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Life in Australia

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									                                  Life in Australia
Those immigrants who decided to make a life of it in the 'Bush' found that life
there was going to be very hard. They had to build their own rough wooden huts
with whatever they could find. They were plagued by flies and mosquitoes all the
time but there were many other strange insects! Moths and spiders, grubs and
beetles were all bigger and scarier than they would have seen in their own
country. There were also poisonous spiders, scorpions and snakes.

Families still dressed as if they were in Scotland but the temperatures could
easily have been 30 or 35 degrees Celsius. The children probably hated being
dressed like this, but for the adults it was a way of remembering their old life.

Some men headed for the 'Goldfields'. This was the Gold Rush when many people
tried to find a fortune by digging and panning for gold in the river beds. The
first discoveries were made at Bathurst, and Ballarat and Bendigo in Victoria.
Even the children had to work.

Many families moved inland and went to work on the Australian 'Sheep Stations'.
Others made a living from transporting the wool and live animals hundreds of
kilometres to sell in the cities on the coast. Life was very hard and the sheep's
fleece had to be cut off using blade shears. Because the Stations were 1 00
kilometres, across men went on horseback to round up the Merino sheep for
clipping. There would be thousands of sheep and very few people to clip them.

Australia's cities like Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney were very new. The first
settlers had landed in 1788. The cities were still small when the immigrants
arrived and so many families stayed there to work in the first shops and

Very hot weather in the summer caused Bush Fires which often spread to the
towns. There was also the threat of Dust Storms, Cyclones and Floods.

Use the information above to help you write a list of the advantages and
disadvantages of life in Australia. Remember what the conditions were like at
home. Now write a report on life in Australia. Remember to draw your conclusion
as to whether emigration was a good idea.

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