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Mass Move

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									Mass Move
Changing a Position’s Organisation (and Job)

Responsibility:     UK Super HRMS Manager
Path:               Work Structures > Position > Mass Move

On selecting the path, the following window appears:
To create a new Mass Move – enter the following:

Description                 Give this an unique name, based on what you wish to
Source - Organization       The current organisation that needs to be changed
Target – Organization       The new organisation
Effective Date              The date the change is to be effective from

    Save and then select Positions

The following window will appear, once the Job and or Position(s) selected from the Find

    Select the Positions that require to be moved by ‘checking’ the Move box to the left of the
     Source Position column.

    Complete the New Position details in the Target Position field – the Position must be
     unique, therefore a new Post Reference Number is required.

    Select the appropriate Job category (this may not need to be altered – depend if original
     incorrect or not).

As illustrated below:
Scroll to the end of both the Source and Target column areas to complete other fields if

For instance – do you wish to Deactivate the ‘old’ position – if yes – ‘check’ the Deactivate box
under Source.

Ensure that the ‘Located/Standard Conditions’ is set to Source Position.

See below for illustrations:
    Save the record and close the window.

You are returned to the initial Mass Move window and are now able to Execute the process.

Select Execute:

The process should run successfully, however if it does not – you are warned of this and are
able to view the details when a Details button appears. On selecting Details the following page
will appear:

Check the message.

Close the window and close Mass Move (if necessary). Deal with the message and return to
the Mass Move by searching for your process and Re-execute.

     Spot check that the Move is successful :

    Check the Assignment details of a Person / the People that have been moved (if there were
     people attached to the post) (Maintain Employee Details > Employee Details > Assignment)
     – ensure all details relating to the Position have been fed through to the person’s
    Check the Position details have been updated(Work Structure > Position > Description)

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