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					                             Template for a Proposed Session

              The title of the session should be written in bold letters
                          (Times New Roman, 14, Center)
     Name Surname (organizer)1, …. , & Name Surname (If more than one organizer) X
                           (Times New Roman, 12, Center)
    Faculty of ... , University of ... , Address…, Country, e-mail: ... (Times New Roman, 12,
                            Deadline for Session Proposal: 29 February 2008

        A short description of the session/topic is placed here. Those interested in organizing a
        session, please submit an abstract of no more than three pages for the session, including an
        outline of papers to be presented in the session if possible. The description should be
        concise and should present the aim of the session. It should be typed in font size 11, single-
        spaced. Except for the first line, the text should be indented from the left margin by 10 mm.

        The description should also list the presentation titles within the session (normally 4 or 5
        presentations maximum is advised within each session)

        Abstracts of each of the proposed presentations within the session should also be submitted
        following the guidelines of the abstract template (link to it) . The paper size of the abstract
        should be 21*29.5cm (A4) with a margin of 3cm on the top and bottom and 2.5cm on the
        right and left. The abstract should be formatted using "Times New Roman" font
        throughout, single-spaced paragraphs, capitalized titles using 14 pt. type, and 12 pt. type for
        the body text. The abstract should be submitted as a ".doc" file attachment.

        All the contributed papers of the organized sessions need to follow the same deadline and
        format. Please submit all the abstracts together in the organized session by email to both and on or before 29 February 2008.