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                                  Center for Nursing Research

Overview. The Center for Nursing Research was established in April, 2006 as an operating unit
within the College of Nursing to promote the development and expansion of the research and
scholarship activities of the College's faculty and students, to serve as a locus for scholarly
inquiry, and to stimulate externally funded studies by faculty. The Center for Nursing Research
serves faculty through consultation to faculty members and review and critique of grant
proposals, manuscripts, and abstracts. The Center serves as the first-line of discussion of research
and related projects, provides resources (e.g., grant review and critique, research assistant
services, budgetary consultation) and other assistance needed in the design and preparation of
grants, abstracts, manuscripts, and presentations. The Center for Nursing Research maintains an
active database of current faculty research participation, submitted research grants and updated
faculty curriculum vitae. This ensures that current data are available to monitor the scholarly
productivity of faculty and the progress of the College of Nursing in realizing its goals for
research and scholarship. This information used in the preparation of reports (to College of
Nursing administration, external evaluation processes, internal program evaluation). The Center
is directed by a tenured senior faculty member at high rank who reports to the Dean of the
College of Nursing

Activities. Specific activities of the Center for Nursing Research include scientific review and
critique of grant proposals, initiation and coordination of internal grant review committee
meetings, planning research-related brown bag and other workshops and seminars (in
collaboration with the Faculty Development Committee when indicated), assistance with
implementation of research projects including budgetary oversight, and coordination of graduate
research assistant services. The Center for Nursing Research is able to provide assistance in
preliminary preparation of grant budgets and time lines. In addition, the Center for Nursing
Research serves the role of providing research consultation and support on research design,
conduct, and data management and analysis; information on funding sources and grant
application processes; advice on faculty development and career planning related to research;
and the dissemination of research and funding information.

Policies and Operating Procedures
Grant Submissions. All grants applications (internal and external) must be discussed with the
Director of the Center for Nursing Research before the grant is forwarded to the Dean for review
and signature. An internal transmittal form that outlines the process must be completed by each
faculty member who is preparing an internal grant application (Veritas grant, Vital grant,
summer research fellowship grant, research seed fund grant) or an external grant application
(NIH, STTI, private foundation, etc.). The grant and its impact on work load or teaching
schedule must be discussed with and approved by the appropriate Program Director or Directors
before the grant proposal is submitted to the Dean. Because of the schedules of the Dean and
others involved in the process, it is essential that ample time be allowed through advance
planning. The Dean, Program Director(s) and Director of the Center for Nursing Research should
Center for Nursing Research                                                               2

be informed of your plans to prepare and submit a grant proposal well before the projected
submission date so that its review can be included in their schedules.

An internal transmittal/tracking form designed to guide faculty through the College of Nursing
grant review and approval process must be completed and submitted in the following sequence to
the Director of the Center for Nursing Research, the appropriate Program Director or Directors,
and the Dean along with internal or external grant proposals. This internal transmittal/tracking
form does not replace the University-wide transmittal form that must be submitted to the Office
of Research and Special Projects by faculty submitting grants for external funding. The College
of Nursing's internal transmittal/tracking form is intended to facilitate the grant submission
process by ensuring adequate and timely review of all external grant proposals.

The following steps are essential for timely review and approval of grant proposals:
    Notify the Director of the Center for Nursing Research, Dean and Program Director as
       soon as you decided to apply for a grant.
    If online submission, obtain registration number from ORSP; the on-line registration
       process may take some time, so please plan your schedule accordingly.
    Schedule an appointment with the Director of the Center for Nursing Research to discuss
       the grant application and approval processes.
    Meet with Director of the Center to discuss the budget for the project.
    Meet with ORSP staff for preliminary discussion of budget.
    Discuss the impact of the proposed study, if funded, on work load with the Program
       Director(s) and obtain approval.
    Prepare budget and meet with ORSP staff to verify accuracy of budget (1 month prior to
       deadline for mailing proposal) NOTE: ORSP requests 7 working days prior to grant
       deadline to review the final budget and the Director of ORSP must sign the face sheet
       that is then submitted to the funding agency.
    Finalize grant proposal and submit with budget, and completed College of Nursing
       transmittal/tracking form and the ORSP transmittal form to 1) Director of Center for
       Nursing Research, 2) Program Director(s), and 3) Dean.
    Submit copies of final grant proposal to the Dean and the Center for Nursing Research.

Submission of Grants and Biosketches to Center. A copy of all internal and external grants
submitted by faculty must be submitted to be kept on file in the Center for Nursing Research for
use in preparation of reports. Each faculty member involved in or anticipating participation in
research activities should also submit a current biosketch (NIH form) to the Center for Nursing
Research for use in preparation of grants. The NIH biosketch form can be obtained from the
Center for Nursing Research or through the NIH website:

Review of Manuscripts, Abstracts, and Presentations. The Director of the Center for Nursing
Research is available to read and critique manuscripts, abstracts, and presentations related to
faculty members' research and scholarship.

Statistical Consultation. The Center for Nursing Research will assist faculty members in
statistical and qualitative analysis of data when possible or assist faculty in identifying
appropriate consultants for this purpose. When possible, it is recommended that faculty use as
Center for Nursing Research                                                                3

statistical consultants faculty from other colleges or departments (e.g., mathematics) within the
University. A list of statistical consultants from the University is available from the Center for
Nursing Research.

Request for Research Assistant Services. Faculty may submit requests for services of the
graduate research assistant assigned to the Center for Nursing Research and tuition scholars,
when available. All requests must be submitted electronically to allow tracking of the requests.
The request should include the following information: services requested (e.g., literature search,
data entry, other), title of project for which services are requested, estimate of amount of time
services are needed, key words to be used if request is for literature search. If requesting a
literature search, faculty must be prepared to review citations forwarded by research assistant and
to identify specific articles requested. The research assistant will provide faculty members with
electronic files containing the requested articles for printing by the faculty member.

Faculty Summary of Research Involvement. In order to enable the College of Nursing to respond
to queries about research efforts among faculty and to forward relevant information about
research and funding opportunities to appropriate faculty, all faculty are asked to submit a brief
description of current research studies and activities. If you are not currently working on a
research project, please complete the form and submit it to the Center for Nursing Research so an
accurate data base of faculty research can be maintained.

Research Development Grants. During 206-2007, small grants will be made available to faculty;
the purpose of these competitive grants is for faculty to obtain preliminary data for preparation of
subsequent grant proposals for external funding. Policies and guidelines for preparation of these
small grant proposals will be available on the College of Nursing Intranet. Research proposals
submitted for Research Development Grants will be reviewed by the Director of the Center for
Nursing Research and an Ad Hoc Grant Review Committee of the College of Nursing. A
summary of the review along with a recommendation about funding will be forwarded to the
Dean of the College of Nursing.

Grant Review Committee. Faculty with research expertise and involved in research will be asked
to serve on an Ad Hoc Grant Review Committee, which will review and critique grant proposals
submitted for internal or external funding and the Center's Research Seed Fund. This review is
an important step in improving grant proposals and can improve the research and writing skills
of those reviewing and critiquing grants as well as those who are submitting grants. In order for
the review to be effective and productive, faculty submitting grants for internal or external
funding need to plan this step into their preparation of grant proposals.

October 10, 2006