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									   Specialist Schools & Academies Trust: case study template

                                                                     Help prompts:

Title                                                                Something snappy yet

What is the project?                                                 Outline the project in 1-2

Key objectives                                                       Why was the project

Actions taken                                                        Tell the story.

                                                                     Describe how you
                                                                     planned and carried out
                                                                     the project.

Evidence of success                                                  Describe the benefits.

                                                                        Did it meet its
                                                                        Impact on pupils
                                                                        Impact on the
                                                                        Performance

What did and didn’t                                                  Relate aspects of the
work                                                                 project which did and
                                                                     didn’t work and possible

                                                                     Consider the barriers and
                                                                     challenges to the project.

The future                                                           Is the project being
                                                                     developed or continued?
                                                                     What changes are you

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Other information                                                   Other information you
                                                                    consider important to the

Does your case                                                      We would love to hear if
                            6 months                                the project develops
study need to be
revisited?                  1 year                                  further.
                                                                    If you tick one of the
                            2 years                                 boxes we will get in touch
                                                                    at the appropriate time to
                                                                    discuss updating this case
                                                                    study – but you will be
                                                                    under no obligation to

Did you work with a                                                 If so, please provide
member of the Trust                                                 details – it helps if we
staff?                                                              have any queries about
                                                                    the study.

Was a sponsor                                                       Please give details of any
involved in this                                                    sponsor involvement.
School name
Context of school                                                   Include details such as
                                                                    age range, school type,
                                                                    catchment and, if
                                                                    relevant, performance.
Contact at school
Contact email

  Please email this form to

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1. Writing a good case study:
The purpose of the case study is to disseminate good practice and share valuable
lessons across the network of affiliated schools. Case studies are published on the
Specialist Schools & Academies Trust (The Trust) schools network website: and other sites as appropriate.

        A good case study will contain enough information about the context and focus of
         activity to be meaningful to an outside audience

        In order to be useful to other schools it should be objective

        The report needs to ‘travel’ beyond the school itself so only include stand-alone
         information and be aware of your reading audience

        The case study should be between 600-800 words

        Try to stick to the template format but do not worry if you cannot complete all

        The Web Editor and education specialists at the Trust will review all case studies
         to ensure they meet the criteria

2. Legal requirements:

Consent from individuals mentioned:
In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 we need consent from individuals
mentioned in a case study, or appearing in photographs / video before uploading that
case study on our website. There are consent forms available for people under 16 and
over 16.
     If you are a school / organisation working directly with the Trust’s web team you
       may request these from the
     If you are a school / organisation working with a Trust member of staff (for
       example, Regional Coordinator) they will be able to advise on forms required

3. Using graphics:
If you would like to include graphics with the case studies please do not embed them in a
document – send them as separate files (logos as gif files and photos as jpg files).
If you have been asked to write the case study by a someone working for SSAT please
send the file to them.
However, if you are sending the case study independently please send the files to the
Web Editor -, with details of your school name, case study
description and descriptions about the pictures.
Please also ensure you have read and complied with the legal requirements for
photographs given in section 2.

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