northwood University       05/01/2009
                                          Scholarships which require a student to be involved during his/her senior
                                          year. These are renewable for up to four years if a 2.5 GPA is
                                          maintained. For more information, contact Northwood’s Michigan office of
                                          admissions at 1-800-457-7878.
Oceana Herald-Journal      April 2009     TBA
                                          This RMHC Scholarship Program is comprised of 4 individual scholarship
                                          programs, including one for students of Hispanic heritage, one for
Ronald McDonald
                                          African-American or Black Caribbean heritage, and one for students of
House                      02/16/2009
                                          Asian heritage. The 4th program is based solely on financial need and
Charities Scholarship
                                          academic standing. Applications are available on the web at
Rosa Parks Scholarship April 2009         TBA

Rotary Scholarship         March 2009     TBA
Saginaw Valley State
                                          Applications are available at
Sallie Mae Fund
                                          Applications are available at
                                          25 student-athletes will win a $7,500 scholarship, an all-expense paid trip
Scholar Athlete Milk                      to Disney's Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Fla. and a spot in a special
Mustache (SAMMY)                          Milk Mustache ad to run in USA TODAY. Apply online at
                                          The 2009 High School Scholarship Competition will be held on Dec. 6th.
                                          Registration is at 9:30 am, and testing begins at 10:00 am sharp. This
Specs Howard School                       test covers general aptitude (language, reading comprehension, math).
of Broadcast Arts                         Two full-tuition scholarships and six partial-tuition scholarships will be
                                          awarded to students pursuing an education in medial arts, including
                                          radio, television/video and graphic design.
SPS Scholarships                          **Wiard Scholarship $2700
                           March 2009
                                          **Griffin Scholarship $1300 (GPA 2.75 or higher)

  Last updated 2/23/2010
                                        **Bradford Scholarship $1400 (Hispanic male)
                                        **FFA Scholarship $500
                                        **VanDuinen Scholarship $500
                                        **Copenhaver Scholarship(2) $500 each
                                        Students must see Mrs. Michael in the Guidance Office for application.
                                        Applications will be available end of February or beginning of March.
                                        The Toyota Community Scholars Program is looking for graduating
                                        seniors who are Making a Difference in their classrooms and their
                                        communities. Only one student from MHS will be selected to represent
                                        our seniors. While academic performance is a prime factor in the
Toyota                     12/01/2008
                                        selection process, the distinguishing characteristic will be the overall
                                        impact of the student’s contribution(s) in the area of community service.
                                        Students must notify their Guidance Counselor if they are interested in
                                        being considered a nominee.
Western Michigan                        This competition guarantees no less than $3,000 Dean’s Scholarship to
University Medallion                    participants who had all application materials in by Dec. 5, 2008, and
Scholarship                             meets the criteria: a cum. GPA of 3.7 or higher and an ACT composite of
Competition                             26 or higher.
West Shore Community                    Applications available at the West Shore Community College Financial
                           March 2009
College                                 Aid Office.

  Last updated 2/23/2010