Compliance Template by moneu


									                                                     University of New Mexico
                                        Internal Service Center Rate Status Review

Index No(s):                                                        Current Rate(s):
Center Name:                                                                       Internal:
Prepared By:                                                                      External:
Phone:                                                              Date:

                                                                          Revenue                    Expense
                                                                        thru (DATE)                thru (DATE)
                                                                      enter as a credit (-)    enter as debit (+) unless
 Account Code                                                         unless negative amt             credit amt                Balance
   0410              Federal Grants Contracts
   05XX, 07Z0,
   08Z0              Cash External Sales
  06XX               Internal Service Center Sales                               (300,000)
   2XXX              Salaries, Wages, and Benefits
   (except 8045)     Expenses                                                                               350,000
   8045              Interdepartment Support
                     Other (ex., unbilled revenue, unposted
                     expense, deficit reduction, etc.)
                                                           Totals                (300,000)                  350,000
                                                                            Total Actual (Revenue) or Deficit                         50,000

 11XX                Transfers/Subsidies
                                                           Totals                (300,000)                  350,000
                                                                                      Total (Revenue) or Deficit                      50,000
                                                                                                                           must be
                                                                                                                           transferred to a
                                                                                                                           Plant Fund by
                     Depreciation Allowance                         ________% of rate                         20,000       year end
                     Operating Reserves                             ________% of rate                         20,000
                                                           Totals                                             40,000
                                                                                Total Net (Revenue) or Deficit                        90,000

                     less 10% Under / Over Allowance                              (35,000)                    35,000
                                                                                                                 delta                55,000

If delta is > 0, you are showing a deficit and may need to increase your rate or transfer in funding. If delta is < 0, you are
indicating a surplus, and may need to decrease your rate.

Action Plan:

                     Reviewed by: _______________________________________                      Date: ____________________________

       7389677a-60a4-4d7a-ba0e-13dcfa1ff7a4.xls                                                                              11/16/2008

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