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									                                                                                                 Appendix 1
                    Paternity/Maternity Support Leave Notification

To:   HR Services
      Floor 8
      Chief Executive & Town Clerk’s Department
      Southend-on-Sea Borough Council
      Victoria Avenue
      SS2 6ZB

      Name:                                                                  Today’s Date:

      Position Held:


      Continuous Service
      with Southend

      Continuous service
      with Local Government

      Home Address:

      Expected delivery date:

      Paternity Leave

      Eligible employees can choose to take either one week or two consecutive weeks’ paternity leave
      (not odd days).

      Leave can start on any day of the week on or following the child’s birth but must be completed:

         Within 56 days of the actual date of birth of the child, or
         If the child is born early, within the period from the actual date of birth up to 56 days after the
          first day of the expected week of birth.

      Maternity Support Leave

      All eligible employees are entitled to 5 days maternity support leave with full pay. Where the
      employee qualifies for two weeks’ paid statutory paternity leave they can take 5 days maternity
      support leave with full pay and 5 days paternity leave (no more than 2 consecutive weeks).

                                                                                         Appendix 1

     I intend to take 2 weeks Paternity Leave

     I intend to take Maternity Support Leave

     I intend to start paternity/maternity support leave: (please tick one)

     a)       From the date of the child’s birth
              (Whether this earlier or later then expected)

     b)       From a chosen number of days or weeks after the date of the
              child’s birth (whether this is earlier or later than expected)

              ………….Days / …………Weeks

     c)       From a chosen date later than the first day of the week in which
              the baby is expected to be born.

              Date ……………………..

     I have notified my Headteacher of my intention to take Paternity Leave * and Maternity Support
     (*delete as applicable)



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