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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli


Postgraduate College Scholarships                          3

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme (Previously DfID)   5

Research Councils Studentships                             6

Other Scholarships and Awards                              9

Employing Students                                         11

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli


College scholarships are available to new students only – Home, EU or Overseas –
and are awarded following nominations by Departments. The only criterion for
allocation should be one of academic merit and not of financial hardship. No work
should be expected in exchange for a College scholarship. Students who have
already commenced their programme of study are not eligible for consideration. In
cases where students holding a College scholarship leave College, or change
programme, the department should contact the Faculty Dean to discuss how to re-
allocate the remaining portion of the award.

A comprehensive list of schemes, and the value of each scheme, is provided by the
faculty managers at the appropriate times.

Procedures for Allocations
Directors of Graduate Studies provide the Faculty Managers with nominees for each
scholarship by the end of May. Although Departments decide which applicants
should be nominated to receive the awards, the following criteria should apply:

       Awards should be made to new students only, commencing a programme
        during the academic year 2009-2010 (September, January or April for research
       Awards may be held full or part time;
       Awards allocated to Home/EU students may not be held in conjunction with
        Research Council or other major awards (a „major award‟ is one which
        consists of both a fee award and maintenance bursary).

Departments may wish to offer their own bursaries towards fees or maintenance. If a
department wishes to pay fees or offer a department-funded bursary, the details of
the recipient and a cost code should be communicated using the same form. This
only applies to fee awards or maintenance bursaries, for which students are not
expected to work. Any departmental funding in respect of work being undertaken by
the student must be arranged directly with Personnel.

Please note that awards can be offered only after the Admissions Office has sent a
formal offer of a place at the College and the applicant has accepted the offer.

The offer of an award should not hinder the recipient from applying for funding to
external sources: in fact, this should be positively encouraged. Should a recipient of
College scholarship decline the offer of admission or receive funding from an
external source, the Director of Graduate Studies should provide an alternative
candidate or release the scholarship back to the Faculty.

Notification of the Award to the Recipient
The Faculty Managers will write formally to the intended recipients to notify the
allocation of the award and its terms and conditions.

Payment of Maintenance Bursaries

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli

Payment of maintenance bursaries is made on a quarterly basis in October, January,
April and July. The first payment is made by cheque collected by the student at
enrolment; subsequent payments are paid directly into the student‟s bank account.
The student must liaise with Student Fees directly for the arrangement of any

Splitting/Combining of Awards
It is possible for departments to split an award between two recipients. Conversely,
two or more fee-only awards cannot be combined to support overseas fees. In the
case of a Thomas Holloway Scholarship, the maintenance element of the award can
be used towards overseas tuition fees.

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli


The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK funds scholarships for
Master‟s students. The Shared Scholarships are for students from developing
Commonwealth countries who have not studied in the UK before and who will be
following a taught Master‟s programme relating to the development of their home
country. CSS scholars can be in the UK only to do their Master‟s and must return to
their home country as soon as the programme finishes.

Master’s Programmes eligible for the scheme for 2009-2010:
MA Cultural Geography
MSc Health Care Systems and International Health Policy
MSc Medical Sociology
MSc Practising Sustainable Development
MSc Sustainability & Management

The Shared Scholarship pays full overseas tuition fee, a return airfare to the
recipient‟s home country and „thesis costs‟ of up to £250. The Institution provides a
maintenance bursary of approx. £9,000. For the 2009-2010 academic session, the
College has 2 awards; for these awards, 50% of the maintenance will come from
central funds and 50% will be funded by departmental budgets.

Departments who wish to nominate an applicant for a Commonwealth Shared
Scholarship should complete the appropriate nomination form and return it to the
Postgraduate Administrator (Graduate School) by 30 March 2009. Departments can
nominate up to two candidates per programme, a first choice and a reserve one. The
Faculty Deans, the Dean of Graduate School and the Vice-Principal for Research will
consider all nominations received and allocate the award. Once the award holders
are identified, the Postgraduate Administrator communicates their details to the
Commonwealth Scholarship Commission; the Commission will have also provided
additional forms to be completed by both the award holder and the College. The
Commission will write back to confirm allocation of the award; once the
confirmation has been received, successful nominees will be contacted formally by
the Postgraduate Administrator.

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli


Each Research Organization is expected to submit a bid for five-year funding (Block
Grant Partnerships). A BGP award provides strategic funding to organisations for
postgraduate studentships, and includes a profile for the numbers of studentships to
be made by scheme and subject area for each academic year. The BGP award is for
five years. This means that the College will be able to predetermine the number of
awards for each subject area and scheme (Research Preparation, Professional
Preparation, Doctoral Award) over a five-year period, commencing from 2009. The
BGP arrangement and its terms and conditions will, however, continue until all the
students supported by the BGP award have submitted their theses. The BGP award
is for a specific number of Doctoral, Research Preparation Master‟s and Professional
Preparation Master‟s studentships in specific subjects in each year. The AHRC
expects the College to advertise the studentships available on an annual basis
according to the profile specified in the BGP offer letter. It is the responsibility of the
College to ensure that all students being offered a BGP studentship meet the
appropriate eligibility criteria for that type of studentship. Once a student has been
identified for a BGP studentship place, the AHRC must be informed through the
nomination process. The AHRC reserves the right not to approve a nomination for a
studentship if the candidate does not meet the appropriate eligibility criteria or aims
of the scheme (Doctoral Awards Scheme, Research Preparation Master‟s Scheme or
Professional Preparation Master‟s Scheme) or if the recruitment process appears to be

Interested parties will complete the application on the RHUL website and submit it
to the relevant academic department by 2 March 2009. Departments will then assess
and rank each application and submit the allocated quota to the Graduate School by
30 March 2009.

Quota awards are allocated by the ESRC to specific outlets. Nominations are
processed through Je-S by the nominees and the supervisor, and then submitted to
Council by the Postgraduate Administrator. The ESRC confirms the nomination to
the Postgraduate Administrator, who will liaise with the recipient of the award, as
well as any relevant office within Royal Holloway (Student Fees, Student Records,
etc.). Deadline for submission through Je-S: 4pm on 30 April 2009.
Open Competition Awards: Royal Holloway can submit to the ESRC up to 7
applications. Each department with a recognized outlet will submit nomination
forms to the Postgraduate Administrator; the Faculty Deans, the Dean of Graduate
School and the Vice Principal for research will select the 7 nominations to be put
forward to the ESRC. Nominees and the supervisor creates and complete the Je-S
form, which is then submitted to the Postgraduate Administrator and in turn to the
ESRC. Deadline for submission: 4pm on 5 May 2009.
Administration. The administration of awards has been devolved to HEIs via the
designated contact (Postgraduate Administrator). However, the following should be
taken into account.

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli

1) Interruption. Requests for interruption during the life of an award will be
submitted to the Postgraduate Administrator. However, award holder will need to
remember that any leave of absence is generally unpaid, and therefore any
maintenance received in advance needs to be returned to the College in the first
instance, and then to the ESRC. If the interruption is on medical ground, and
documentation is provided, the first 13 weeks of leave will be paid.
2) Extension to submission date. Students on the continuation year (i.e., writing-up
year) are not entitled to apply for a period of interruption, but rather for an extension
to the submission date on medical ground or because of exceptional personal
circumstances. The request from the student must be made to the ESRC via the
designated contact; a supporting statement from the supervisor should accompany
this request, indicating what guarantees there are for the new submission date to be
Most administrative processes will be done in accordance with the funding guide
provided by the ESRC.

RCUK Doctoral Training Accounts and CASE
Nominations for these grants are to be sent to the Postgraduate Administrator, who
will then write to the recipient. After the start of the academic year, the Postgraduate
Administrator will ask award holders and supervisors to provide information on the
award holder and the research project, which is then inputted on Je-S.

Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards – ADDITIONAL AWARDS
DHPAs provide funds to support students from India, China, Hong Kong, Russia
and the developing world to study for PhDs in top-rated UK HEIs. DHPAs are open
to top-quality science, engineering, medicine, social science and technology students,
and the emphasis is on excellence – both of the research-training environment and of
the student. It is a requirement of the scheme that DHPA scholars are placed in
departments RAE-rated 5 or 5* and DHPA scholars are expected to be easily
recognisable as “the best of the best”.
Funds for the additional awards will be allocated to universities able to provide
matched funding on a “first come first served” basis. The number of additional
awards for 2008-2009 has not been communicated yet.
In order to apply for these Research Council funds (£45k per award), an HEI must
have secured matching funds from a private partner organisation. Private partners
could include charities, industrial organisations and other non-government funded
organisations external to the HEI. As funds will be allocated on a “first come first
served” basis, HEIs should check the current availability of awards from each
Research Council before submitting an application. This information will be
maintained      on   the     RCUK       website  from      the   end    of   February

DHPA Procedures
Applications for additional awards should be sent via the Postgraduate
Administrator. Applications not received via this route will not be considered. An
application for an additional award should consist of a letter, sent from the HEI‟s
designated contact to the DHPA scheme manager, containing the following
     Name and contact details of the private partner;

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli

       The Research Council from which the additional award is sought;
       Confirmation that the private partner will provide at least £45k over the
        period of the DHPA scholar‟s PhD, for the purpose of payment towards fees
        and maintenance costs;
       Confirmation that both the private partner and the HEI agree to adhere to the
        DHPA rules and guidelines by which all DHPAs operate;
       Confirmation that the HEI will continue to pay fees and maintenance costs
        over the period of the DHPA scholar‟s PhD, should the private partner
        withdraw from the partnership for any reason.

If any additional details are known at this stage (for example: nature of the project,
department, student details), these should also be included in the letter.
HEIs submitting applications for additional awards should be aware that if demand
exceeds expectations, a limit of three additional awards per HEI may be applied.
Therefore HEIs may wish to prioritise their applications before submitting them to
the DHPA scheme manager. Once an application has been received, the DHPA
scheme manager will contact the HEI to confirm whether or not the application has
been approved. Since the additional awards will be allocated on a “first come first
served” basis, HEIs are advised to submit applications at the earliest opportunity.

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli


ALUMNI BURSARIES (Administered jointly by Student Records and Student Fees)
These are small awards automatically given to all alumni who enrol for a
postgraduate programme of study (£250 for Home/EU and £500 for overseas). The
awards are normally paid by cheque in December.

There is one scholarship to award, which covers £2,000 of the tuition fees for a full-
time taught Master‟s programme. Eligibility is limited to applicants from Pakistan
liable to pay tuition fees at overseas rate.

CHORAL AND ORGAN SCHOLARSHIPS (Administered by Admissions)
These are open to applicants of all departments and are usually worth between £100
and £350. Application forms are included in the Postgraduate Information booklet
sent by the Admissions Office to all who are offered a place.

The Hilda Martindale Scholarship funds a female postgraduate student embarking
on an MSc degree programme. In accordance with the original bequest made by
Hilda Martindale, a distinguished alumna of both Royal Holloway and Bedford
Colleges in the late 19th century, and one of the earliest women Inspectors of
Factories, the candidate must intend to pursue “a career of use or value to the
community” The value of the scholarship is £1000 to be applied towards the payment
of tuition fees, and is tenable for one year only, whether the degree programme is
one or two years in duration. New full- or part-time female students, born in the UK
and undertaking an MSc degree programme at Royal Holloway are eligible for

SCHEME (Administered by Royal Holloway International)
In line with the strategy to attract 'high achievers', the College has made available a
number of scholarships for new international applicants who want to study for a
Postgraduate Master's degree at Royal Holloway and who are considered
academically excellent. These scholarships have a value of £2,000, are paid against
tuition fees and are tenable for the first year of postgraduate taught studies only.
Applicants from overseas are eligible to submit an application, as long as they
already hold a conditional or unconditional offer of a place to study at Royal
Holloway on a Master's programme. The application form can be found in the
funding brochure, which can be downloaded in pdf format from

Royal Holloway International)
The College participates in the jointly-funded Chevening Scholarship scheme run by
the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. Scholarships may be
awarded to students from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, China, Hong
Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Singapore, and Venezuela. All
students from the relevant countries undertaking Master's programmes of study may

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli

apply for one of Royal Holloway's jointly-funded Chevening scholarships. Further
information can be obtained from British Embassies and High Commissions, or from
the British Council offices, in the participating countries (for details visit

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College and External Scholarships for Postgraduates
Francesca Chiarelli


Essential things to note are:

       research students undertaking work on a contractual basis must be paid via
        Payroll and be issued with Terms and Conditions of Employment by

       Master‟s students must not be required to perform any contractual duties in
        departments; departments can offer casual paid employment to Master‟s
        students (please refer to Personnel for further details).

Departmental Assistantships
Departments can offer Departmental Assistantships in conjunction or not with a
College Scholarship. Research students will undertake contracted duties in
departments in exchange for a fixed rate of pay. Departmental Assistantships are
arranged in conjunction with Personnel and are paid via Payroll. Personnel can
advise on the maximum stipend payable to a student.

Please note that any postgraduate student in a lead teaching role is required to follow
inSTIL. For information, please contact Educational Development on 01784 414383).

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