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									Example interview questions

As we said, please give some thought to how you structure your answers. Please keep in mind that we are
looking for specific examples and that they need to be structured in such a way that they reflect:

a)     The situation
       (what were you given to do, where were you working, etc)
b)     Your behaviour towards the situation
       (how did you react, what practical measures did you put in place, what did you have to do, etc)
c)     The conclusion
       (i.e. what was the outcome, was it positive?)

1.    Tell me about a time when you showed initiative at work.

2.    Tell me about a time when you were faced with a difficult client/customer/work colleague and
      how did you react?

3.    Describe a time when you worked in a successful team and what part did you play?
4.   Tell me about a task that you were given to do and how did you plan everything to ensure you
     met the end goal?

5.   Give an example of a task that was given to you that you didn’t really enjoy doing. What didn’t
     you enjoy and how did you motivate yourself to do it?

6.   Tell me about a time when you worked under pressure to meet a certain deadline. Were there
     obstacles that prevented you from reaching this? How did you handle these obstacles?

7.   When your manager is out of the office, how do you deal with his/her emails/letters that come

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