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Post-Secondary Information by Levone


									Post-Secondary Information

Counsellor Presentation
Welcome and introductions
   Counsellors
   Information package
school ....
    Possible Career Paths …
   Entry-level         Apprentice     Journeyman

                 Technical            Management
                  Institute           Leadership
 High                                   Training
School           College

                 University         Professions ie:
      High                              Doctor
     School                          Accountant
    Upgrading                          Teacher
Post-High School

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road
   will do”

Ancient Chinese Proverb
University of Calgary

   Online at
   Begins Nov 1 – Deadline April 1
   Deadline for scholarships Dec 1
   Fee = $100.00
   ID# Password
   Application Process
   High school admission averages – range from 70 – 80%
   Official Transcript from Alberta Education
   Student for a day, Nov 19 - 22
University of Calgary
Post Secondary requirements

   Five 30 level (5 credit) courses are required at
    virtually all universities in Canada
   Required subjects are area specific and will vary
    depending on the faculty
   Pure Math 30 vs Applied Math 30
   Summer School Math 31
University of Calgary
Entrance Example: Culture and Communication
   English 30-1
   Pure or Applied Math 30 or Language (30 level)
   Two of
        Social 30
        Biology 30
        Physics 30
        Chemistry 30
        Science 30
        Math 31
        Second Language 30
   Fifth Grade 12 subject (Non academic category) All except special projects
   Cut-off at 70% 2007 dependent on division of C&C
Entrance Example: General Technology Studies

   High School Diploma or Equivalent with a
    minimum of 60% in
       English 30-1 and Math 30 Pure, or less
       English 30-2 and Math 30 Applied

    *Please note – Some programs have more rigorous
       standards than others

   54% of first year students at SAIT have some post-
    secondary education
   10% of first time students have a university degree
   11% of first year students arrive direct from high
   99% of graduates are employed within 9 months of
Mount Royal College
Entrance Examples

   High School Diploma or 18yrs of age and out of school
   Most programs require a selection of five 30 level academic
    and complementary courses
   Many programs have specialized requirements such as
       Interviews
       Specific Courses
       Auditions
       Portfolios
       Resumes
       Applied degrees
St Mary’s University College
   Bachelor of Arts Degrees
   27 Disciplines and Programs
   Degree Programs
     General Studies (3 yrs)
     History (3 yrs)
     English (3 or 4 yrs)
     Psychology (3 yrs)
   Other Programs
     2 yr Biological Science transfer
     2 yr Business transfer
   Future B Ed in progress
   Open House – March 1, 2008 (10.00am – 2.00pm)
International Baccalaureate (IB)
   Admission and recognition for Full Diploma students varies
    from university to university
   University Of Alberta
   Admitted on Predicted IB points :official school letterhead or
    IB Grade forms (
   Final IB transcripts (
   5 required subjects for program
   Admitted on highest scores presented (Alberta Ed. Or IB)
   Transfer Credit ( can be up to a Year with a grade of 6 or
    7) U. of C. ( Grade of 5 or Higher)
IB Grade Conversion Chart
University of Alberta

          IB Grade          Alberta Equivalent
             7                     98%
             6                     90%
             5                     82%
             4                     73%
             3                     55%
             2          Not accepted for admission
             1          Not accepted for admission
University of Lethbridge
   Offers more than 150 programs in Arts and Science, Fine
    Arts, Pre-Management, Health Sciences (including Nursing),
    Pre-Engineering and Education (elementary and secondary)
   Application online @ or paper
   Fee $60 - non-refundable
   Apply from Oct 15, 2007 - Deadline June 1, 2008
   Apply before Dec 15 - eligible for Board of Governors award
    of $1000. Usually need around 75% average
   On the spot admissions Thurs Nov 15 at Glenmore Inn and
    Convention Centre. No need for official transcripts
University of Lethbridge (cont)
   65% minimum required admission average (Math 30 Applied
    acceptable as 5th course)
   Math 30 Pure still needed for some programs though does not
    have to count in calculation of average
   Other awards
   Early Entrance Awards ($1000 - $5000) Apply by March 1
    High School Applicant Awards Apply by June 1 Grade 11
    Merit Award ($800) Apply by June 30
   Accommodation – apply now online. 332 beds for first yr
    students. Traditional $956/sem. (not incl meals - extra
    $1000/sem). Have an off campus site as well.
University of Alberta

   Agriculture, Forestry, Home Economics
   Arts, Business, Education, Engineering
   Native Studies, Nursing, Pharmacy and
    Pharmaceutical sciences
   Physical Education and Recreation, Science and
    Rehabilitation Medicine
   Also professional programs in Law and Medicine
    and Dentistry
   Augustana Campus in Camrose
University of Alberta

   Application online @ or
   Fee $100 non-refundable
   Apply from Nov 07 - Deadline 1 May 08 for most
   High School Averages required for admission range
    from 70 -80%
   Accommodation – apply now (need student ID)
University of Alberta
Courses required for admission (examples)

   Engineering                    Arts
       Eng 30-1                        Eng 30-1 + 4 from
       Chem 30                         Math 30
       Phys 30                         Math 31
       Math 30 Pure                    Bio 30
       Math 31                         Phys 30
                                       Chem 30
                                       Sci 30
                                       Soc 30
                                       Lang 30
                                       Fine Arts 30
Most scholarships are awarded based on 3 criteria

   Academic Achievement
   Extracurricular Involvement
   Community Service
Scholarship and Bursary Information
Definition of awards
   Scholarship – A scholarship is a monetary award given to a student primarily on
    the basis of academic standing. Leadership and citizenship are often considered.
   Bursary – A bursary is a monetary award given to a student who has attained a
    certain level of achievement and is in need of financial assistance to continue their
   Competitive Award - An award based on academic merit. Other criteria, such as
    extracurricular activities, leadership involvement, financial need and contribution
    to the community or campus life, will be considered if they are included among
    conditions for receiving the award. Students must complete an application to be
    considered for a competitive award.
   Nominated Award - An award based solely on academic merit and normally
    associated with a specific faculty. The faculty makes selection automatically
    without need for application by the student.
   Prize – A prize is an award given in recognition of some specific superior
    accomplishment. Prizes may be in the form of such things as books, plaques,
    subscriptions or money.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Tips to enhance your opportunities
   Get involved in co-curricular, extracurricular and community activities.
   Seek volunteer opportunities in your parish, youth groups, hospitals,
    service organizations, etc.
   Have your parents inquire about scholarships offered by their employers.
    Check at your workplace for available scholarships.
   Post-secondary institutions have their scholarships posted online. Access
    the college or university you are planning to attend for more information.
Scholarships and Bursaries
General Information
    are usually not accepted beyond these dates. Remember that
    the dates are subject to change, and it is the student’s
    responsibility to confirm these well in advance. Some
    deadlines refer to "post it by the date", other providers want
    "receive by the date."

   More detailed scholarship information and application forms
    can be found in the Student Services Department.

   Unless otherwise stated, applications are available online or
    at Student Services.
Scholarships and Bursaries
General Information (cont)
    UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. Most are quite complex and
    involve portfolios, letters of recommendation and summary
    data. Plan to work a minimum of one to two hours on each
    application. Keep copies of all your applications as similar
    requests may be made on other scholarship forms.

   New scholarships are announced frequently in the Monthly
    Newsletter and the Desired to Learn Platform (D2L).

   Most scholarships require a Social Insurance Number. Apply
    for a SIN now if you do not have one.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Tips for seeking Letters of Recommendation
   Confirm with your referee(s) that they are comfortable in providing you
    with a letter of reference.
   Give the referee(s) all the pertinent information regarding the scholarship
    for which you are applying.
   Give the referee(s) a written list of your accomplishments from which
    they may choose to improve the reference. Organize this list according to
    the criteria required for scholarship application.
   Indicate whether your referee(s) should address the letter "To Whom It
    May Concern" or to a specific person. Indicate the exact address and
    include a stamped envelope if the referee is to mail the letter directly.
    DAY. Give the referee time to do the job well – 2 weeks if possible!
   Write a thankyou letter to your donor.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Tips on reporting community and extra-curricular involvement

   List the organizations, teams, clubs or agencies in which you

   Include information about the length and nature of your
    involvement. (e.g., 2 times weekly, for 6 months, coached)

   Specify leadership or organizational responsibilities.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Internet resources
Check the following websites for other Canadian scholarship

Scholarships and Bursaries
Assessing internet information
   Beware of Scholarship Websites requiring payment for
    information. The above sites are free, up to date and contain
    comprehensive information on Canadian awards.

   After registering at a specific site, check the information
    regularly. Most sites notify you when a new scholarship you
    qualify for comes online.

   Update your information. Any change in your status (for
    example, your grades improve, you decide on a different
    college) may create a change in scholarships available to you.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Alexander Rutherford Scholarship
   This scholarship was established by the Alberta Government for all
    graduating students entering post-secondary institutions

   Students are eligible to receive funding for academic achievements
    accomplished in Grade 10, 11 and 12

   Applications to the scholarship are made in April 2008 and monies would
    be distributed in November 2008 upon verification of post-secondary

   Refer to www. for more information
Scholarships and Bursaries
Loans and grants
   A loan is advanced on the understanding that the money will be repaid upon the completion
    of one’s studies. The Federal and Provincial governments both provide student loan plans.
    Some financial institutions also offer student loan plans.
        Loan applications must be submitted before June 30, 2008
        To be eligible for loan and grant assistance, students must:
               Be an Alberta resident.
               Prove financial need.
               Be enrolled as a full time student.
                     How much assistance can I receive??
                          Your Allowable Expenses – Your Resources = Your Allowance
                           (loans and/or grants)
                          Two automatic bursaries for Alberta students:
                          The Alberta Opportunities Bursary
                          Canada Millennium Bursary
   To discuss student loan application inquiries, phone toll free 1-800-222-6485. Also refer to for an Alberta Service Center near you.
   Also
   Who orders? You do
   When do I order? Before you leave school in June
   Where do I order? Alberta Learning website
   What do I need to order? Dept of Education Number
   ***Make sure you document all correspondence
    with Alberta Education. And the post-secondary
    institution to which you are applying
Out of Province
Post-Secondary Fair

   Featuring universities from across Canada
    (except Alberta)
   Tuesday, November 13, 2007
     6:30 – 8:30 pm
       In gathering area @
       Bishop O’Byrne High School
Alberta Post-Secondary Fair
   Bishop Grandin High School
   Thurs Dec 6 (7.00pm – 8.30pm)
Contact Information
Ph 252 4320
   Helen Mackinnon, Department Head Counselling
    ext. 325
   Charlene Mackinnon, Counsellor
    ext 323
   Peter Rose, Counsellor
    ext 322
   (Phil St. Louis, Counsellor)
    ext 322
   Lisa Iannone, Counsellor
    ext. 326

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