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									                                                        THE DANCING NATION

  Dance can offer much to the rest of the                                                             Dance is a popular activity for some 5 million
curriculum through collaboration and cross-                                                                       regular participants.
            curricular projects.                                                                      (Central Council of Physical Recreation : 1995)
                                                 Boys don't have a problem with dance.
                                                         Everyone else does.
                                                       (English National Ballet : 1994)
     Dance is part of the National                                                                         The dancer is a competitive, goal-
  Curriculum and can be studied up to                                                                    orientated, hard-working, disciplined
               PhD level.                                                                                   professional with a high level of
                                                                                                      (1995 International Organisation of Professional

    Dance is now more evident                                                                           There are more than 200 dance companies
       than 25 years ago.                                 DID YOU KNOW ? ……                                            in the U.K.
                                                                                                                    (LSE/LAB 1996)

 79% of all adults considered that arts and                                                           The range of styles e.g. Bhangra to ballroom to
cultural activities can help to bring together                                                         African to contemporary, accommodates the
        people in local communities.                                                                       complexity and diversity of the nation.
       (1991 RSGB Ominibus Survey)
                                                         Dance is one of the most natural
                                                                 human activities.
Dance is the human activity most likely to                                                                  Dance is a powerful way of
              promote joy.                                                                                 communicating feelings and
    (Prof. Argyle : Social Psychology)
                                                                                                                expressing ideas.
                                                 As a form of exercise, dance is more accessible to
                                                          a wider age range than sport.

                                                                               (BRITISH DANCE NETWORK : THE DANCING NATION - DANCE UK)

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