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                                      Meeting of August 18, 2003
                                  E. O. Thompson Building, 4th Floor
                                            920 Colorado
                                            Austin, Texas

                                     Summary of Minutes
       Presiding Officer, Michael Jones called the meeting to order at 10:17 a.m., August 18, 2003.

        Presiding Officer, Michael Jones called roll of the Board. Members present were Presiding
Officer Michael Jones, Michael West, Jim Sample, Renee Jones Introligator, and James Bippus. Absent
this meeting was Board member Hank Madeley. A quorum was seated.

       Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 3, Approval of Minutes of the November
16, 2000 and August 20, 2002 meetings. Board member Renee Jones Introligator made a motion that the
minutes be accepted as written. Board member Jim Sample seconded the motion. Board member James
Bippus abstained from voting since he was not a member of the Board in 2000. The motion passed with a
unanimous vote.

        Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 4, Public Comment. Linda Kennemore,
licensed auctioneer, made comments regarding the Hill College Grants, TAA grants, and other grants
given. Evelyn Heath made additional comments regarding Hill College Grant. Shorty Yeaman,
President-Elect of the Texas Auctioneer Association, made comments on Pre-Education and Continuing

         Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 5a, Staff Reports, Executive Office. Bill
Kuntz updated the Board with the balance of the Education Recovery Fund. Mr. Kuntz reported that
education requirements were finally placed in the Auctioneer Statute. Mr. Kuntz reported on the
legislative session and that TDLR did well throughout the session and gained three new programs
including Electricians, Loss Damage Waivers, and Pre-paid Legal Services. TDLR eliminated the
Transportation Service Providers program. TDLR also assisted with incubating the Texas Board of
Professional Geoscientists and has been asked to assist with incubating the Residential Construction
Commission. Mr. Kuntz informed the Board on rulemaking timelines as well as changes in Board
member appointments which would now be made by the Presiding Officer of the Texas Commission of
Licensing and Regulation with the approval of the Commission.

        Shorty Yeaman announced that the TAA would be having a winter seminar in January and would
like TDLR to be present at the seminar to explain the law on pre-education and continuing education.
Presiding Officer, Michael Jones asked that TDLR find a way to get more interested parties subscribed to
the TDLR List Serve email notification system. Board member Jim Sample suggested that TDLR
advertise the TAA seminars and other events. Presiding Officer, Michael Jones suggested spending some
funds on researching how many licensed auctioneers exists that are actually operating in the auction
business verses attorneys that have obtained a license. The Board should help to further promote the

       Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 5b, Staff Reports, Licensing and
Examinations. Don Dudley reported on the process of rewriting the new exam and the plan to have the
new exam in place by September 9. Mr. Dudley suggested that the Board appoint a member to assist the
Department in drafting continuing education rules or the Board should meet again prior to finalizing any

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       Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 5c, Staff Reports-Enforcement. Doug
Wise reported that Robert Peterman would be retiring from the Department on August 31, 2003. Mr.
Wise reported statistics including number of enforcement actions and auctioneer recovery fund payments.
The Board discussed the recovery process for payments made from the recovery fund.

       The Board took a recess at 11:59 a.m. and reconvened at 12:20 p.m.

        Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 7, Status of Hill College grant. Chris
Kadas reported that he had some concerns on the Hill College grant considering that the Department had
not received requested documentation from Hill College. Donald Bennet and Mary Ann Grams, with Hill
College, presented the Board with copies of surveys and information regarding its web site, and reported
on the progress of the training program. The Board questioned both the Department and Mr. Bennet
regarding the balance of the grant funds and how the funds have been spent since the last accounting
report. Presiding Officer, Michael Jones, with the advice of Chris Kadas, informed Mr. Bennet and Ms.
Grams that they should present documentation on school letterhead and itemized copies of actual invoices
to the Department no later than September 3, 2003.

        Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 8, Update on Texas Auctioneer
Association grant and Buckalew Media grant. Chris Kadas reported that the Department received
quarterly updates from Buckalew Media regarding their progress with the grant. Buckalew Media had
informed the Department that they were delayed in radio public service announcements due to 911 events
and would like an extension of time on the grant. Presiding Officer, Michael Jones stated that Buckalew
Media should be allowed an extension of six months and asked that a Buckalew Media representative be
present at the next Board meeting. Chris Kadas reported that the progress of the TAA grant was going
well. The Board discussed revisions of the Greenbook and the number of copies that have been printed.

       Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 9, Recommendations of agenda items for
next meeting. The Board requested that the next agenda contain updates on Hill College, Buckalew
Media and TAA grants; any promulgated legislation; and requests for RFPs for any requested grant
money to fulfill continuing education requirements.

       Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 10, Schedule Next meeting. The Board
recommended meeting on December 1, 2003 as a primary date, November 24, 2003 as a secondary date,
and December 8, 2003 as the third date.

       Presiding Officer, Michael Jones moved to agenda item 11, Adjournment. Presiding Officer,
Michael Jones adjourned the meeting at 1:36 p.m.

                                                       Presiding Officer
                                                       Auctioneer Education Advisory Board

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