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                                              Private and Local Scholarships
Blue Mt Community Foundation Scholarships                                                  
Graduates of WW county High Schools, GED, or Home Schooled. Also eligible are WW county residents for at least 3 years. Some OR schools eligible. Become available 1/1/09
   Name of Scholarship                                    Eligibility                                   Qualifications                       Amount of                  Application
                                                                                                                                              Award                      Deadline
Altadel Beamer Memorial                  For Weston-McEwen High School graduates with a                                                                        Postmark 3/1/09
Scholarship Fund                         record of achievement or aptitude in music.
John P. and Anna Anderson and Family     WSU AG Students                                                                                                       Postmark 3/1/09
Otto W. Anderson Scholarship             Beta Theta Pi Alumni for fraternity members at                                                                        Postmark 3/1/09
Bayne Family Scholarship                 Must be graduate of Wa-Hi who was active in         Based on financial need                        $851                Postmark 3/1/09
                                         student government. Enrolled full time.
Ralph R. & Mary E. Bennett Scholarship   Must be Walla Walla County high school graduate     Based on financial need and application inc.   Minimum of $300    Postmark 3/1/09
                                         Enrolled full time.                                 plans for college and career
Benton City Wranglers Trust              Graduates of Kiona-Benton High School                                                                                 Postmark 3/1/09
Ted Berry Memorial Scholarship           WW and Columbia County students pursuing a                                                                            Postmark 3/1/09
                                         career in Emergency Medical Technician.
Paul K. Bjorklund Memorial Citizenship   Outstanding senior man at Weston-McEwen High                                                                          Postmark 3/1/09
Award                                    School.
Bobby Cox Memorial Fund                  WW County or Milton-Freewater high school           Outstanding leadership qualities               $1000              Postmark 3/1/09
                                         senior of Latino descent. Enrolled full time.
Earl & Lucille Blake Scholarship         See application                                     Financial need based.                          Minimum of $300    Postmark 3/1/09
Howard and Pearl Burgess Scholarship     Members of 4-H in Walla Walla County                                                                                  Postmark 3/1/09
Clarkston High School Memorial           Graduate of Clarkston High School                                                                                     Postmark 3/1/09
Terry Copple Fund Scholarship            Must be Wa-Hi graduate. Enrolled full time.         Student must major in visual arts in college   $703               Postmark 3/1/09
T.B. Elliott Fund Scholarship            Must be Walla Walla County high school graduate     Must have earned and saved money to help       Minimum of $300    Postmark 3/1/09
                                         Enrolled full time. Financial Need based.           further education; preference to students
                                                                                             interested in medicine
William & Mary Falconer Endowment        Preference given to students with farming           Enrolled full time. Based on financial need.   Minimum of $300    Postmark 3/1/09
Fund                                     background or who want to continue education in
                                         agricultural field.
Keith and Helen Fenner Fund              Columbia, Umatilla or WW County high school         Enrolled full time.                            $590               Postmark 3/1/09
                                         graduate with leadership and good citizen traits.
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Dayl and Doris Graves Scholarship Fund   Graduate of Garrison Middle School                   Academic excellence and financial need    $573              Postmark 3/1/09
Ann Weatherill Memorial
Earl and Jane Ferguson Scholarship       Graduate of Weston-McEwen High School                                                                            Postmark 3/1/09
Edward F. Fields Memorial Fund           WW County 4-H or FFA graduate attending WSU          Enrolled full time.                       $1721             Postmark 3/1/09
                                         with interest in livestock, veterinarian medicine,
                                         or extension services.
Don and Nancy Fix Scholarship            Graduate of Dayton High School                                                                                   Postmark 3/1/09
Katherine Guinn Memorial Scholarship                                                                                                                      Postmark 3/1/09
William and Delora Harpe Scholarship     Graduate of Columbia-Burbank, Prescott, Touchet,                                                                 Postmark 3/1/09
                                         Waitsburg high school with priority to those in
                                         field of education.
Dorothy Hockett Kappa Alpha Theta        For Kappa Alpha Theta members                                                                                    Postmark 3/1/09
Scholarship Fund
Ward and Vera Hoskins Memorial           Graduate of Dayton High School                                                                                   Postmark 3/1/09
John Israel Scholarship                  Graduate of Dayton High School                                                                                   Postmark 3/1/09
Johnson/Bowe Junior Club Scholarship     Nursing students                                                                                                 Postmark 3/1/09
Roberta Bell Kraemer Fund                Must be Walla Walla County high school graduate      Based on financial need; application      Minimum of $300   Postmark 3/1/09
                                         Enrolled full time.                                  includes community services & plans for
                                                                                              college & career
James N. Lamar Foundation                For West Platte R-2 graduates in Weston, Missouri                                                                Postmark 3/1/09
Scholarship                              and for Whitman College.
John W. McGillis Junior Memorial         Merit awards for residents of Walla Walla Valley                                                                 Postmark 3/1/09
Scholarship Fund
McJunkin Family Scholarship Fund         Graduates of Hermiston High School                                                                               Postmark 3/1/09
Charlotte D. Mikkelsen Scholarship       Waitsburg High School Graduates                                                                                  Postmark 3/1/09
Merwin F. and Alethea M. Neace Family    Dayton High School Graduates                                                                                     Postmark 3/1/09
Memorial Scholarship
Retired Teachers of Walla Walla and      For financial assistance during student teaching                                                                 Postmark 3/1/09
Columbia Counties Scholarship            term.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church             For Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Athena,                                                                        Postmark 3/1/09
Scholarship Fund                         Oregon members
Lawrence Slater Scholarship              Graduates of Pomeroy High School                                                                                 Postmark 3/1/09
Tichi-Groom Scholarship                  Parent must be in fire fighting service or law       Preference given to Athena or Milton-     $3373             Postmark 3/1/09
                                         enforcement officer. Enrolled full time.             Freewater students.
Peter Venneri Youth Scholarship          For students at DeSales High School                                                                              Postmark 3/1/09
O. A. & Marion White 4-H Scholarship     Must be an active 4-H member living in the           Enrolled full time.                       $752              Postmark 3/1/09
                                         Walla Walla Valley.
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Other private and local scholarships:
   Name of Scholarship                                   Eligibility                                   Qualifications                      Amount of                    Application
                                                                                                                                            Award                        Deadline
Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship   High School seniors interested in pursuing a        Plan to enroll full-time in ag-related        $1500     
                                        career in AG who demonstrate excellence in          program.                                                
                                        areas of academics, leadership, and AG                                                                                2/17/09
Alfred G. and Elma M. Milotte           Interest in natural history or the arts. High       Must use photography or other forms of        Tuition awards up
Scholarship Trust Fund                  school graduate or GED. WA State resident           artistic expression, must have 3.0            to $4000            Deadline 3/31/09
                                        minimum of five years.                              cumulate GPA
American Association of University      Must be a woman seeking to complete her             Past academic performance, community          $1000               Applications not available yet—check
Women Scholarship                       education (bachelor or graduate degree and must     involvement, need-based                       WW branch awards    scholarship bulletin board for
                                        have attended one year of college), must be a                                                     2 scholarships      availability.
                                        resident of WW County, Columbia County, or M-F                                                    $500-$1000
American Chemical Society               African American, Hispanic, Latino American,        3.0 GPA and able to show financial need       Up to $5000         11/1/08 – 3/31/09
                                        American Indian; a U.S. citizen or permanent
                                        resident majoring in chemical sciences & planning                                                                     Applications available at the
                                        a career in the chemical sciences or chemical                                                                         Financial Aid office and online at
                                        technology. Students in medicine or pharmacy                                                                
                                        are not eligible.
American Indian Endowed Scholarship     Must have financial need and close ties to an       Must complete FAFSA; Not pursuing a           $500 - $2000        2/1/09
                                        American Indian tribe. Enrolled full-time.          degree in Theology. Must be WA state res.               
Assoc. for Women in Communications      WA state resident sophomore student registered      See Financial Aid Office for application      $1500     
Seattle Professional Chapter            at 4 year university or 2 year community college.                                                                     ml
BIAW Building Industry Assoc. of WA     Washington resident pursuing a career in the        Academic, work experience, community          Varies; total of    See Financial Aid office for
Scholarship                             construction industry.                              service/school activities, financial need     $30,000 split       applications
                                                                                                                                          between winners.
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Two       US citizen or permanent residents. Actively         3.5 GPA in last 5 years of school             350 - $1000
Year Colleges Scholarship Program       engaged in volunteer service or employed at least                                                                     varies
                                        part time.
Daughters of the Pioneers of            Must be a descendant of a pioneer who               Must be a full-time student, resident of WW   2 - $750  
Washington Scholarship                  established residence in Washington (1870),         County, Dayton or Milton-Freewater;                               scholarship.asp
                                        Oregon (1853), Idaho (1863) or Montana (1863)       preference given to history, education, or                        4/1/09
Updated 11/08

Dorothy Yothers Memorial Scholarship     Must be a female student over 25 pursuing a          Based on financial need, motivation, and      Up to $600 quarter
―Second Chances‖ scholarship             vocational/technical program                         aptitude                                      Renewable
Educational Opportunity Grant            Must be a WA resident and reside in an eligible      Separate application must be completed by     $2500 Renewable      See application
                                         county, and attend a 4-year institution in WA        Financial Aid administrator at 4-year                    
                                         State full time, completed AA degree or have         school. Based on place bound status and
                                         junior standing, and financial need                  financial need
ESA Foundation                           Students enrolled for training in a technical        3.0 GPA                                                  
                                         school or any person returning to school after an                                                                       2/1/09
                                         absence to retrain job skills or obtain a degree.
EWU 2009-10 Scholarships                 Several Nursing scholarships too.                                                                             
                                                                                                                                                                 click on scholarships
Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund     Dependent children or spouses of persons killed      Based on financial need, school costs,        To be determined     See application
                                         or permanently disabled due to terrorist attacks;    family’s ability to pay expenses                         
                                         must be an undergraduate student
George F. Walker Scholarship             Must be a WA State resident pursuing a course of     Based on academic transcript, three           $3000                Applications available at F/A office
                                         study leading to a surveying or mapping career.      letters of recommendation, and statement                 
                                                                                              of career related experience and goals                             1/31/09
George T. Welch Grant Scholarship        Must be a graduate of a WW County high school;       Based on financial need and academic          No grant in excess   Application available at Financial Aid
                                         married students will be awarded a grant on an       merit                                         of $4000             See application for two deadlines
                                         exception basis only                                                                                                    (March 1 and April 1)
Hispanic Scholarship Fund                US citizen of Hispanic descent. Must be first in     See Financial Aid Office, must have           Several Available
                                         family to attend college (first generation college   minimum 3.0 cumulate grade point average
Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Community     3.0 – 4.0 GPA; US Citizen or legal permanent         Be pursuing or plan to pursue 1st             Must complete
Transfer Scholarship Program             resident of Hispanic heritage.                       undergraduate degree or graduate degree.      FAFSA                3/15/09
Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association   Interest in using degree for a career in the water   Previous recipients include: AG related       $500-$1200           2/15/09
                                         utilization related fields. Any major.               fields, agri-business, business, accounting   Multiple awards      See Financial Aid for Application.
                                                                                              and engineering, horticulture, biology, and
Indian Health Services                   Students interested in or presently in, health                                                                          Online Application available 2/09
                                         related prep or professional academic programs                                                                
                                         for fall 2008.
WA State Elks Association                Adult under 50 years of age. Must be pursuing a      Must have HS diploma or GED                   $1000                3/1/09
Joseph Darimont Vocational Award         2 year or less technical vocational program.
Updated 11/08

WA State Elks Association              US Citizen pursuing a 2 year degree. 4 year            Graduating high school seniors and                              3/1/09
Vocational Grant                       degrees are not eligible.                              general education students.
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation,            Current student at accredited US community             Have unmet need and nominated by 2 year     50- Max. $30,000
Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship     college or two-year institution with sophomore         institution.                                per year            1/20/09
Program                                status by 12/31/08 or recent graduate (5/08 )                                                      3.5 -4.0 GPA
John Deere Technology Scholarship      Scholarship will be awarded solely for proven          Must be enrolled in John Deere Program,     $250-$500           First year students: Before first day
WWCC                                   leadership abilities and academic/vocational           2.5 minimum GPA                             (several            of classes of their first quarter.
                                       potential                                                                                          scholarships)       Second year students: Before first
                                                                                                                                                              day of classes of their fifth quarter.
                                                                                                                                                     – See John Deere
                                                                                                                                                              Technology Website
Junior Club of Walla Walla             Must be either a nursing student or general            Women 24 and over, need based               2 $1000 awards      Check scholarship bulletin board for
                                       education student                                                                                                      availability
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation,   Son or daughter of Marine on active duty or in the     Must have GPS of 2.0 and family income of   Applications
Inc.                                   Reserve, retired or deceased.                          $77,000 or less                             available in Dec.   3/3/09 Graduating Seniors
                                                                                                                                                              4/15/09 All other students
MG James Ursano Scholarship Fund—      For children of Army soldiers (active, retired or      See application                             Variable amounts    See for application
Army emergency relief.                 deceased). Unmarried; under age 23 for entire                                                                          Deadline: 3/1/09
                                       academic year, registered in DEERS.                                                                                    Available in December
Montana State University               Apply for admission to MSU for Fall 2009.                                                          Varies    
National Federation of the Blind       Must be legally blind, pursuing or planning to         Must enter program fall 2009 in USA         Varies from         3/31/09
                                       pursue full-time post-secondary course of study                                                    $3000-$12,000
National Italian American Foundation   Italian American student or major/minoring in      Based on academic merit 3.55 or higher.         $2500-$10,000
                                                                                          Enrolled in a US accredited institution of
                                       Italian language, Italian studies, or related field.                                                                   p
                                       Demonstrates outstanding potential and high        higher education for fall 2006. Be ―Italian-                        Application available online only.
                                       academic achievement. US citizen or permanent      American‖ having at least one ancestor                              Due 3/6/09
                                       resident.                                          who has immigrated from Italy.
National Scholars Honor Society        Must be Honor Society Member.                      Outstanding leadership in politics, science,    $4000-$5000
                                                                                          literature, arts or display outstanding                             No deadline noted
                                                                                          initiative and embody the spirit of
National Society of Accountants        Must be a full-time student majoring in accounting 3.0 GPA minimum.                                $500-2000 
Scholarship                            at a 2 or 4-year college.                          Full or part time student. US or Canadian                           3/10/09
Updated 11/08

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of    Must be resident or participant in Walla Walla       2.8 GPA                                         1-$1000 Community     2/13/09
National Association of Housing and      Housing Authority Program. Academic                  Written motivational essay.                     College (Renewable)
Redevelopment Officials Scholarship      achievement and service.                                                                             2-$1000 4 year        Applications available at WW Housing
                                                                                                                                              University            Authority
Pride Foundation Scholarship          Available for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,      Or students from LGBT families.                             
                                      questioning and straight-ally (straight and                                                                                   1/23/09
                                      supportive of LGBT issues)
Sallie Mae American Dream Scholarship Graduating high school, US Citizen of African-          2.5 GPA minimum                                 $500-$5000  
(Through United Negro College Fund)   American descent, who demonstrates a need for                                                                                 hip.asp
                                      financial aid
Sallie Mae Unmet Need Scholarship     GPA 2.5-3.00; combined family income of                 U.S. citizen                                    $1000-$3800           See application, opens mid-January
                                      $30,000 or less; have unmet financial need of           Undergraduate students                                      
                                      more than $1000 after F/A package has been                                                                                    scholarship/unmet_need.html
Washington CPS Foundation Scholarship Accounting student who has completed 2                  3.0 GPA, active in campus activities and        10-$3000              See for
                                      quarters of accounting at time of application, and      community. Planning a career in                 Need Based            application form
                                      who plans to complete their education in WA State       accounting                                      10-$1000              2/15/09
                                                                                                                                              Merit Based
St. Elizabeth’s Health Services          Must be graduate of Baker County high school or      Enrolled in health care field (RN, LPN, etc.)   $2000                 Check financial aid office
                                         current Baker County resident                        College sophomore at least
St. Mary Alumni Nursing Scholarship      Second year ADN program or final year BSN                                                                                  Check financial aid office

Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund         Female currently residing in USA, high school        Students with bachelor’s degrees cannot         6 - $10,000           Applications available at F/A office
                                         diploma or GED at least 10 years ago, enrolled or    apply; first 1000 eligible applicants           60 - $1000            or online at
                                         planning to enroll in a full or part-time            received will be processed                                  
                                         undergraduate program. At least 2 quarters                                                                                 holar.asp
                                         (min. 24 credit hours) remaining to complete                                                                               1/2/09
                                         undergraduate degree at beginning of fall 2008
USA Funds Access to Education            Plan to enroll in professional-degree coursework     Past academic performance and future            $1,500                2/15/09
Scholarships                             at an accredited two- or four-year college,          potential. Leadership and participation in                            English-
                                         Students must plan to enroll beginning with the      school and community activities. Work                       
                                         fall-2009 term through Feb. 1, 2010.                 experience.                                                 
U.S. Bank Internet Scholarship Program   Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident                                                         30 - $1000  
                                         alien, and a high school senior planning to enroll                                                                         ntloans/marketing.cfm
                                         in a 2-year or 4-year institution.                                                                                         2/29/09
Updated 11/08

Vista Hermosa Foundation Scholarship      Children of Broetje Orchards employee or live in     Good academic standing, planning to enroll   $500 - $10,000       June 10
                                          the Vista Hermosa or Snake River Housing.            in a community, vocational, technical, or                         November 1
                                                                                               Bible college, or 4-year school.                        
Walla Walla Valley Federal Credit Union   Must be a member or child in good standing with      60% need based, 40% academic                 $750                 Application available at the credit
Nola Crook Scholarship                    WWVFCU, high school graduate.                                                                                          union.
Walter J. Clore Scholarship               High school graduate enrolled or planning to         Academic merit, leadership abilities         $500-$2000 
                                          enroll in college/university in area pertaining to
                                          the wine industry. Preference given to WA State                                                                        November 30th of each year
                                          students, not limited to study at a WA State
                                          college/ university.
Washington Financial Aid Association      Must be a student of color attending a WFAA          Based on leadership ability, minimum 3.0     Up to $1500          See scholarship bulletin board
Ethnic Awareness Scholarship              member college or university                         GPA, show financial need; must enroll at                
                                                                                               least part-time                                                   arhips.ethnicawareness.html

Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation      Paper Science or Chemical Engineering Major, US      Academic performance and 3.0 gpa                        
Scholarship, University of WA             citizen or permanent resident                                                                                          hips.htm
Washington State Business and             Female students with proven academic ability;        Need of financial assistance—various         $500-$1000           ?
Professional Women’s Foundation           must be Washington resident two or more years;       scholarships refer to application                                 See financial aid office
Educational Scholarship and Grant         need to attend a Washington State school
Washington State Department of Health     For students training or professions in the          Must serve in rural or underserved urban                
Health Professional Loan                  following areas: Physician (MD or DO), Physician     area with designated shortages for a
Loan Repayment and Scholarships           Assistant or Nurse Practitioner or Licensed          minimum of three years.
                                          Nurse (any level), midwife, pharmacist, dentist,
                                          dental hygienist
Washington State Employees Credit         Must be full time student                            For students attending 4 year or Grad.-     20- $2000  
Union Scholarship                                                                              For 2 yr. CC or vocational students         7- $1000
Washington State Potato Foundation        Eligible applicants are those who pay assessment     A commodity related education will be        Provides financial
                                          to the WA State Potato Commission, are               given preference                             assistance to meet   2/15 of each year
                                          commercial growers, processors, packers, or                                                       education expenses
                                          shippers of WA/OR potatoes, or their employees,                                                   20- $1000 - $5000    .cfm
                                          or children of employees and reside in WA or OR.
                                          Must intend to pursue a 2 or 4 year degree or
                                          technical certification at a facility of higher
Cougar Awards Program, Washington         If you apply for admission and complete                                                                      
State University                          scholarship application, you will automatically be                                                                     1/31/09
Updated 11/08

Wave 2009                               Washington State resident, currently enrolled       Minimum 3.0 GPA                             Two-year grant
                                        student and by 6/30/078will--graduate from                                                      pays for 6 quarters    asp
                                        high school with min. of 360 hours in single                                                    or 4 semesters for
                                        vocational program or complete at least one year                                                undergraduate          Obtain application from Don Miller @
                                        (min 360 hours) in a vocational program at public                                               study only (one time   WWCC.
                                        community or technical college.                                                                 award)                 .

Whitman County Retired School           Must be a Whitman County high school graduate,      Must demonstrate some degree of financial   $1000
Employees Scholarship                   successfully completed first year of college,       need
                                        education major, and plan to be a teacher
Washington State University             See booklet in the WWCC Financial Aid office for                                                Various                Various
 Nursing Scholarships & Financial Aid   eligibility requirements.                                                                                    
Resource Booklet (various
Western Washington University           Various                                                                                         Various                www.cbe.wwu.esu/College/scholars
College of Business & Economics                                                                                                                                hips.asp
Washington State Nurses Foundation      Student nurses with 12-15 nursing credits.          Minimum 3.0 GPA                             4- $1000 min.          Apply at
                                        Currently enrolled in RN program.                   Resident of WA state or enrolled in WA      3- $500-$1000
                                                                                            state program.                                                     hips/

Washington State Foster Youth     Educational Training Voucher (ETV)              Must apply for the 2009-10 FAFSA          Various amounts
                                  Governors’ Scholarship for Foster Youth         Senior in high school, enrolled in GED    and tuition waivers /finaidWA.asp
                                  YMCA Transitions Scholarship                    program, or high school graduate or GED
                                  Treehouse Coaching to College Scholarship (CTC) graduate. Enrolling or enrolled full time                     3/4/08
                                  Passport to College Promise Scholarship
        See Financial Aid Office for application forms for the scholarships listed above (unless noted otherwise in application deadline column).
         Note: If no application deadline is listed above, it is because the 2009 information was not available at print time.
Updated 11/08

WWCC Foundation Scholarships
A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is recommended before applying for many of the scholarships. Some scholarships require a 2.5 gpa.
    Name of Scholarship                                    Eligibility                                Qualifications                    Amount of                 Application
                                                                                                                                            Award                   Deadline
Ag Business/Ag Science Scholarship         Student interested in pursuing a career in       requires separate application.              $250-$300           4/15/09
                                           agriculture                                                                                  depending on        Contact Ag Science Dept for
                                                                                                                                        funds available     application (509)527-4225
Alex and Beth Swantz Displaced             Student who needs to take one class before       Funds may also be used to begin school      Tuition and books   Quarterly
Homemaker Scholarship                      entering the work force                          while making application for financial aid  for one class
Alf and Mildred Transeth Memorial          Must be either a student in the John Deere Ag    Past academic performance, ag               3 awards            4/15/09
Scholarship                                Tech Program or a child of a Tumac Machinery     mechanics career,                           not less $1500      May require separate app.
                                           employee                                                                                                         Call (509)527-4275 for info.
Altrusa’s Charlotte Hart Scholarship for   Female who has graduated from high school or Based on financial need; community              $500                4/15/09
Women                                      earned GED and is 20 years of age or older       service, past academic performance;
                                                                                            future goals considered
Amalia Greenwald Baker/ Peggy Baker        Must have completed one year of parallel                                                     Not disclosed       4/15/09
Henry Scholarship in Nursing. Blue Mt      courses or entering 1st or 2nd year of nursing
Area Foundation                            program
Avista Minds in Motion Scholarship—        Must be enrolled at Clarkston Center             One scholarship awarded to student of       2 - $500            4/15/09
Clarkston Center                           Business management or accounting,               color who exhibits achievement in
                                                                                            vocational or academic transfer program
Barbara and Dennis Blasey Scholarship— Enrolled in 2 nd year of study at Clarkston Center; Math, science, engineering and not           $250                4/15/09
Clarkston Center                           3.0 GPA & planning to transfer to 4-year school otherwise eligible for financial aid will be
                                           immediately after graduating from WWCC           given special consideration
Blue Mt. Back Country Farrier              Must be enrolled and making good progress in     Demonstrated interest in horses and their                       4/15/09
Scholarship                                the Farrier Program at WWCC.                     well-being will be considered as well as
                                                                                            demonstrated need
Carpentry Scholarship                      Must be entering second year of WWCC             WWCC instructor recommendation              3 variable awards   Contact carpentry instructor
                                           carpentry program                                                                                                for details
Columbia County Scholarship                Students residing in Columbia County or having High moral character and evidence of          Awards will vary    4/15/09
                                           graduated from Dayton High School.               academic diligence are criteria used in     dependent on
                                                                                            awarding                                    student situation
Updated 11/08

Dayl and Doris Graves                       Must be planning to enroll in auto technology at   Based on financial need                    $1000 (may be         4/15/09
Automotive Technology Scholarship—Blue      WWCC; must be a graduate of a high school in       Min. 2.5 grade point average; must have    shared by more
Mt. Area Foundation                         WW County;                                         academic achievement/ potential and        than one student)
                                                                                               leadership skills
Dr. James E. McClellan Seven Hills Winery   Students enrolled in enology and/or viticulture    3.0 GPA and show high probability of       Tuition assistance    4/15/09
Scholarship                                 program. Second year students given priority.      success in wine industry.
Dr. Ralph & Bernice Stevens Scholarship     Students returning to school to complete GED       Community volunteer, sincere commit-       Not disclosed         4/15/09
                                                                                               ment to completing GED and degree
Frank Brotherton Memorial Scholarship       Must be majoring in auto mechanics or auto         Preference is given to                     $500                  4/15/09
In Automotive Technology                    body repair; need to be interested in a career     Walla Walla area students
                                            related to automotive technology
GESA Credit Union Scholarship in            Student pursuing a business or accounting          Maintain 3.0 cumulative GPA                $500                  4/15/09
Business or Accounting                      degree; graduates of high school in WW County
Harold and Helen Shepherd Scholarship       Students residing in Garfield, Asotin, Columbia                                               Awards will vary      4/15/09
                                            or WW Counties with preference given to                                                       dependent on
                                            students from Garfield County who wish to                                                     student situation
                                            pursue an ag-related education.
Irrigation Technology Scholarship from      Must be planning a career in irrigation            Proven leadership abilities and have       $1000 (may be         4/15/09
Nelson Irrigation, Inc.                     technology.                                        academic/vocational potential              shared by more
                                                                                                                                          than one student)
Jon M. Lynch Memorial Scholarship           Past academic performance will be considered       Preference to students in WWCC Rodeo       Minimum of            No later than 8/1/09
                                            but of equal importance is the applicant’s         Program and majoring in agriculture        $500/year             requires separate application
                                            demonstrated involvement in commitment to          related field                                                    Call (509)527-4275
                                            family, establishing educational goals & setting
                                            a good example.
Jonathan M. Wainwright American-Vets        Students who have served in the armed forces       Priority to WW valley students             Funds applied to      4/15/09
Scholarship                                 or reserves & have been honorably discharged.                                                 student’s tuition

Kenneth B. Wells Memorial Multicultural     Must be Native, African or Hispanic American       Must have 3.0 cumulative GPA for two      May be divided         4/15/09
Scholarship                                 and be a US citizen or permanent resident          quarters and attend WWCC for one quarter between more
                                                                                                                                         than 1 student &
                                                                                                                                         renewed for 1 qtr
Key Technology Scholarship in Welding       Must be in second year of welding technology       Based on financial need and potential for 2 $500 awards          4/15/09
                                            program, must be full-time student, and have       success.                                  per quarter (can be
                                            3.00 GPA                                                                                      renewed for 2nd
                                                                                                                                          quarter with a 3.00
Updated 11/08

Konen Family Civil Engineering           Planning a career in civil engineering field      Show motivation to succeed in school          $2000                 4/15/09
Technology Scholarship                                                                                                                    (may be divided
                                                                                                                                         among students)
Larue Rice Memorial Scholarship and      Must be a second-year nursing student with        Based on financial need; 3.00 GPA             based on available    4/15/09
Special Need Assistance in Nursing       exceptional achievement in nursing, outstanding   required                                      funds (may be split
                                         leadership skills, etc.                                                                         between more than
                                                                                                                                         one applicant)
Mary E. Hare Endowment Scholarship       Preference will be given to a second-year                                                                             4/15/09
                                         nursing student from the Walla Walla Valley
Mary Garner Esary Memorial Scholarship   Must be in good academic standing. Special        Demonstrate financial need                                          4/15/09
                                         consideration given to students who graduate
                                         from a high school in the WW service area.
Mildred A. Marshall Light Memorial       Must be a first or second year nursing student    Min. 3.0 cumulative GPA, demonstrate          Renewable             4/15/09
Scholarship in Nursing                   or enrolled in parallel nursing courses.          financial need, and show a high probability
                                                                                           for success in the nursing profession
Morris and Adelle Ganguet Scholarship    Must be a first or second year nursing student.   Must demonstrate professional potential,      Minimum of $500       4/15/09
in Nursing                                                                                 leadership skills, and exceptional            per quarter
                                                                                           achievement in practicum                      Can be divided
Multicultural Scholarship                Student of color who exhibits achievement in      Well rounded, academic potential, active in   2 - $100              4/15/09
                                         voc. or academic transfer program, college or     school or community
                                         demonstrates improvement in a program.

Pat Hartford Memorial Scholarship        Awarded to student in good standing who           Single Parent                                 Max. $500             4/15/09
                                         resides in the Walla Walla Valley.
PEO Scholarship in Nursing               Female student or students enrolled in first or   Demonstrate excellent academic skills,                              4/15/09
                                         second year nursing program at WWCC—WW            compassion, diligence, and have financial
                                         campus only                                       need
Precision Machining Technology           Must show interest and aptitude in                See eligibility requirements                  2 - $1350             4/15/09
Scholarship by Nelson Irrigation, Inc.   manufacturing or mechanical engineering
Rasty and Nona Ketcherside Scholarship   Students who plan to pursue ag-related,           The scholarship will be given to students     Not disclosed         4/15/09
                                         nursing, business, or theology fields of study.   who reside in Waitsburg or Dayton,
Ruby Blum Memorial Scholarship for       Must be high school graduate from WWCC’s          Financial need is not a requirement. Must     $500—tuition          4/15/09
Science Majors                           service area enrolled in second year of           have proven leadership abilities/academic     award
                                         approved science program                          potential in science
The American Association of Women in     Full-time returning student at WWCC, male or      Must have minimum of 30 college credits;      $500                  4/15/09
Community Colleges Scholarship for       female (12+ credits)                              minimum 2.5 GPA. Requires separate            distributed           Call (509)527-4275 for
Returning Students                                                                         application                                   quarterly             additional handout
Updated 11/08

The Carol Desjardins Memorial               Female who supports women in education             Must be a full-time (12+ credits) student     $1500              4/15/09
Scholarship                                 through campus and community participation         and maintain a 2.5 GPA; must have 30                             Call (509)527-4275 for
                                                                                               college credits. Requires separate                               additional handout
The Curtis Tarwater Memorial Rodeo          Good academic standing; must be a WWCC             Recipients must exemplify a high standard     Not disclosed      4/15/09
Scholarship Fund                            rodeo program participant                          of dedication, hard work, and responsible
                                                                                               lifestyle along with a passion for rodeo
                                                                                               and good horsemanship.
WWCC Clarkston Center Honors                Must be a member of the Honors Club                3.5 cumulative grade point average            3- $100            4/15/09
Scholarship                                 Must be enrolled in WWCC honors program
WWCC Honors Scholarship                     Must be member of WWCC Honors Club                 Minimum 3.5 cumulative grade point            $200               4/15/09
                                            Must be enrolled in WWCC honors program            average
WWCC Merit-Based Scholarship                Must be graduating high school senior,             Award based on merit.                         $2100 per year     No later than 3/28/09
                                            academic transfer, or vocational student           Min. 3.00 grade point average                 for two years
WWCC Foundation Unrestricted                Helps students pursue a degree in any course       Students must demonstrate they are            Awards are based   4/15/09
Scholarship                                 of study offered at the main campus in Walla       making good progress toward earning a         on individual
                                            Walla or the Clarkston Center.                     degree and show initiative.                   situations.
Larry Shelly Memorial Scholarship in        Student who actively participates on the WWCC                                                    Not disclosed      4/15/09
Rodeo                                       Rodeo Team & demonstrates high moral
Leonetti Cellar Scholarship in Enology      Available for full time students who have          Must be making good academic progress         Not disclosed      4/15/09
                                            demonstrated their potential for success in the    toward degree
                                            wine industry
Narcissa Rebekah Lodge No. 2                Second year student making good progress           Available to full or part time students who   Max. $500          4/15/09
Scholarship                                 toward a degree.                                   are Washington State residents.
Don Patterson Memorial Scholarship in       Must be full time student enrolled in              Students must be making good progress         Max. $750          4/15/09
Refrigeration Air Conditioning Technology   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology.     toward degree, exemplify high standard of
                                                                                               dedication, hard work, and responsibility.
National Science Foundation Scholarship     US citizens enrolled full time in computer         Priority will be given to CET students.       Up to $3, 125      4/15/09
                                            science, computer technology, engineering,         Based on financial need.                      annually to fund
                                            engineering technology, or mathematics.                                                          two students.
Sandra McJunkin Blackaby Scholarship        Student pursuing AA/AS for transfer to a           3.0 gpa in college level courses.             3 - $500 WW        4/15/09
for Academic Excellence                     baccalaureate institution.                                                                       1 - $500 CLK

40 and 8 Scholarship in Nursing             For a student enrolled in their final quarter of                                                 $400               4/15/09
                                            the nursing program who can demonstrate
                                            financial need.
Updated 11/08

Odom Beverage Corporation Scholarship   Second year enology student who has excelled                                           $2000           4/15/09
in Enology and Viticulture              in the program and wine marketing.
Western Washington State Fair           Student pursing a degree in enology who has    Renewable for 1 year if student shows   Not disclosed   4/15/09
Scholarship in Enology                  demonstrated a proficiency for marketing/      good progress toward a degree.
Application forms can be obtained from the WWCC Foundation Office or the Financial Aid Office. For maximum consideration,
applications should be submitted to later than 4/15/08.

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