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									                                                                                                                           Chabot College Unit Plan, Part II
2009-11 Program Review & Unit Planning Years 2 or 3
Unit/Area: Grant Development Office and Chabot College Foundation
Division/Area to Which You Report: Institutional Research and Grants & President’s Office
Author(s) of this Unit Plan: Yvonne Wu Craig, Heidi Finberg, Carolyn Arnold
Today’s Date: April 8, 2009
School Year Program Review Completed: 2008-09
 Audience: IPBC; Program Review Committee; Deans/Unit Administrators; Budget Committee
Purpose: To provide evidence of progress on from previous year and to provide input into planning for subsequent years.
Instructions: If you have completed your first year of program review, please answer the questions below. If you are updating/changing your timeline, list
the appropriate year in which revisions were made.

1A. Problem Statement: Summarize your original (Y1) Program Review conclusions.
1B. Analysis: What was the basis for these conclusions?
With the increasing collaboration with Chabot College Foundation, it is important that both offices have a coordinated mechanism for capturing
the funding needs and prospects of the college. Faculty and staff may approach one or both offices with their funding needs. However, needs
may not always be coordinated between offices. A shared database capturing these needs would be useful. Heidi and I were able to preview a
Banner alumni database that could be adapted for grants purposes. When implemented, the database will be helpful in keeping track of funding

As the strategic planning process becomes well developed and targeted, it will require targeted grants research which will help with improving
the efficiency of the Grants Development Office (GDO). Presently, the GDO scans for federal and state grant opportunities in general yet does
not fully capitalize on soliciting specific funding from foundations. With more targeted needs assessment and identification of funding priorities
in coordination with the Foundation, the GDO will be more effective in targeting letters of intent to specific foundations in order to forward
college initiatives.

Therefore, increasing coordination with the Chabot College Foundation will be all the more necessary since the Foundation would be the fiscal
agent on most of these applications. To that end, the Chabot College Grant Development Office and the Chabot College Foundation have
collaborated on a Development Plan that lists our funding priorities and fundraising activities. The plan is detailed in this document

2. What have you been able to accomplish this year? How are these accomplishments related to your previous program review and unit
planning work?

The GDO was able to accomplish many of the goals set out in the previous program review and unit planning work. A summary of
accomplishments is listed on the next page.
                                                                                                                     Chabot College Unit Plan, Part II
     Updated and maintained the grants website
     Researched grant opportunities and disseminated grant alerts
     Conducted campus inreach about the grants process and funding opportunities
     Created an individual grants matrix of opportunities open to individual faculty and staff
     Drafted internal grant forms
     Integrated proposing grant ideas into unit planning
     Grant writing workshop held during Flex Day
     Publishes a Year-End Grants Newsletter annually
     Developed and submitted over 17 proposals since 2006
     XX% of proposals funded since 2006
     Developed and submitted the successfully funded Title III proposal
     Increasing collaboration with the Chabot College Foundation
     Attended several regional and national resource development conferences to support the Grant Developer/Writer’s professional
     Held membership on the HSI Committee that is developing proposals for HSI funding as well as furthering HSI initiatives on campus
     66% of college administrators, faculty and staff who responded strongly agreed or agreed that the Grant Development Office writes grant
       proposals to support major college priorities
     83% of college personnel were very satisfied or satisfied with the services that the GDO provided. Sixty-seven percent indicated that they
       had never used it

In light of these results, it is evident that the more needs to be done about communicating the grant initiation and development office processes
and services. Some faculty and staff may be unaware of how or even when to come seek GDO services. They may also be unclear of what
services the GDO provides. Additionally, efforts should be made to maintain the large number of proposals submitted and funded.

3. What are your new or continuing unit goals? What do you plan on accomplishing? Please detail how you will accomplish these goals in
the timeline on the next page.
Goal 1: Identify college needs and funding priorities as guided by strategic plan
Goal 2: Research grant opportunities from federal, state, and foundation sources
Goal 3: Increase funding to support college programs and initiatives
Goal 4: Support faculty and staff to apply for grants
Goal 5: Increase the efficiency and efficacy of the Grants Office
Goal 6: Increased coordination with the Chabot College Foundation
Goal 7: Increase knowledge and awareness of fundraising processes to the college
                                                                                                                            Chabot College Unit Plan, Part II

4. How do these goals support the college Strategic Plan goals?
The Grants Development Office activities support all Strategic Plan goals. Grant-seeking initiatives are guided by the Strategic Plan goals,
strategies and objectives and the Grants Subcommittee prioritizes grant writing activities according to the Strategic Plan. Therefore, the entire
mission of the GDO supports the advancement of the entire Strategic Plan.

5. Solution: How will you accomplish your goals?
Unit Action Plan Timeline
    No.     Timeline                                Milestone Activity                     Person(s) Responsible   Accomplished?     Revised?         Do you need
                                                                                                                      Yes/No/        Yes / No       additional funds
                                                                                                                    In Progress*                     to support this
                                                                                                                                     If yes, list       activity?
                                                                                                                                   revision year         Yes/No

                                                                                                                                                     If, yes, what
1            2009-11        Continue fundraising and grant activities to support the      GDO, Foundation          In Progress                            No
                            following strategic plan priorities:
                            Foundation priorities: Textbook rental program,
                            scholarships, employee giving campaign, alumni program
                            Grant writing priorities: HSI proposals, TRIO, workforce
                            development, strategic plan initiatives
2.1       Summer 2009       In coordination with the Chabot College Foundation, create GDO, Foundation             In Progress                            No
                            and maintain a database that lists state, federal, and
                            foundation funding opportunities and campus funding
2.2          2009-11        Increase the number of Grant Alerts sent to the college       GDO                                                             No

3.1           2009          Develop and write major college grant proposals: TRIO         GDO                      In Progress                            No
                            SSS, TRIO ETS, TRIO EOC, & HSI grants

3.2          2009-11        Continue spearheading Foundation semi-annual community Foundation                                                             No
                            fundraising events
                            - Fall Starlight Club
                            -Spring Blooming Affaire
                                                                                                                                     Chabot College Unit Plan, Part II
    No.        Timeline                                Milestone Activity                           Person(s) Responsible   Accomplished?     Revised?         Do you need
                                                                                                                               Yes/No/        Yes / No       additional funds
                                                                                                                             In Progress*                     to support this
                                                                                                                                              If yes, list       activity?
                                                                                                                                            revision year         Yes/No

                                                                                                                                                              If, yes, what
3.3             2009-11          Assist with the coordination of campus program fundraising Foundation                                                             No
                                 - Puente
                                 - Striving Black Brothers Coalition
                                 - Auto-Tech Scholarship event
4         Oct, Nov, Feb, March   Campus Inreach Campaign: Sponsor annual grant writing              GDO, Foundation         In Progress                            No
           and April 2009-10     and fundraising webinars in coordination with the Chabot
                                 College Foundation

5.1             2009-11          Maintain a XX% successful grant proposal funding rate              GDO                     In Progress                            No

5.2             2009-11          Attend the CRD national and regional conferences as well           GDO                     In Progress                      Yes – Travel
                                 as grant application workshops                                                                                               and Conf

6.2           May 1, 2009-11     Publish a Year-End Grants and Foundation Funding Report GDO, Foundation                    In Progress                            No

7         Oct, Nov, Feb, March   Campus Inreach Campaign: Increase knowledge and                    GDO, Foundation         In Progress                            No
           and April 2009-10     awareness of fundraising processes to the college by
                                 conducting a “How to Access Fundraising” workshop in
                                 conjunction with sponsored webinars (see #4)
* Note: As you may be carrying over or planning new activities for this planning cycle, this column should list that all activities are “In Progress.”
** List types such as “equipment,” “supplies,” “staffing,” “contractual services,” etc…

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