Move Along

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					                                     Move Along

So is he the one? Doe’s he knock you off your feet – you’re falling,
Just one look and your knees are falling weak – you’re stalling.
Does he watch the sunrise meet the sky he’s caught your eye,
So is he the one?

So is he kind, does he hold the door in awe – you’re walking,
Eye to eye as you pass across the floor – no talking.
Does he whisper words you need to hear, you’ve heard before,
So is he kind?

So is he strong? Does he lighten your heart darling?
It wont be long before the passion gets to starting,
Does he show support? Does he talk ‘till you get bored?
Does he have a clue, that you can make us all such fools?

So is he good, does he treat you as he should – no other
Heart to heart when he tells you that you are his lover,
And that you were sent to him from up above,
So is he good?

So is he the one?
So is he kind?
So is he strong?
So is he good?


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