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The Area Team Leaders’ (East of England) [‘ATLEE’] Meeting will take place at

                          The Boardroom, Victory House, Histon

                         from 1:00pm on Tuesday 28th April 2009

A light buffet lunch, to be shared with Chairs after the Aimhigher Regional Partnership Group
[ARPG] meeting, will be available from around 12.15.


   1. Apologies for absence

   2. Minutes of the last meeting

   3. Aimhigher East of England Regional Conference (Steve Kendall)

   4. Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Group feedback (Maggie Weston)

   5. Status updates from areas.
      Verbal, limited to 5 minutes maximum per area, to share news from Areas.

   6. Action on Access update (if applicable) - John Storan

   7. Summer Schools Meeting (Julian Illman)

   8. ATLEE agenda items – Discussion on future agenda items (Julian Illman)

   9. Any other business

       Admissible only with the permission of the Working Chair given at least 3 working days
       in advance of the meeting.

   10. Date and venue of the next ATLEE meeting
       13th July, 2009 at 10:00am – Venue: EEDA Offices (To be confirmed)

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