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Social CRM and WebTrends

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Extend customer relationships into the social web and more clearly determine social media ROI

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									                                       Radian6 Announces Social CRM
                                           & Web Analytics Integration

New features empower companies to
extend customer relationships into the
social web and more clearly determine
social media ROI.

2/23/2010 - Copyright © 2009 Radian6
    Empower your teams across the enterprise

    Our new Social CRM integrated capabilities empower your teams
    across the enterprise
                                          Sales teams are now equipped with
                                                significantly more relevant
                                            information about their customers
                                           through an integrated view of their
                                             customers’ online conversations
                                          combined with existing CRM activity
                                                          history                 Marketing teams can now meet
                                                                                  prospects at their point of need,
Community and social media teams                                                   connecting much earlier in the
 are provided with context for their                                                buying process with real-time
 outreach and engagement efforts                                                 listening of online conversations,
                                                                                   and reduce the overall cost of
                                            Customer service teams are now                 qualified leads
                                           empowered to provide remarkable
                                          service by proactively responding to
                                          customers on their terms, equipped
                                             with an integrated view of their
                                              entire case and conversation

    2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                                                                               2
Integration with

2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6   3
Radian6 and Social CRM integration

                                Create a Salesforce
                                lead, case or contact
                                right in Radian6

2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                     4
Webtrends integration

2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6   5
       Import data from the WebTrends platform

       By importing data from the WebTrends platform, users can leverage
       these conversational web analytics to:

                              Determine which                            Sort social media
                             content marketing                           monitoring results
                               efforts result in                        to determine which
                               website traffic,                          related posts and
                             conversions, sales                             content are
                                  or content        Compare which        helping to achieve
                                 interaction        types of social        website goals.
   Match social                                    media are the best                          Enhance social
      media                                         traffic sources,                          media monitoring
 conversations to                                  which are driving                           data with most
specific actions on                                 actions on the                              relevant web
   your website                                      website, and                                  metrics.

       2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                                                                       6
Filter and segment

Filter and segment webtrends content by Salesforce leads, contacts,
or cases

2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                                   7
Connect the dots

Connect the dots between
web analytics & social media
By connecting the dots between
web analytics and social media
metrics, you can understand – at a
much deeper level – the types of
content that generate the most
awareness, value, and online
revenue for your company.

Learn how your prospects and
customers discover and engage
with your social content, and what
content and media types drive
conversions and sales.

2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6   8
Next Generation Listening and Engagement




2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                        9
 For more information:

• Press Release:
• Website:
• Product Images:

 2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                10
       Why companies choose radian6

       Most                                                                     Self-serve, Real-
                                                        Social Media                                    Engagement
  comprehensive                    Globalized                                    time, Intuitive
                                                          Metrics                                        Workflow
  data coverage                                                                     Interface
• All blogs                  • Support for           • Comments,              • Users can setup       • Participation
 (over 100 million)            English, Spanish,       views,                   topics to track and     assignments,
• Forums                       French, Italian,        engagement,              be                      tracking, audit
 (tens of thousands)           German,                 topical in-bound         viewing/analysing       trails, workflow
• Online                       Japanese,               links,                   results in a matter     management
  mainstream news              simplified Chinese,   •              of a couple of        • Source tags,
 (over 20 thousand)            Korean, Russian         bookmarks, digg          minutes                 added to the
• Top rich media               keywords, content       votes,                 • Data delivered to       system, can now
  sites (over 450)             and sources           • twitter metrics,         the dashboard in        be used to slice
• Microblogging              • Ability to easily       forum thread             real-time as it is      and dice in the UI
• Linkedin Answer              filter content by       size,                    discovered and        • Segmenting is
                               language and          •              indexed                 multi-level.
                               country of origin       site traffic metrics   • Configurable,
                                                                                Influence Model

       2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                                                                                   11
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 2/23/2010- Copyright © 2009 Radian6                                                                                                   12

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