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									                       Template for a Site Visit Report
                                   [Name of Project]

    Participant number:       _____ Refer to participants by number, not by name,
                                      in reports and all other paperwork
    Location:                         city, state where site visit took place
    Date, Time:               date of site visit; also perhaps AM or PM for time
    Team:                     who went on the site visit; perhaps their departments

    Signpost section describing how report is organized

    Notes for a company profile
         if relevant, bulleted list of notes about the participant's company, such as
         volume of business, number of employees, number of different sites

    Notes for a user profile
         bulleted list of relevant notes about the user

    Notes for an environment profile
         bulleted list of relevant notes about the user's environment

    Situation(s) observed
          description or list of situations observed  user in what role doing what 
          or a list of different activities that took place during the site visit

    Body of report (organization depends on objectives and types of activities)

           Type of study                              Organization of report
           Study of large-scale process               Process flow in picture or words
           Observation of specific tasks              Step by step what user did
           Identification of issues/problems          Issue/Effect/Recommendation
           Interview or questions                     Questions and answers

    Other notes
          bulleted list
          Be sure to separate observations from inferences!

    Artifacts collected during the site visit
           bulleted list with a description of each

From the work of Janice (Ginny) Redish                                         redish@ari.net
Redish & Associates, Inc.                                                       301-229-3039

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