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Audit Submission from Four Estates Steering Committee, Part 1

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									Audit Submission from Four Estates Steering Committee, Part 1. 23.07.08.

                                            From: Antony Lane,
                                                  78 Bowsprit Point,
                                                   167 Westferry Road,
                                                     Isle of Dogs,
                                                   London E14 8NU.

                                            Telephone : 020 7538 3852

                                                       23 July 2008
John Goodwin,
Principal Housing Inspector,
Island Homes Inspection, July 08,
Audit Commission,
1st Floor,
Millbank Tower,
London SW1 4HQ

Dear Sir,

       Please find included the first part of a submission from the ‘Four Estates
Steering Group’ , a working group representing the residents and Estate
Management Organizations of the four estates comprising Island Homes : the
Barkantine, Kingsbridge, Saint John‟s, and Samuda estates.

     We include here the following:
1/ „ SLA Battle „.
   Observations and commentary on Island Homes meetings and events, November
   2007 to mid 2008.
   Includes supporting documents relating to this commentary.

2/ Problems raised by Estate Committees, and supporting documents.
   Notably, the Four Estates motion criticizing OHG and calling for a performance
   Review of the Managing Director.

3/ Chronology . A brief summary of some notable events in the history of Island

4/ Disk with background information , especially material referred to in the „SLA
   Battle‟ document , but there is other useful and interesting material.

5/ List : Contents of Disk.

                                                             Page 1     .
We would also like to mention the following:

A/ Please read the Offer Document , also called the „Proposal to Tenants‟, and
particularly note sections: 2.1…provision of efficient, local, responsive service…,
Direct involvement of residents in two ways: through Estate Management
Organisations…..and through having residents in the majority on the board of
Toynbee Island Homes. 5.2…led by and be accountable to residents. 6.11 Toynbee
Island Homes would be bound to keep the promises set out in this document and the
Council could take legal action against them if they do not.

B/ Note :Original NHF Rules TIH Ltd ;eg Objects A2, and Powers B1.

C/ Note : Amended Rules ( included in Board Meeting Docs June 07 ) ; eg addition
of B2.6 which allows TIH to „provide security for borrowings or performance of the
obligations of a third party…..‟

 D/ The Four Estates Steering Group sent a deputation to the London Borough of
Tower Hamlets Council meeting of 25th June 2008 which said :
    “We the residents of Island Homes, call on the LBTH to fulfill its role as an
overseer by: a) Investigating the actions and failings of both the Managing Director of
Island Homes and of the „parent‟ One Housing Group. b) Instigating a process of
mediation between One Housing Group/Island Homes and the residents‟ groups
mentioned in the Offer Document ( estate management organizations ). c) Suspending
partnership activities with One Housing Group pending a successful outcome of

E/ Civilised society depends on trust. To maintain trust people in authority must
keep their promises. Conversely if public authorities and executives say one thing to
get what they want, but then do the opposite once they have got what they wanted,
that leads a really bad example. It clearly works against the development of a
genuine community . We have no trust whatsoever in the executives and chairman of
One Housing Group. Their actions against the residents, the board members , and the
principles of Island Homes as a truly Resident led RSL are appalling. OHG is unfit to
be the parent of a Resident led RSL and they are incapable of dealing honestly and
openly with residents.

F/ A preferred outcome would be for One Housing Group to be closed down, and
for Island Homes to find a reliable „parent‟ which would not exploit us, but assist us
and allow us to be autonomous, self sufficient and efficient.

G/ Failing outcome „F‟ above we would ask the Audit Commission to support our
calls for mediation to the LBTH and to the Housing Corporation. Also to support our
call for a return to full Resident led status as per the Offer Document.

H/ “Resident led” RSLs could work very well and deliver not just short term good
physical services and value for money, but longer term resident involvement , sense
of pride and ownership, stability, security, less damage and anti social behaviour, and
a true sense of community.
                                                                Page 2
I/ We would also recommend that the Audit Commission team interview several
people not mentioned in your timetable. For example
  - The three first Chairpeople of TIH Board , namely ; Barbara Brown, Arthur
      Coppin, and especially Bob Gould.
  - All the sacked IH board members: Kay Morrison, Bob Gould, Maggie Phillips,
  - Karin Golding, Antony Lane, Dierdre Benjamin ( Residents ) ,and Mohammed
      Aziz ( co-opted member)..
  - All the members of the Estate Management Organisations.
  - Alice Bigelow, local consultant.
  - Any resident who wants to be interviewed.

  Thankyou for your attention to our submission
  If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to call.

          Yours sincerely

                         Antony Lane
         On behalf of the Four Estates Steering Group

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